Saturday, November 14, 2009

That mom

Stealing this idea from another mommy blogger that I follow because I think its a neat way to think and reflect on the differences between mothers. We all parent in so many different ways. We have different views and takes on things and sometimes its nice to hear other peoples views. Feel free to post your own about your "that mom"-isms!

I am THAT mom...

~ That lets her kids actually PLAY at the playground without me hovering over their every move. Kids fall. That is almost their job. They need to learn how to deal with it and honest they are okay. That is not to say that if they hurt themselves they don't get comforted and snuggled but I also don't run every time they tumble.

~ That nurses her baby when ever and where ever she needs to and I won't hide or "cover up" to make others more comfortable. My babies comfort is more important to me than yours. If you would like to know the law, I can quote it for you.

~ That makes her own organic baby food for her kids. To be eaten only after they hit six months of age and can acutally benefit from it.

~ That loves to talk about her kids. I really do. They are my absolute favorite subject. Now, with two, its even more fun. They are so different and I love to watch them interact with each other. So excuse me if you get bored of it and let me know. It doesn't mean I will stop though. Mommy is my job.

~ That is not into comparisons. Kids develop at different rates. Competitive parenting is not my game. Please don't ask so you can offer advice on how I can do it better. I will tune you out and talk about you behind your back. Ok, maybe just tune you out.

~ That goes out occasionally with out her kids and has a drink (*GASP*). Every mommy needs "me time". I know, it seems scary, but honestly your kids will survive with out you for a few hours. I have heard tons of excuses on this subject. You aren't doing either of you any favors by being their only companion. HONEST. Oh, and hubby won't watch them? Get a sitter. Next time he will.

~ That thinks a little bit of spoiling is good for kids. They need to know they are the center of your world (No, this is not an excuse for never having you time). It doesn't have to be a material spoil. It doesn't mean they should be allowed to be little hellions. They just need to have that "thing" that makes them feel loved and in control.

~ That loves kids holidays. Yep, I get WAY more enjoyment out of sneaking around and playing Santa/Easter Bunny/ Leprechaun etc than they do finding and enjoying them. I've said it before, I'm a dork.

Everyone has those things that makes them the mommy they are. Something that I am strict about might not be a biggie to another mommy. There are a few things that I absolutely will not budge on but other than that, you do what you gotta do and let me do mine. Cross me or judge me and you'll probably get an earful.

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  1. This post made me smile!! And this is why we are friends! I agree with your post 110%, well, 99%... I dont think your a dork for playing Santa/Easter Bunny... lol.


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