Thursday, December 17, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

These are seven things I really just can't live with out as a parent. Call me crazy or call me genius but don't knock it 'till you've tried them.

1. Amber jewelry. The teething necklace we bought for D when he was a baby has been an absolute LIFE. SAVER. I don't believe in giving young children any type of drugs or medicines if there is a natural alternative so these have been absolutely perfect. The heat from your child's body releases oils in the amber which carry succinic acid. I can tell a difference in his pain level and attitude literally within minutes of putting it on him no matter what ails him. It also has immune boosting properties that apparently do their job quite well considering he has never had more than the sniffles. A definite must have for any momma. I have always ordered mine from Inspired by Finn on Hyenacart. They have always had fast shipping and quality necklaces. My husband even tried to break D's necklace and couldn't!

2. Hot Heart Massager from Pure Romance by Meghan. Ok, so I haven't had this little thing long but it definitely has all the makings of a favorite. It looks so simple but its so nice. Basically you snap a little disk inside a thick plastic heart filled with goo and a chemical reaction happens (like my technical terms?) which heats for eight billion uses. Then you can boil it an reuse it! It heats up a lot warmer than you might think too. I have used it on sore muscles, charley horses, neck aches, and cold feeties so far and its been great. The best part it doesn't get TOO hot to the point you have to put something between it and you to prevent burns. I have always used corn filled bags like these for my aches, pains and cramps but it doesn't heat evenly and get s way hot so, so far the hot heart is winning. Still haven't used it on menstrual cramps though so we shall see.

3. Sleepy Wrap. This thing was my absolute saving grace with my newborns. I think I can best describe it as feeling like you are wearing your baby in a T shirt. Super comfy, stretchy and no pressure points. I love wraps in general because of their versatility but the Sleepy Wrap really is the best for the newborn stage because of the stretch. Its made our of thick jersey material so it holds baby well in place but not as tight to you as a woven wrap. Plus they are super easy to nurse in and have several different positions you can put baby in. D was an upright kind of baby, K was a cradle hold kind of baby. They really do start to sag when baby hits about fifteen pounds though. Which would be fine except my babies tend to hit that early (both of them at or before three months). At that point we switch to either our Meitai or the woven wrap I made

4. Bravado nursing bras. I used these bras when I was nursing D and they all still look and feel like brand spanking new. Their original bra was the only one I have found that didn't start to sag after a few uses and a saggy bra is of no use. When I went shopping for nursing bras with K I bought a couple of their Body Silk bras and ohmygoodness.. HEAVEN! I swear this is the most comfortable bra I have ever owned. Its really like not even wearing one at all and it washes like a dream. They have some pretty nursing bras too but I have never really looked at them. I am a boring nursing bra wearer I guess.

6. MumsBums AIO diapers. If I could afford it, these would be all I use. We have the bamboo velour inners and they are so squishy soft, so absorbent and SO easy to use. They are made with two sewn in soakers, one really long one on the bottom that can be folded to the front for boys and one shorter one that is topped with super soft bamboo velour which have three layers of hemp in them, plus a layer of hemp in the body of the diaper topped with organic cotton. Seriously, these are the most absorbent things I have ever used. Oh, and they dry faster than any of the other diapers we have. I'm talking super diaper here people. For reals. The only things I would change are the aplix but only because I really do prefer snaps and that they are so hard to find. Diaperware is really the only place I have been able to find them and thy do run out pretty often.

7. Muslin swaddling blanket. Muslin is perfect for swaddling blankets because it is lightweight but warm, breathable and sturdy. Even K, my little Houdini baby, can't break the swaddle with these. The cotton material will let babies body temperature adjust to the surroundings without overheating or them getting cold tootsies too which is quite desirable. I actually made the ones we use. Large piece of muslin (47" x 47") sew the edges and decorate however you like. Easy- peasy.

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  1. whoo hoo for hot heart massagers! The best thing on the planet!


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