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Wordless Wednesday

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2010: The list

This is my list of things I want to accomplish in the year 2010. Twelve things in twelve months. I will be updating as I complete things so stay tuned for the stories! Check out the "My 2010 List" tab up top to keep tabs on me.

1. Take the boys to the beach for the first time and make a sandcastle.  COMPLETED 5/3-5/7

2. Get in shape. I would love to be able to run again. First thing on the list is to get new braces for my knees and get my lower muscles back. Goal: 1 mile. Doens't sound like much but for someone with arthritis and bad knees, that is far. COMPLETED 12/23 (1 mile in 10.4 minutes)

3. Make sure the boys see REAL snow. Like, able to build a snowman snow. If we have to travel then we have to travel.  COMPLETED 2/13

4.Hire a sitter for the boys and go out on the town with T like we did before kids. I love my boys but we are due a night out. COMPLETED 10/12!

5. Volunteer for an afternoon at a soup kitchen or other charity type deal. Time to give back. COMPLETED 12/18!

6.  Write a long hand thank-you letter to my mother. She has done some amazing things for me and I want her to know I appreciate it. COMPLETED 12/25!

7. Go to a concert. Of some sort. Its good for the soul and been way too long. COMPLETED 10/1!

8. Go to the Georgia Aquarium with my family. I am the only one that has been able to enjoy it and thats just not cool.COMPLETED 2/7!

9. Visit Turner Field and watch the Braves play. D will love it and it means a lot to T to share it with his son.

10. Save up three months of income for emergencies. Completed 5/10!

11. Hire a professional photographer to take some good pictures of us as a family. Its time for a family portrait of epic proportions.

12. Make a trip to visit my out of state family. Its been to long since we went to them. COMPLETED 8/21!


Just enjoyed my last greasy hamburger of the year. Hopefully of next year too (really must get in shape). Its weird to think back on this year and all of the craziness that has gone along with it. Our whole world has shifted in one way or another. Beginning with T getting laid off on New Years Day. Nice, right? He was out of work for two weeks and it felt like he was out for at least a year. Considering the economy was at its worst in many years, he got a job fairly quickly. Even though it wasn't ideal, he went back to work for his old boss in a new city as a trainer for Darden. More specifically Olive Garden. Sounds nice right? In the end though he basically got paid a little bit more to wait tables, which is, luckily enough, something he is enormously good at. Then this summer, he took a job with Terminix as an inspector. He really likes it and the hours will be much more ideal. For now, he is working both as a favor but coming mid January he will be weaning OG off of his help.

During the time T was out of work, we found out we were expecting a new little addition. Surprise! It was such a mix of utter excitement and total freak out. No more Christmas champagne for us! Once T got started at OG though, things settled in and we began to really get excited about a new little man. I had another easy pregnancy with much less morning sickness this time. Things progressed at the time feeling like a crawling pace but as I look back, it seems like it took no time at all. Then little K was born and spent three days in the NICU. Scary. We fell so hard for that little man the second he was born and every second we spent worrying seemed like an hour. Thank heavens he is healthy and perfect now. He is so beautiful and really adds a different element to our lives. He is so expressive and vocal. It amazes me how different he is from his brother sometimes and others he reminds me so much of D its uncanny. Such a sweet little guy that loves to chat.

My big boy, D, has grown so much too. He is talking more and more every day. He knows where all of his body parts are, knows every animal name and sound you can throw at him (even penguin and its hilarious), and has figured out how so many things work. He loves to play and learn. He follows directions which has been SO helpful. He started two day preschool (no, not daycare). LOVES to play with his friends and asks for them by name when we go somewhere that they usually play together at. Has has developed his infatuation with dinosaurs too which is so stinkin' cute. He even knows what some of them are by sight and can point them out in his books. They all say roar though. In case you were curious. He was just almost sixteen months old when we found out we were expecting his brother and we spent so much time worrying and wondering what he would do and think when K was born. He has been such an awesome big brother. He loves K so much. He worries about him and asks first thing every morning where K is and then runs to check on him. He has been great about playing gently and being patient. A dream brother.

Things got a little hairy when I reached the end of my pregnancy with K. T was working two jobs and was (is) never home. I was hugely pregnant, in the heat of summer, with a two year old to care for (and chase). Then when K was born and we were released to go home, T went right back to work and I got right to packing. We moved to a bigger apartment when he was two weeks old. Talk about crazy. It took my mother and I four full days to move all the little stuff over to the new place and a friends husband and T about an hour to move the rest. Sound fair? Because it wasn't. Ok, maybe it was since he was working his tail end off. Nearly wore me completely out though and I spent the next month laying on the couch doing nothing.

All this and no vacation makes a girl go nuts and this is only the big stuff. It doesn't take into account the rotating flat tires, the only having one car half the year, or the myriad of other bumps in the road this year. Its been a pretty good year. Not the best by a long shot. Very stressful I guess is the way I would describe it best. Next year we are gonna have fun. If it drives us all nuts trying. We need a break as a family to just let loose and get into things. Next up: My list for the next year. Stay tuned.

Monday, December 28, 2009

"not me" Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

 I have never eaten Lindt chocolate truffles for lunch. No really, it wouldn't be healthy and I am trying to do better.. Would be nice to have them out of the house so they wouldn't call to me from the pantry though. I also would certainly never feed the white chocolate ones from the assortment to my two year old. Even though he would probably make the best face ever when he tasted them. Nope, not me.

I would also never admit to leaving the dirty toilet I asked T to clean even though its starting to smell. After all, he might have forgotten and the passive aggressive tactic of leaving it might be completely lost on him causing me to have to keep the door to that bathroom shut 24/7. I would eventually man up and clean it myself. Honest. Just in case though, if you come by my house and a bathroom door is shut, use the other bathroom.

Speaking of dirty things, dirty words? Not in my house. Not even if i stepped on a particularly sharp and point dinosaur for eight millionth time that day. It certainly wouldn't be funny either if the toddler you hopped up on white chocolate Lindt candies repeated said dirty word with such enthusiasm that he startled the baby and made him cry. Not in my house.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Most adorable snack EVER.

My mom always makes a ton of Christmas goodies. Seriously. A TON. They are all pretty much cookies and Chex mix that we have had every year since I could remember. This year though she got extra crafty and made these:

These little snow lovelies are cupcakes. Cupcakes with licorice scarves, chocolate chip eyes and buttons and gumpdrop hats. Oh, and don't forget the pretzel arms for that little touch of sweet. Needless to say they were almost to cute to eat. Almost.

But of course that IS why she made them...

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to all!

I hope everyone has had a very merry day! We have had a couple. Hence the non posting (sorry!). So here goes what we've been up to... Bear with me.

Christmas eve morning we woke up and I nursed K in our room while T cooked us all a beautiful breakfast of eggs, bacon, hot chocolate and toast and D slept a little more. D woke up right as breakfast was finished so we got him up and changed and ate our breakfast. After we had cleaned up we opened our presents as a family around our tree with the TV fireplace on (shut it, better than nothing and cheaper than a real one). D was so excited about all the presents and had a blast just playing around in the floor in our living room going from toy to toy. We even did some finger painting and watercolor painting with his new art stuff. After awhile we ate a quick lunch and put him and Kai down for their nap a little early so we could make it to the town Christmas eve party.

While the boys napped T and I rushed around and got everything packed and in the car so we were ready to rush out when they got up. I ended up getting about an hours nap and woke up right when the town party was supposed to start. We decided to go ahead and try to make it down there for at least a few minutes even though we were late. We got the boys up and rushed out the door to make it to the celebration only about half an hour late. Not bad for us. It was a pretty neat little party. We ended up running into a girlfriend of mine and her family and got to visit with them for a few. They have a little boy a little bit younger than D and they were so excited to see each other. I had yet another person give me the grand inquisition about my wrap that i was wearing K in. Was able to give her the info to make her own though because she was concerned about the price of a new one. Then, I nursed K on a bench there in the park, listening to the band play Christmas music and it was so peaceful. My snuggley little monster all curled up into me and watching the two big boys play in the "snow" they had there. It was a quiet, peaceful kind of moment.

After we left there, we drove around town for a few minutes and looked at Christmas lights. It was nice but we were getting hungry so we went on ahead to T's parent's house. We had a good time there eating the traditional Danish Christmas feast and talking about various things with his family. We opened our presents and played with the boys. D was so excited about the presents and getting to see his Pawpaw and Grandma. By the time we had to leave, we were all exhausted. Fat and happy but exhausted.

We went to my mom's after that to sleep and wait for Santa. When we got to her house, D went pretty much straight to sleep. He was so tuckered out, the poor little thing. K just snuggled with his Aunti and his Nana while "Santa" set up all of the toys he was leaving for the boys. Santa doesn't wrap gifts around here, he just sets them up and leaves them. Then we wrap the gifts from us. Once that was done, we all attempted to go to sleep. K went right to sleep as usual. My mom, right to sleep. T and I? Went to sleep for about an hour and a half and then woke up on a flat air mattress on the floor. Not particularly ideal but we made it work. I really didn't sleep very much but by eight o'clock I was so excited for the boys that it didn't matter.

D got up about nine and we got K up too. D was so stinkin' excited when he saw all the toys gathered around the tree. First he saw the big dinosaur that was there and I thought he might just have a heart attack. He was SO excited. He ran straight to it and started petting it and turned it on. He played with that for a long time before he moved on to some of the other things. K really liked the puppy toy that Santa got him too. He layed and cooed at it for a while and then he tried out the jumperoo for a bit. He loved looking at the lights and listening to the music.  We just watched to boys play while mom cooked breakfast. After we had eaten we started on the wrapped gifts. D was so funny waiting while everyone opened their gifts. He would stand in from of them and watch but he really liked to be invited to help. He was so excited. I think he said more new words today then he ever has in one day before. He wasted no time either. As soon as one was open, he was on to the next. He was a present unwrapping pro.

We spent the rest of today napping and eating and playing and watching movies. We are home now and it is so wonderful to have spent some quality time with our families but I do have to say it feels good to know that we have no where to go in the morning. We were supposed to go to my dad's for Christmas but he is stuck in the mountains so we have to reschedule. So tomorrow D, K and I will all be hanging around the house, playing with our toys and chillin. Come on by if you are in the neighborhood. I'll have some nice hot chocolate for you.

I hope that everyone gets to experience Christmas through the eyes of a child. It really does make it even more magical. The whole season is more exciting, more joyous with little ones around. Merry Christmas to all of you and yours from all of us!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My husband's superpowers

My husband has superpowers. Its part funny. Part completely frustrating. First and foremost, T forgets everything. Mostly seemingly trivial things like where he put the baby's binky he just had in his hand, whether he is supposed to work that night, what his mother said on the phone five minutes ago. His powers force him to forget entire conversations on a frighteningly frequent basis. Which causes all sorts of interesting situations. Especially where the boys or time are involved.

 He also has some sort of negative force field that only applies to sets of keys. In the five years we have been married, he has lost four sets of keys permanently. Never to be found again. One set of keys had the only key to my car (a Lumina) on it. Doesn't sound like a big deal right? Just get a new one made. EXCEPT that this was one of those electronic chip keys that you have to order from the manufacturer. Come to find out, the car was more than five years old so the key could no longer be replaced which in turn TOTALLED the car. Whats even more amazing about his key losing superpower is that even after I reamed him up nd sideways about totalling that car, he has lost two more sets of keys. Nice right?

Another super power seems to be related to the eight million times he has forgotten to get gas and run one or the other of the cars until they quit. This lovely little scenario happens constantly. Once, he actually remembered he was almost out of gas, set the GPS to find him a gas station and then ran out of gas because that station was closed for the evening. Did I mention that he ran out of gas in the worst part of town? And the reason the station was closed was because it was after midnight? Now that takes talent.

Now, there are some exceptions to this super powers. T can remember everyone he has ever known's birthday. Literally. He can also seem to remember every trick and hidey hole in the Super Nintendo game "Aladdin". Now, those might seems like important life skills to, say, another man, but to a wife they are not so impressive. Fortunately, also, when he leaves the house with out me, his super powers seem to digress enough that they do not affect his job. This is good. For all of humanity. Now if only we could figure out how to fix this at home.

Monday, December 21, 2009

"not me" Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Would you ever let your son poke jello down between the cracks of a restaurant table to keep him busy? Or shake salt all over himself, just to keep him quiet while you ate your lunch and enjoyed your company? Not me, never ever.

Would you ever look the other way as your normally docile son pushes over the class bully that has been shoving him to the ground all day? Not me. And certainly not his preschool teacher who saw it too.

Would you you ever let both of your kids nap way too late so you could post your "not me" Monday blog? I wouldn't. (Oh, crap! Its eight o'clock!)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tis the season!

So, I have mentioned it before but things are kind of crazy around here right now. Saturday we went to a Christmas party at my mother's clubhouse. It was actually a lot less lame than I thought it was going to be. They had a ton of food, a bounce house for the kids, dancing and of course Santa was there. D had a BLAST. Right up his alley. K slept in the wrap the whole time. I'm just glad to know he could sleep with that much noise going on. After that we stuck around Mom's and d napped there. It was nice to just hang out with my family.

Today, T let me sleep in late and then brought me breakfast in bed. After I finally got up we got the boys dressed and got out to finish our Christmas shopping. Can I just say how wonderful it feels to finally have that done? Now I just have to get it all wrapped. Anyway, then we went to our favorite mexican food place for lunch and home for nap time. T and I laid down too and slept for almost three hours. Insane for us! After we got up, we cleaned the house up and went out to drive around and look at Christmas lights. D loved it! He was so excited to see all the lights and the inflatable yard decorations. His favorite was of course the train with Santa. Then it was home for dinner and bed.

So now is when the real fun starts though. Tomorrow I get to hang out with my sister in the morning and then I have to wrap through naptime. Then out to look at lights with family. Then Tuesday is Christmas with my grandfather. Then wrapping. Then visiting with my Uncle. Then Wednesday I get to hang out and do Christmas with my girlfriends. And then.. then.. then my head explodes. Oh wait. I think it may have done that already.

Don't get me wrong. I am thankful to have so many people to celebrate with. I'm just not particularly organized. Which leaves me doing things last second and thats not a good plan with kids. Which reminds me. At some point before Thursday, "Santa" needs to find time to get the presents to my mom's house. Oi. Its bed time..

Friday, December 18, 2009

My son the klepto

D goes to preschool. Two days a week for four hours. He absolutely loves going and loves his teachers. Apparently he also loves the toys seeing as how he snuck out with three of them in his diaper today. I learned this when, at lunch, he was been a pill so I decided to check and see if he had a stinky diaper. When I looked down the back of his diaper here is what I saw...

(Click to enlarge)

Whats that you say? Its a Hot Wheels car. In his butt crack. So we had a good laugh about it and finished our lunch. When we started to leave I started to smell that stinky that i had gone looking for earlier so I send T and D to the bathroom to clean up while I paid the check. About five minutes later they came back to the table and T plopped a plastic banana and a small dollhouse potty down on the table.

"Guess where I found those."

"Um, the bath room?"

"Nope. Under your son's nuts."

Guess I know why is was so cranky now...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

These are seven things I really just can't live with out as a parent. Call me crazy or call me genius but don't knock it 'till you've tried them.

1. Amber jewelry. The teething necklace we bought for D when he was a baby has been an absolute LIFE. SAVER. I don't believe in giving young children any type of drugs or medicines if there is a natural alternative so these have been absolutely perfect. The heat from your child's body releases oils in the amber which carry succinic acid. I can tell a difference in his pain level and attitude literally within minutes of putting it on him no matter what ails him. It also has immune boosting properties that apparently do their job quite well considering he has never had more than the sniffles. A definite must have for any momma. I have always ordered mine from Inspired by Finn on Hyenacart. They have always had fast shipping and quality necklaces. My husband even tried to break D's necklace and couldn't!

2. Hot Heart Massager from Pure Romance by Meghan. Ok, so I haven't had this little thing long but it definitely has all the makings of a favorite. It looks so simple but its so nice. Basically you snap a little disk inside a thick plastic heart filled with goo and a chemical reaction happens (like my technical terms?) which heats for eight billion uses. Then you can boil it an reuse it! It heats up a lot warmer than you might think too. I have used it on sore muscles, charley horses, neck aches, and cold feeties so far and its been great. The best part it doesn't get TOO hot to the point you have to put something between it and you to prevent burns. I have always used corn filled bags like these for my aches, pains and cramps but it doesn't heat evenly and get s way hot so, so far the hot heart is winning. Still haven't used it on menstrual cramps though so we shall see.

3. Sleepy Wrap. This thing was my absolute saving grace with my newborns. I think I can best describe it as feeling like you are wearing your baby in a T shirt. Super comfy, stretchy and no pressure points. I love wraps in general because of their versatility but the Sleepy Wrap really is the best for the newborn stage because of the stretch. Its made our of thick jersey material so it holds baby well in place but not as tight to you as a woven wrap. Plus they are super easy to nurse in and have several different positions you can put baby in. D was an upright kind of baby, K was a cradle hold kind of baby. They really do start to sag when baby hits about fifteen pounds though. Which would be fine except my babies tend to hit that early (both of them at or before three months). At that point we switch to either our Meitai or the woven wrap I made

4. Bravado nursing bras. I used these bras when I was nursing D and they all still look and feel like brand spanking new. Their original bra was the only one I have found that didn't start to sag after a few uses and a saggy bra is of no use. When I went shopping for nursing bras with K I bought a couple of their Body Silk bras and ohmygoodness.. HEAVEN! I swear this is the most comfortable bra I have ever owned. Its really like not even wearing one at all and it washes like a dream. They have some pretty nursing bras too but I have never really looked at them. I am a boring nursing bra wearer I guess.

6. MumsBums AIO diapers. If I could afford it, these would be all I use. We have the bamboo velour inners and they are so squishy soft, so absorbent and SO easy to use. They are made with two sewn in soakers, one really long one on the bottom that can be folded to the front for boys and one shorter one that is topped with super soft bamboo velour which have three layers of hemp in them, plus a layer of hemp in the body of the diaper topped with organic cotton. Seriously, these are the most absorbent things I have ever used. Oh, and they dry faster than any of the other diapers we have. I'm talking super diaper here people. For reals. The only things I would change are the aplix but only because I really do prefer snaps and that they are so hard to find. Diaperware is really the only place I have been able to find them and thy do run out pretty often.

7. Muslin swaddling blanket. Muslin is perfect for swaddling blankets because it is lightweight but warm, breathable and sturdy. Even K, my little Houdini baby, can't break the swaddle with these. The cotton material will let babies body temperature adjust to the surroundings without overheating or them getting cold tootsies too which is quite desirable. I actually made the ones we use. Large piece of muslin (47" x 47") sew the edges and decorate however you like. Easy- peasy.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A day in the life

7:00am~ T gets up to go to work. His alarm wakes me up every morning but doesn't seem to phase him. I roll over and go back to sleep after elbowing him until he gets up.

7:45am~ T wakes me up and kisses me good bye. I attempt to go back to sleep. Sometimes it works, others not so much.

8:30am~ Alright, alright world. I'm UP. I either get up and start some coffee or take a shower or just lay in bed and catch up on Facebook and such on my phone.

9:30am~ The boys wake up. Usually K first so I change and nurse him and he either falls asleep in our bed or I put him back in his bassinet. Then I get D out of his room if he is awake but sometimes he wakes up a little later or wants to play in his room for a bit. I change his diaper and usually his clothes unless I know we are just hanging around the house.

10:15ish am~ Breakfast time for D and I. I usually eat something hot like oatmeal or eggs but he prefers cereal or yogurt. After breakfast we usually just play around the house or get out and run errands. Errands are.. and adventure to say the least. The boys are both well behaved but just the simple act of getting both of them clean, dressed and in their car seats at once is quite the feat.

10:45am~ I start a load of laundry. Thats right. Everyday, I start at least one load at the same time. Don't knock it till you've tried it. 

12:30pm~ K wakes up. I change his diaper and  he nurses. He usually likes to snuggle for a bit after this feeding. FINE with me. I also usually change D's diaper just for good measure.

1:00pm~ Lunch time! We eat out more than we should but a lot of the time its because we are meeting T so the boys actually get to SEE him that day. Otherwise he is home during nap and they are in bed by the time he gets home.

2:15pm~ D's naptime starts on a good day. Otherwise its closer to 3:00. Change the diaper, read books, snuggle, g'night.

2:30pm~ I put the load from the washer to the dryer if I haven't already and start another load. This one is built in too unless we are out and about. Then it gets moved to after K goes down for a nap.

3:00pm~ K nurses again, gets his diaper changed, then gets swaddled up and goes down for his big nap of the nap. I usually try to catch up on reading my blog roll or chat with friends or take a nap while they are both asleep. Who am I kidding, I almost always nap.

6:00pm~ D wakes up, we change his diaper. Sometimes its a little earlier but its rare. We usually spend awhile snuggling and watching a little TV. Maybe a snack.

6:30pm~ Laundry again. Move load, start load.

7:00pm~ K wakes up, we change HIS diaper. He nurses and then he plays and kicks and does all the cute baby things that... well, babys do. Sometimes we get out and run some errands or visit with family. Its too dark this time of year to go to the park this late.

8:15pm~ Dinner time! If T is home we try to eat at the dinner table. Doesn't always work out that way because we are a pretty lazy/ relaxed kind of family. Usually K likes to nurse while we eat too. Not sure whats up with that. He doesn't actually like to EAT. Just nurse. Like he thinks he is participating somehow...

9:00pm~ D's tub time. He LOVES his tubby. Obviously his diaper is changed.

9:15pm~ D's bedtime. We read him books and snuggle and then its lights out. We just recently moved him to his big boy bed in his new room and I think he sleeps better in there than he did in his crib. Which is saying something because he has always slept amazingly well. After he is tucked in I move the last load of laundry to the dryer and get the washer empty for the next morning.

9:30pm~ K nurses again but this time he actually gets excited about it. He is hungry this time.

9:45pm~ K's tubby time. He tubs with either T or I for now. He is too little to sit in the water by himself or with his brother so its tons easier to tub with him. Plus, naked bonding time is good for babies. If its me tubbing him, he usually tries to nurse again, probably out of proximity.

10:00pm~ K nurses and is swaddled. Snuggles and kisses and then he is out for the night. (I know, I'm SO lucky.)

11:00pm~ If T worked his second job, he comes home about now. He is usually exhausted and hungry. He is my trooper. <3 We catch up on our days and make plans for the next. I catch up on blogging or boards or whatever and he doses in the recliner.

12:30ish am~ We head to bed ourselves. I think we say everynight we should head that way earlier but in all truth, its our down time together. We usually try to pick up a little and start the dishwasher and finish any laundry stuff that didn't get moved.

1:00am~ We actually make it to bed and go to sleep. 

Of course this doesn't even mention the 14 times* a day my phone rings. It doesn't mention playdates and such either but for the most part this is what we do. Every day. Rain or shine.

*- Average. Yes, I averaged it. Its insane how much my phone rings in the basic 12 hours of our "day". Whats even crazier is, none of them are business or collection calls. 

Monday, December 14, 2009

"not me" Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I would never ever stand by and watch on as my two year old scaled the kitchen cabinets to get to the candy bowl and then let him have the sucker he picked out. Never EVER! Why, that would be dangerous! (Even though its pretty humorous to watch.)

I would also never lay my youngest down on the coffee table to watch the ceiling fan rotate so that I could do a little catching up on my blog roll. (Its padded, don't freak out.) Not even if he liked laying there more than just about anything and made the most adorable sounds at the fan while he was at it.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The pictures that make me misty (so far)

I think everyone has those pictures, those moments frozen in time that they have special attachments to. The memories connected with those pictures can stir an array of emotions. Love, sadness, happiness or even just nostalgia. They are usually connected with life events or people that they are dear to them. Sometimes both. 

Like this one. This is shortly after I gave birth to my first son, D. Maybe an hour later. Our first family picture if you will. There are so many emotions tied to this picture. Disbelief, love, comfort, fear. I remember him fussing and them bringing him over to me all swaddled up after his newborn exam. As soon as they layed him down on me and he heard my voice he got quiet and just looked at me. So quiet, so alert.

Or this one,  about 8 months later. Nursing on Mother's day. D had the habit of reaching up and patting my cheek when he was nursing. It was always so sweet. One of my very favorite things about nursing him.
 Then there is this one. This it T and K. K spent some time in the NICU when he was born from a complication of being born so quickly and this is one of the pictures I took once we got transferred to the level II unit from the level III where we were allowed to actually take pictures. The emotion in this one is pretty clear. T has always been pretty emotional but in this moment he was overcome. Its a scary thing to think back on but I just can't look away from this picture. Its too raw still I suppose.

These are far from the only ones that hold an emotion. Just a selection because I am pretty sure the general internets aren't as invested as I am. I know there will be so many more as the boys grow and we grow as a family. Maybe even some that will replace these. Its all about preserving the journey so we can remember how we got there.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

And so it begins..

The craziness of the Christmas season. People have officially lost their minds and their cool. People are driving like maniacs. Tonight I drove the four miles to my mother's house from mine and passed three car wrecks. Now, granted it was raining but it does seem a little excessive does it not? These wrecks of course had varying degrees of drama, ranging from fender bender to smashed in front/ rear end, but of course the police had to investigate all of them. I would not want to be in their shoes this time of year.

The masses have also converged on the store employees. These poor people in retail stores look ragged already and they have another two weeks to go. People can really be Jekyll and Hyde this time of year and it makes me so sad to see the results of this in retail situations. I think we have all overheard that conversation between some cranky woman (don't hate, its ALWAYS a woman) who has been searching for days for a specific this or that for their child/ grandchild/ whatever and she ends up berating one of the stores employees for not having it. This woman has reached the end of her rope and takes it out on the sixteen year old kid that is just trying to make a few bucks to buy whatever it is that sixteen year olds buy. Its not their fault they don't have it. Welcome to big box America lady!

This part of this season is why I usually get my shopping done hella early and then hide out for a month. This year, that just didn't happen. I am almost ashamed to say I haven't gotten even close to finishing my shopping and our family shenanigans start tomorrow morning with my father and his family. Which should be an adventure to say the least. Don't get me wrong, my Nana is great. My father and his newest fling though, tend to get a bit overwhelming.

From there we go to a Christmas concert at the church where D attends preschool. Then the real push begins to get everything done and ready and bought and wrapped. Families visited, friends jollyed, decorations done, cookies made, heads exploded. Oh wait, maybe that last part isn't necessary. Sure couldn't tell some people that though.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Power of Snuggles

I just don't think there is anything in this world more calming and therapeutic than baby snuggles. Heck, any kind of snuggles are great, don't get me wrong, but baby snuggles are definitely way up in the ranking. So, when I woke up in a funk this morning, my schedule all thrown off by not actually having to get out of bed (yay T was home!) and not feeling quite up to par healthwise, what did I do? I snuggled the dickens out of little K. I pulled him into bed and we just snuggled and nursed and snuggled and nursed and napped and cuddled and... ok, you get the point. I think he may have even been completely snuggled out by the end of the morning. However, when that baby boy looked me in the eyes, sighed, cuddled up against my chest and drifted quietly off to sleep it made me feel so awesome. Like nothing would ever make me sad ever again. It also brought up that fierce instinct that says "you are my world and I will never let anything hurt you". Its not a feeling you can explain to someone that doesn't have kids. I didn't ever want to move again, just lay there and snuggle. Of course I had to get up eventually but at least we got that time. I know it made me feel worlds better and I imagine in his own little baby way he appreciated it too. Snuggle time really should be part of our daily routine. If only I had the time. Now to go snuggle attack D while K is napping..

Monday, December 7, 2009



"not me" Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

My family would NEVER have ice cream for dinner. Even though its good for you though right?! Its got milk and fruit anyway (Unless I buy the kind with cookie dough in it but its got EGGS!). Its usually got protein.... and stuff.

Oh and we would certainly never do this once a week.  Ok, so maybe we do. So?

Friday, December 4, 2009


So, I posted the other day about getting ready for the holidays and wanting to try some new things this year. Then the same friend I mentioned in that post challenged me to post one of them so of course I have to now.

I think my favorite tradition from my childhood was always opening a present on Christmas Eve which was always pajamas. Usually my sister and I got matching jammies so we would look cute in the Christmas morning photos. This is definitely something that I am continuing with my boys but they aren't waiting until the eve. They have been wearing them since Thanksgiving night instead because I wanted them to get some wear out of them. I haven't actually put them on them at the same time yet though. I know for sure they will both wear them Christmas Eve night though.

Our family also follows the Danish tradition of opening our presents to each other on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day. T and I started doing this our first Christmas together and have continued since we had kids. I kind of go back and forth on this one but its important to T so we continue to do it. Santa still comes on Christmas day though. That is something I absolutely will not waver on. Mostly because I don't want them to get older and wonder why their Santa comes before everyone else's Santa. Awkward! I would really like to maybe do one gift on the Eve and the rest on the Day though so we might try that out this year.

Another tradition is that we always spend one night driving around town, looking at lights and drinking hot cocoa. Simple but fun. D loves to see all the different lights and I am looking forward to K being old enough to really "see" it too. There is just nothing better than the life and wonder in a child's eyes this time of year and to get to spend that time together and see them so excited is just absolutely priceless. I would definitely recommend it to all parents.

So thats a few of ours. I would love to hear a few of yours if you feel like sharing. Still working on coming up with some new ones to try out this year. I'll keep you updated on how and IF that all works out.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Getting ready

We are getting ready for Christmas around here! I am trying to get finished with all the shopping and things today so I can sit back and relax. Pre-kids I would have been done at least a month ago but it just gets later and later every year now. Just too much to do now. There are a couple of things I need to have T here with me to do though and he is workin' workin'.

We did manage to get our tree up last week though. D was SO excited when he saw it in our living room and he has made it his personal mission in life to make sure it stays plugged in every second he is awake. Its so cute how excited he is and we haven't even gotten the ornaments on it or the rest of the decor out yet. We had originally planned on putting our ornaments on the tree but I am starting to rethink it. Besides making sure its lit up 27/7 he also likes to grab the branches and spin it around. That, apparently, is hilarious when your are two. He loves his "treemas tree" though.

We are going to try to take him to see Santa soon too. I would love to get a cute picture of the two of them with a quality Santa. You know, the kind with a real beard and no pillows stuff in his shirt? The one at the mall here seems to be pretty realistic so we may give that a shot one day next week. Hopefully he doesn't freak. Although, sometimes those are the best pictures. The ones where they look like hostages. Maybe that is just my sick sense of humor though.

A friend of mine and I were chatting the other day about Christmas traditions and how she really wants to start some things this year that will last. She has a daughter almost the same age as D and was saying that she feels like they will really "get" more of it this year. I have been thinking about it (dangerous!) and I realized that our traditions as a family have been totally skewed around what every one else wants and their traditions. Like, I really would love to be able to just sit back and relax some this year. It seems like we spend so much time running and shopping and seeing family, that we just don't get to spend much time just chilling at home with just the four of us. "Christmas" for us is 4 days long with no break. This year we are going to spend some time just hanging out at home if it kills us all! We have always driven around and looked at the lights and such but its just not the same. I talked to T about it and he sort of agreed but he usually sissys out if it means standing up to family so we shall see. I'm not looking to change much really anyway, just add. If that means we have to cut something though, then so be it. I have a few things in mind that I would be fine without any way.


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