Monday, June 30, 2014 Save on Events and Attractions!

I was invited last week by to check out the website and share my experience. I have to admit, I had personally never heard of it. enables consumers to get great tickets for live sports, concert and theater events at guaranteed savings of up to 60%. Customers are invited to bid on tickets and never pay any fees on their tickets.

My first visit went amazingly smooth! If you've ever bought tickets to an event online, especially through a discount site, you know what a pain it can be. You can spend a lot of time and energy looking for the perfect seats only to lose them to time outs or end up paying huge fees for the privilage. was not like that.

I was able to quickly find the local Atlanta site by allowing it to find me by GPS and it showed me the top events right at the top of the page. It was easy to find the show I wanted to attend and once I picked the date that worked for me, the tickets were split up by section.

Each section was clearly marked on a map of the venue so I knew where the seats would be in relation to the stage before I bid. It does not give you a specific seat location though. So if you are picky about where you sit and are looking to book a more specific seat location, this might not be the site for you.

Once I had my section and date picked, all I had to do was place my bid and click to place it! It tells you immediately if your bid was accepted or not so there isnt any waiting but if your bid is accepted, it will charge your credit card immediately. So be sure you can handle the amount you bid. Of course if your bid is rejected, your card will not be charged.

A couple of importants notes to remember before you bid:

  • This isn't ebay. Dont under bid to the point you know its low ball. There is a handy little scale that pops up under the space you enter your bid that gives you an idea how far off base your bid might be.

  • If your bid is not accepted, you will be locked out of bidding on that seating section for 24 hours. You can choose a different section to bid on immediately but you cant bid on the same section more than once a day, meaning your first choice could sell out. This happened to me twice!

  • Tickets may be either emailed, mailed, or held at will call depending on the event. Be sure you enter your email and mailing address correctly to ensure prompt delivery! 

Overall, the site was super easy to use but I didn't actually end up saving but about 20% on the tickets I chose. They are listed at $92.50 on Ticketmaster and I paid $72.50 on That doesnt include any fees or taxes that other sites charge though, so the savings would still be higher overall. Plus, the concert I got tickets for are in big demand, so it's probably a miracle I got them at all. had a good variety and forthe price I paid, I would definitely check them first next time I'm in the market for event tickets! Their selection changes all the time too so what may be there today might be gone tomorrow. So, go check it out and get bidding!

* I was given a promo code to facilitate this review but all opinions are my own.

Monday, June 23, 2014

My Not So Little Monster

My little monster is getting way too big here lately. Yes, he will be 5 in less than 3 months but I never said he was allowed to grow up on me. All of a sudden he has gotten the big boy look. The big feet, the big hands, the definition in his legs. 

He has always had the big boy personality. Well, a big personality in general actually. He's out grown the sass that comes with turning four though. He is much more reasonable and definitely easing on the temper. Still working on the lying though. At least he's bad at it.

He has been a talker since birth (practically) and has no qualms about chatting up strangers. Thats where his huge personality really shines. He can carry on a conversation with anyone. He can also talk just about anything out of other kids and some adults. He's quite pursasive. My mother says he is going to make quite a senator some day. 

He is also losing a little of the clumsy that has kept him quite gravity aware for most of his life. He is getting strong and losing a little of the heft that gained him the nickname "hunky". He loves to wrestle and swim. Baby boy would live in the pool but he's not quite there with the swimming yet so he takes his trusty vest with him.

Of course he still loves to snuggle. He has always been the most physically affectionate little kid I've ever seen. He will hug, kiss, and snuggle anyone he thinks might need it. Even if they arent so sure they did. Especially from a pool wet kid. Still, hes a lover and a big time mamas boy.

My little goof is growing up. I am not ready for this. He is supposed to stay little. Both of them are. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Spring Baseball

So proud of my big boy! 3 game balls, season champs, and tournament runner ups! Not bad for his first season of (coach pitch) baseball! He had an absolute blast playing and being a part of his team. He will be seeing one of his coaches for private training this Summer and he is itching to get started already! I love that he has found a sport he loves so much. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

#UFCGymPerimeter Now Offering Kids Classes!

It's no secret that my boys are active. They love to run and play and wrestle. Constant movement. Needless to say, I try to keep us busy. Between baseball and parks and errands, we are always looking for some fun and excercise is always an added bonus.

This week, the boys got to try out a new kids gym class. UFC Gym Perimeter is a new addition to the Atlanta area and has something for every member of the family. The gym recently started a kids program with classes every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. Taught by a staff of rockstar, attentive professionals, UFC Gym kids classes help your little one learn self-confidence, coordination,discipline and self-defense. Plus, it's fun!

The boys tried out the kids class and they had an absolute blast! At UFC Gym, boys and girls learn self-defense, self-confidence and discipline while having fun in a safe and entertaining group class format. It's also a great way for them to burn energy and have fun! The instructors were fun and energetic and kept the kids entertained through the warms up, lesson, and cool down that is included in every class. They got to do some fun races and spend some time in "the ring" learning some new moves.

Of course they dont only offer kids classes. UFC Gym Perimeter features boxing, kickboxing, and MMA classes;private and advanced training; and kids classes; offering something for every member of the family.

Looking to connect with UFC Gym Perimeter?
* This is a sponsored post withMums the Word Network and UFC Gym Perimeter. All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor is Now Open!

Its no secret that Summer in Atlanta gets hot. Hot and sticky with very few breezes. Of course that means we are always looking for ways to cool off and relax. A way to make the Summer a little less brutal.

This year, one of Atlanta's favorite places to hang out and have some thrilling family fun is also the newest place to have some water fun! Six Flags Over Georgia opened its Hurricane Harbor attraction this Summer! With over 7 new acres dedicated to Hurricane Harbor it is sure to have something for everyone.

For starters, Calypso Bay is a 38,000 square, zero entry wave pool second to none. Stay at the entry and enjoy the waves gently lapping at your toes or brave the true surfside experience closer in. The boys had a blast splashing and jumping in the waves that were just their size around the middle of the pool. They even provide the life vests for the less aggressive swimmers and tubes for lazy floating.

Then there are the two new water slides for those that crave a little more of an adrenaline rush! Tsunami Surge is the worlds first zero gravity hybrid slide, which drop kicks you down five stories, swirls you around, and gives you that weightless feeling that is both terrifying and fun at the same time. Then there are the Bonzai Pipelines with 180 and 360 degrees turns which you can ride solo or with a friend.

For the smaller ones in your life, be sure to check out the Paradise Island attraction. With slides for everyone from the most adventerous tots to the slightly more cautious, this is a structure with a whole of opportunity. Rope ladders, spray guns, and huge water buckets dumping galore, my boys had a blast exploring all the different levels and slides.

My biggest tip for those going with kids would be to invest in some water shoes. The concrete gets hot between the attractions and running around on it all day can leave sore tootsies! I would also plan on renting a locker to store your dry clothes, cell phones, etc so you arent worrying about them while enjoying the fun. I was pleased to find they were generously sized!

If you are planning a trip to Six Flags over Georgia this year, definitely be sure to make time for some water adventure at Hurricane Harbor. It definitely adds to the experience and gives you the chance to cool off and relax between roller coasters!

*I was invited to the Grand Opening Celebration and given tickets to return another day for my review of Hurricane Harbor but all opinions are my own!


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