Monday, November 30, 2009

NaBloPoMo part two

I did it! I completed my very first NaBloPoMo. It seemed a bit tiresome at times, I'll admit. I don't have that much to say some days. Some days I have a ton going on but no time to post about it. At any rate, I did it. If you have made it this far with me, I applaud you. Hopefully you will continue to enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy posting. Even though it may not be a daily thing. Or maybe it will.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Toddlers and the web

Just thought I would share a few of my toddlers favorite websites. Obviously he isn't old enough to play himself but he does love to play with me. Some of them have areas he can do himself too but they are pretty simple. He is getting a little better with the touchpad on my laptop but still not really good enough to work it and make it do exactly what he wants everytime. Feel free to add your childs favorites to the comments below!

Fisher Price online. This is a group of games designed for three different age levels. D still likes the "infant" games sometimes because they are games he can do himself without my help. Love the "whats different" section of the toddlers games too.

Dinosaur Train
. D LOVES this show so of course he loves the games too. The fishing one his his fav but of course he needs a little help.

Knee Bouncers. This one is another one he can do himself for the most part. He really likes the music section.

Duplo. This one isn't really games but he loves it. There IS a games section to this site but its kind of lame. We play those when he really wants to try using the touchpad.

Jackson Pollock. Super simple. Fun to play with even for me. Move the mouse around, click to change the color. Its that easy.

Starfall This has something for everone! Love this site when we are looking for good entertainment with high educational opportunities!

So, thats the top six. Enjoy and don't forget to leave your favorites for us to try!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Formula Fed America

Ok, so I have mentioned before my lactivist side. I have been hearing about this movie for awhile now but kind of waiting to see it progress. Its being made to highlight the benefits of breastfeeding compared to the use of infant formulas and raise awareness of the techniques used by formula companies on new mothers to convince them to switch. So, you can understand my excitement for this movie! I am hoping it will help to open women's eyes to the importance of breastfeeding and clear up some of the misinformation about formula use.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


I really do have so much to be thankful for!

For Tommy, my hero. He works his butt off for us. He is sweet and gentle with the boys. He treats me like a total princess. He cooks, he cleans, and he actually massages my shoulders on request. He loves us.

For Dane, my little lovie. He is sweet like his daddy. He is a great big brother. He is my mamas boy through and through. He is smart and healthy. He listens well (for a toddler). He is my easy child.

For Kai, my snuggler. He is sweet too and loves to be close. He is happy. He sleeps well. He nurses well. He is healthy and growing like a weed.

For my sister, my comic relief. Not many people can make me laugh until I can't breathe. My sister is definitely one of the top ones. We share a sense of humor that leaves a lot of people scratching their heads while we laugh our heads off. She is always there for me no matter what shenanigans I have gotten myself into. Including motherhood.

For my mom, my supporter. She gets on my nerves but I do know that she will always support me. Even when she doesn't agree. If I ever need help with something, I always know who to call.

For my friends, my saving grace (you know who you are)! I seriously don't know how I would make it without them. Yhey keep me sane, listen to my ramblings and keep me in place. They make my non-mommy life fun!

For a home, clothing and food. For all the good things and bad. There just isn't enough thanks!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


My husband, T, is a bug man. Meaning he works for one of the top extermination companies in the U.S.. Lately has picked up this annoying habit of capturing unusual bugs, putting them in plastic baggies and taking them to his boss to see. Kind of like a sick show and tell. The problem comes when he feels its necessary to bring said bugs into the house to show me. No thanks honey!

So, tonight he came in with a particularly huge and nasty one. This thing was like a nightmare bug. Three or more inches long, horns, crazy colors. This bug had what I can only describe as "crazy eyes".

One total freakout later, T is banned from bringing anymore bugs in baggies into the house. Pics to follow.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Not so viral videos

One of T and I's favorite pastimes is to sit and watch videos on YouYube. Nerdy? Maybe. Fun? Always. Lots of good giggles to be found. These are a few of our favorites that make us giggle every time.

Brian & Katie's Evolution of Wedding Dance. We have all seen tons of these wedding videos but this one is by far a favorite.

Katt Williams- Killed by a Tiger. Love Katt Williams. He can always make us laugh.

Elijah Wood Gabba Gabba Numa Numa. A twist on a skit from one of my fav kids show.

Miss pole dance - Australia 2008 - Felix Winner. This one is great. This chick has some strong thighs.

The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody. A new all time favorite. I love the Muppets. They can ALWAYS make me laugh.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Ok, so I realized tonight that the last several blogs that I have written I didn't actually post but instead just saved. I have been writing them either late at night after the boys are in bed and house is clean or while the boys are playing in the morning. So, my apologies to you all! Hopefully my mommy brain will be better soon and now the last few days are posted!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

So not ready

D is spending his second night in his big boy bed tonight. We have been giving him a choice where he slept for the last few nights and tonight he chose the bed instead of the crib. I am so not ready to have a "big boy". I guess maybe it goes back to the denial that he is two. Or maybe I am just not ready for him to be that independent.

Its something you think you want for your child to be until they start asserting themselves and then you want to take it back. I love that he is independent about some things. Like picking out his clothes. Makes my morning easier. Sometimes he needs a little "matching guidence" but for the most part its jeans and a tshirt so not too bad. Wanting to walk across the street and not hold mommy's hand? Not a good independence and not one he will win anytime in the next century or so. Ok, at least few years.

The bed thing though, that really tears at a momma's heartstrings. Its the realization, I guess, that he really isn't a baby anymore. He is a little man! Just another one of those unfair but necessary adjustments that parents go through that little kids don't even realize its a big deal.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I have to admit it, I like this show. I like to watch the transformation these kids make. From terror to angel. I also like that Jo tends to use gentle discipline techniques over the more mainstream types of things like spanking. Its good for Americans to see that you don't need to hit or threaten your kid in order for them to listen. I am so tired of being out somewhere and seeing parents getting violent with their kids. I saw a lady smack her kid across the face in a store once and then threaten the kid to stop crying or she was going to do it again. Heck, I cry if you smack me and I probably have a better idea of why you did it than a little kid would. Boils my blood. More times than not they are just aching for your attention and most kids don't care if its negative attention as long as it works.

Not to say that my kids or I are angels either though. We all have those days where we wish that Jo would come in and rescue us I suppose.


People told me before I gave birth to K that having two was going to be so different than having one and how difficult it was going to be. In a way I can definitely see that. Getting two ready to leave the house and run a quick errand? Takes twice as long. Seems like it makes sense right? Yeah, it does but its not something you can prepare for! You go from changing one diaper, grabbing the bag and going to having to coordinate two clean diapers at once, two happy kids, two car seat buckles, having a child in each hand/ arm and trying to stay sane. Don't even get me started on getting groceries with a child in the cart and another on your chest or in the bucket.

No one can prepare you for that! All of a sudden you find yourself taking shortcuts and letting things go that you never had to before. Things that you fretted about with your oldest no longer bother you that much. If the oldest is half an hour late to nap because you had to feed the little one? Oh well. Clean house? Suddenly has a whole different meaning. There are some new "rules" too. Like if one is cranky, they both must be. If one wakes up early, the other will sleep until the other gets quite so he can wake up the sleeping one.

In a way though, its a welcome chaos. At least for me. D and I would get bored when it was just me and him alot. We get out pretty much everyday to do something, even still, but now it just seems like our outings are more enjoyable. Our lives are fuller and more joyful. D loves to show his brother things even though K is still too young to understand. I enjoy having both of them to entertain me too. With one constantly needing something, I am always getting snuggles or kisses. Its a weird adjustment I guess but not one I would take back. I am lucky too that my boys sleep well and nap at the same times for the most part. Their schedules are very well timed. There are days when things are more hectic than others but those are getting fewer and further between as K gets older so there is hope yet that maybe we can eliminate them all together.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Nummy hands

K has been obsessed since birth. Too. Stinking. Cute.



Thursday, November 19, 2009


"A brother is a friend given by Nature." ~ Jean Baptiste Legouve

My son, D, is spoiled. Not in a bratty, bossy kind of way. More in a only stateside grandson, son of a shopaholic kind of way. He has always gotten a lot of attention from everyone in his little world, including strangers. What can I say he is cute (what mom would say their child isn't?).

So, when I found out I was pregnant with K, I immediately started to worry. Worry about rocking D's world with a new little attention getter. Worry about how he would react. Worry if he would be rough or gentle. Worry if he would understand. Wonder if he would resent me. Worry, worry, worry.

I am proud to say though, he has been the perfect brother. From the very first time they met, D has been K's shadow. He asks about him first thing in the morning. "Helps" me change his diapers and brings me things when I am nursing K. He is full of hugs and kisses for his brother and always points him out to strangers when they speak to him. He could not be any more the opposite of everything I feared. He is gentle and sweet and patient. SUCH a good big brother. Not to say that he doesn't need some special mommy snuggles sometimes or that he won't ever get to where he gets frustrated when K takes his toys. For now though, they seem to be the best of friends that nature can give. <3

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


On the way home from the grocery tonight (at 9:00pm *sigh*), stressed to the max. I started thinking about how much I have to be thankful for. I have two beautiful boys that adore me. I have a husband that, even though he has the WORST luck, really does usually mean well and I know he would move heaven and earth for me if he could. We are all healthy and thriving. I have a good home in a nice area. I have friends that tolerate me. We have transportation and T makes good money.

Its so hard to focus on those things though, isn't it? I really shouldn't let the little things get to me as much as they do sometimes. Exhaustion plays a huge role in my attitude and I know it does. It something that has haunted me since grade school. Unfortunately not much there can change. T works two jobs. He is home to sleep and maybe a few hours in the middle of the day if we are lucky. Not what we bargained for but with the economy in the dumps its too scary to let one go now. So, that leaves me here with the boys. Full time mommy. Not a job I would trade for the whole entire planet but it sure is exhausting!

So here is me. Needing to adjust my focus on life. I need to realign my karma and center my chakra. Here goes nothing!

Monday, November 16, 2009

One of THOSE days

You know the ones, when nothing seemed to go right. Running in circles and getting nothing done. These days make the rest of life hard. The dreading when the next one is coming around. The cleanup and the aftermath of "those" days. The ones that make you want to just pull your hair out and throw a crying tantrum and then hide in the closet. Where you just feel so alone and hopeless in the world.

Yep, today was one of those. It actually started last night when I had to go and rescue my husband from the roughest area within 20 miles of our house because he had run the car out of gas. In the middle of the night. Things just went downhill from there. No sleep. Cranky kids. Tantrums. Errands to run. Migraine. No food. The whole nine.

I'm not really sure what purpose this particular blog serves. Just a vent at the universe I suppose. Its easier to see yourself clearer after the kids are in bed and the night has settled down. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. It needs to be! I have too much to do to have anymore of "those" days anytime soon!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Ok, so this happened a few weeks ago. Maybe even been a month. I was at good ol WalMart, doing some shopping, when a lady came up and started talking to me and D. It was pretty much the same conversation I have had with many nosey strangers.

"Oh, hes so cute. How old is he? My ____'s _____ has a two year old too."

Blah, blah, blah. Then she noticed K in the basket in his carrier and this is when things went downhill.

"Awww! Look at the little one! Boy or girl?"

"Its a boy, hes my little man."

"OH, you must be SO disappointed."

"Excuse me?"

"That its not a little girl. All women want a little girl. Guess you will just have to try again!"

"Actually I LOVE having little boys."

"Yeah, you let yourself think that until you have a little girl."

Ummmm... BITCH!? Who says something like that? Then keeps at it? Like she was going to change my mind. Apparently I was supposed to just say "oh, well, guess your right, I'll throw this one out and try again.". No thanks. I like my boys.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

That mom

Stealing this idea from another mommy blogger that I follow because I think its a neat way to think and reflect on the differences between mothers. We all parent in so many different ways. We have different views and takes on things and sometimes its nice to hear other peoples views. Feel free to post your own about your "that mom"-isms!

I am THAT mom...

~ That lets her kids actually PLAY at the playground without me hovering over their every move. Kids fall. That is almost their job. They need to learn how to deal with it and honest they are okay. That is not to say that if they hurt themselves they don't get comforted and snuggled but I also don't run every time they tumble.

~ That nurses her baby when ever and where ever she needs to and I won't hide or "cover up" to make others more comfortable. My babies comfort is more important to me than yours. If you would like to know the law, I can quote it for you.

~ That makes her own organic baby food for her kids. To be eaten only after they hit six months of age and can acutally benefit from it.

~ That loves to talk about her kids. I really do. They are my absolute favorite subject. Now, with two, its even more fun. They are so different and I love to watch them interact with each other. So excuse me if you get bored of it and let me know. It doesn't mean I will stop though. Mommy is my job.

~ That is not into comparisons. Kids develop at different rates. Competitive parenting is not my game. Please don't ask so you can offer advice on how I can do it better. I will tune you out and talk about you behind your back. Ok, maybe just tune you out.

~ That goes out occasionally with out her kids and has a drink (*GASP*). Every mommy needs "me time". I know, it seems scary, but honestly your kids will survive with out you for a few hours. I have heard tons of excuses on this subject. You aren't doing either of you any favors by being their only companion. HONEST. Oh, and hubby won't watch them? Get a sitter. Next time he will.

~ That thinks a little bit of spoiling is good for kids. They need to know they are the center of your world (No, this is not an excuse for never having you time). It doesn't have to be a material spoil. It doesn't mean they should be allowed to be little hellions. They just need to have that "thing" that makes them feel loved and in control.

~ That loves kids holidays. Yep, I get WAY more enjoyment out of sneaking around and playing Santa/Easter Bunny/ Leprechaun etc than they do finding and enjoying them. I've said it before, I'm a dork.

Everyone has those things that makes them the mommy they are. Something that I am strict about might not be a biggie to another mommy. There are a few things that I absolutely will not budge on but other than that, you do what you gotta do and let me do mine. Cross me or judge me and you'll probably get an earful.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Things from my childhood

~Speak n Spell. Remember that mechanical voice that sounded slightly like a scary movie? I can still hear it...

~Strawberry Shortcake. The real one. She smelled so good. I wish they still made the dolls smell the same. Or made a candle that smell...

~Fraggle Rock. I remember having a nightmare about this show and I freaked out everytime it came on for about a month. Got over it though. It was too cool to not watch.

~Shining Time Station. I so wish this show still came on. D would LOVE it. Its the birthplace of Thomas the Train too which was lame then and still lame now.

~Fun dip. The stick is STILL the best part.

~Ferris Bueller. I think everyone that has ever been to high school has wished they could be that slick.

~ Snorks. Like the Smurfs. Only more F'ed up.

~ColecoVision. This game system was the predecessor to the Nintendo. Complete with humongous remote contraption and crazy simple games. You bet those games were hard at the time though. The Cabbage Patch Kids game rocked my little kid world.

~Highlights magazine. Mostly only saw this one in the school library and doctors office but I LOVED the Timbertoes cartoons. I still can't resist picking up the copies at my kids pediatrician and reading through it.

~Labyrinth. If you have never seen this movie, I highly suggest it. David Bowie and muppets? Can't beat it. My sister and I can both recite this movie by heart even still. Must have watched it 8 gagillion times by now.

~Hypercolor Tshirts. Only the coolest kids had these. They would change colors with heat. The only downfall was that biologically, there are certain places that generate heat naturally so, your arm pitts and back were generally always a different color than the rest of your shirt. That, and the fact that everyone wanted to "test" your shirt by blowing or rubbing on you... Not the best idea ever but certainly one of the neatest.

Leave your memories in the comment section!! Especially if there is one that you think I should have in the list!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I am a dork. I have harbored for years a secret desire to learn the dance associated with Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video. It looks fun somehow. All those other dorks all dancing in unison. I think I might be able to skip the weird costume though but I look like a zombie without makeup anyway so I doubt anyone would notice. So, thats my dork confession of the year...

First, I have to build up my stamina so that I don't get winded going up stairs....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Anyone remember that orange cat? Lazy, and loved lasanga? Yep, that is me today. I would like to just sit on the couch and do absolutely nothing. Unfortunately I have two little kids and that is just not an option. Maybe we will just go hang out at the park...

Monday, November 9, 2009


I went into the hospital two days before D turned two to have K. I had K the day before D's second birthday. My boys are literally 19 hours short of being exactly two years apart. The result of this besides the obvious is me being in total denial about D being two. I was in the hospital on D's second birthday and while he came and visited me there, it has totally kept me from coming to terms with him being that old.

It sounds silly but I think it has interfered with me being able to let him BE two. He is testing his independence and learning about himself and I am trying to keep him my little toddler forever. Hence the battle of wills we have been in the last month. Once it clicked with me why we have been butting heads, things have gotten amazingly better. I have my little mommy's boy back and he gets to do the things he can handle himself. The give and take has improved, the tantrums have mostly stopped and our lives are getting back to normal.

If only I could understand what on earth happened to the last two years. They have for certain passed WAY too fast.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fall in Georgia

Fall in Georgia (well, really most of the south) is usually rather disappointing. The summer is hot from the first of May until the end of October when we have the 60s for about two weeks and then BAM its 30. We go from green to this overnight:

That is a dead, brown tree. The usual fall foliage color. This year though we actually got some cooler weather in between! We actually HAD fall! The leaves turned colors and it was so beautiful!

The red...

And yellow

And even just a little bit of orange.

Of course it didn't last long.

I'll take it though! I'm keeping everything crossed for at least a little snow this year. We'll see.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The big secret?

Ok, so I have mentioned before my belief in baby wearing and its benefits. It just amazes me sometimes when I am out how many people comment on it. Its always been positive for the most part. There was one woman when I was 8 months pregnant with K and wearing D on my back that told me I shouldn't be doing that or I'd hurt my back. I asked her how it would be different if I carried him on my hip and she had no answer. Other than her, people are always saying how "oh, that looks so comfortable" and "oh, he looks so happy in there" and "oh, my ______ had one of those Bjorn carriers and she hated it but that looks so much more comfy".

So, is it really that big of a secret? Do people really think the only things out there are the Infantino or Bjorns? It kind of makes me sad considering how bad those types of carriers are for babies physical development . I don't think that babywearing may be for every person (every newborn is a different story) but it just amazes me that people are so in the dark.

So I thought I would share my favorites. For the newborn stage I really love my Moby or Wraps are so very comfortable and used correctly can be great for babies with reflux and gas problems. They are also great for babies that love to be on momma's chest. For the young baby stage I love my MeiTai. This one is very versatile. You can wear baby on your front, back, or hip. You hear a lot about the Ergo which is technically a soft structured carrier (SSC) or buckle tei but I have never owned one. They are pricey and their business ethics have raised some eyebrows but some people swear by them. Maybe some day I will try to add it to my collection. Anyway, I also use a Maya wrap which is technically a ring sling. This one is great for quick trips into the store or mall but it gets uncomfortable after a bit because all of the babys weight is on only one shoulder instead of both. With the weight on both shoulders it evens you out a bit.

So, those are MY favs. They may change but considering how many carriers I went through with D I kind of doubt it. Can't beat the tried and true! I would like to try out an Ergo and a Beco just to see which I like better to possible invest in but there again. $$$ and not particularly that much better than my old trusties. Maybe I am just old fashioned. People who are deep in the babywearing world tend to defend their favorites like a dog and a steak so if you are looking for a carrier, ask around. Never know what you may find.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The television era

Ok, so if you didn't think I was nuts before, listen to this. We just recently got cable television service for the first time since T and I have been together. Yep, six years. People have always looked us like we were nuts when we told them we weren't up to date on the latest drama or comedic family on tv. "What do you DO?" they ask. Well, nothing really I guess. Given a free few hours T and I generally would go to a park or shopping or something out of the house anyway. That or we would read books or play board games so we didn't really miss it. Yep, we are THAT "old fashioned". We actually interacted with each other. :-O

Thats not to say we never watched anything. We had Netflix for awhile until we got bored with trying to watch a movie every night. We have several video game systems that we play occasionally. We tend to get a new game, play it until we either beat it or perfect it and then never look at it again. We really should start renting them. When D hit about a year old we bought him a couple of kids show DVDs that we watched on rainy days and such too.

So, anyway, we got cable recently. I decided if I was going to be stuck here in the house with two kids that I would need something to entertain all of us with. Thing is, we still don't watch it. I feel so dumb paying that bill. I don't know if its habit or disinterest or what. I think part of it for me is just not knowing where to start. I have no idea what shows are the "to watch" shows and there are so many stupid channels that its hard for me to pick one. I feel like such an idiot sometimes sitting here scrolling through the channel guide trying to find something to watch. I usually end up only watching about ten minutes of what ever I settle on and then get distracted by something else. I feel all dejected even just typing this out. Some one tell me I haven't missed out on life somehow??

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Of course there is a rawr in the Chick Fil A bag and why wouldn't it be covered in ketchup

Ah, parenthood. Its full of surprises. Or more specifically, parenting-a-toddler-hood. You find yourself saying things you thought you would never say. Things like "don't pick your nose and eat what you find" or "thats not a key and don't stick it in the electrical outlet anyway". Any shred of dignity or self respect you had left after pregnancy and childbirth goes right on out the window. It never fails that a toddler will go right for the thing that you think they will never go for also. Like that 100 pound blown glass statue that they totally ignored the first year of life? Totally irresistible. Thank goodness "you" left it on the absolute lowest shelf JIC.

My toddler seems to be of the extra curious variety. Now, he is not a bad kid. He is one of those kids that is best described as "very busy" (aka wild). He loves to run and jump and climb and play. All the things most toddlers like to do except, well, like hes on speed. Our lives are full of surprises. Some fun, some... not fun. Fun = the time he ran up behind me, tackled me and kissed me all over my head. Not fun = the day last summer I walked to the kitchen to grab a towel and he scaled the dresser to look out the window... which he got open... in under 3 seconds. So, yeah, full of surprises but not the kind of surprises I would trade. Spice of life so to say. Ours just happens to be the extra spicy variety.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why I love my husband... and sometimes don't.

T is a great man. He is. He is generous and kind. He is an AWESOME father. He cooks and he cleans with out me having to ask. He works two jobs so that I am able to stay at home with the boys. He is a hopeless romantic and tremendous gentleman. He brings me chocolate and roses unprovoked. Rubs my back for extended periods. He treats me with respect and seems to value my opinions even when they aren't close to his. He gives more than he takes.

He is however... male. As much as I hate to say that while raising two more little men, its true. Sorry guys. I don't think there is a woman out there that has ever been married to a man that doesn't know what I mean. They really are just a different breed. Its a good thing they're so cute.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Dinner with the girls

Went out tonight with two of my favorite girlfriends to "The Melting Pot". Super yummy fondue place. Its always so nice to get out away from the house for a bit. Even better with good friends.

I got home and got to thinking about the different places I lived growing up and the different friends associated with each place. It was always really hard for me to make friends. It still is. I'm a bit of a bull in a china shop, so to say, with most people. Not really sure why. I have had people tell me I am intimidating because I am tall (6') or because I am quiet. That never really made much sense to me. Shy = scary? Maybe its my sense of humor. The only persons I know that gets it on a regular basis is my sister because she has the same sense. Maybe its my aggressiveness. Maybe I really am just a weirdo.

I would love to say that it has gotten better as I have gotten older but I can't really say that it has. I think back on all the friends I have lost touch with or had falling outs with and it makes me nostalgic. Not really sad, no one wants to lose a good friend. Just chapters closed I guess, as corny as that sounds. Some of those chapters have been reopened and closed several times and thats great too. I'm just glad to have met and loved them all at some point.

As for now, I have my two "girls" and we are gonna have a hell of a good time.


Its that time! I figure, why not. I have this new blog to get going so why not hit the ground running and go for the gold. 30 posts in 30 day? I can do that. So, join me for the ride and check in. Never know what might happen around here.

If you are interested in joining the challenge, check out the sidebar and then let me know you are joining in!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My man

My husband was born in Denmark (country not city). He came to the US with his mother in 1989 when she married his stepfather. He has lived in and barely left Georgia ever since. T had a hard life as a child. When he was very young, his mother was struggling with raising three boys on her own. When she met and married T's stepfather they moved back to the United States with T and his older brother G. They spoke no English.

 I met T in 2001 when we worked together at a local restaurant. He was actually the one that was there when I picked up my application. He would tell you he knew right then he was going to marry me.  I think he is full of it. Anyway, we worked and flirted together until the fall of that year when he took a job at a different restaurant. We would see each other here and there when he would come in to eat or something like that but when I quit, I figured I would never see him again. However, about a year later he moved into the same apartment complex as my father. I ended up inviting him to go to New Orleans with a couple of friends and me and he accepted. We went on our first date three days after I asked him to go with us and I moved in with him less than a week later. We went to New Orleans the next week and A month after that we were engaged to be married. We had a beautiful outdoor wedding the next September surrounded by about 120 of our closest friends and family.

We decided to wait to start trying to have children for three years when we first got together but it only ended up being a little more than two when we conceived D. He was born three days before our third anniversary. On our fourth anniversary we decided to wait another year to start trying for a second baby. We had always toyed with the ideal that we wanted our babies about three to four years apart. Three months later we found out we were expecting K. He was born four days before our fifth anniversary. September is an eventful month for us.

We have not seriously discussed having another baby even though I am not sure I am done with having babies. I do think that if we have another baby, I wish for two things. First, I would love to have another boy. A girl would be good too but I really do love having boys. Second, I want him/ her to share in the September tradition. So be it two or ten years down the road, if we have another, those are my wishes.

My husband is a saint. He puts up with me, he puts up with my shenanigans, he is patient and loving and kind and everything you could ever wish for and he is an even better daddy. So, even if I rag on him sometimes, just know that I do love him and appreciate him. Any smack talk will be rightly smited.

Two things

I went to lunch with the family today and two things occurred to me:

1. Its November. NOVEMBER?! Where did October go? I remember someone mentioning some pumpkins and candy in passing but otherwise I have no idea what happened to that entire month. My newborn will be 7 weeks old tomorrow. That totally doesn't seem possible. I just had his one month appointment, what, two days ago? Oh, two weeks ago? Shit. Before I know it December will be here and that brings a whole different season! I love fall and I don't ever want it to end but somehow it always passes so quickly. Maybe because our entire month of September is spent celebrating. T, D and K's birthdays are all in September. So is our wedding anniversary. The boys birthdays and our anniversary are within 4 days of each other. Nice planning right? So, anyway, by the time October gets here we "rest" and go to fall festivals every weekend. By the time November gets here, its time to get ready for the holidays and all that insanity. Wow. I am panicked just thinking about it.

2. I went to the salad bar and was standing behind a lady, waiting to get my baked potato, who was very largely pregnant. She was gleefully chatting to the woman next to her about all the things they had just registered for and how excited she was. A bundle of excited energy. I had a flash back to my pregnancies. I liked being pregnant. I was GOOD at it. I deal well with morning sickness. It never bothered me like it does some people. It actually made me happy to have it both times. Made me feel like I was doing it right. I grew big, round bellies and big, healthy babies. The kind of belly you can't mistake for fat. I am tall so it didn't affect me like it does some women. I never really had any bad issues during pregnancy. I just didn't get all physically miserable like most women complain about. I know some people would just say "Oh, you've just forgotten" but I haven't. Its not even been two months (November?). I actually got misty thinking I might never have another baby.

T and I have always said two. Just two. Two felt right somehow. Two hands, two kids. Two parents, two kids. It makes sense. So why all of a sudden the yearn for more? My littlest one is just almost 7 weeks old (NOVEMBER?!). Is it my narcissistic side that wants the attention? Is it the fear of closing a chapter of my life that is so essential to a woman's life? Or is it that maybe I was wrong with the two thinking? Is two complete for my family? I guess only time will tell at this point. Maybe its just hormones. Maybe it was one of those fleeting emotions that I will think about in a few months and say "what was I thinking?". Only time will tell, but I think I know the answer in the long run.


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