Sunday, February 28, 2010

Intro to T and Our Story

*I have to lump these two together. Its the only way I can think of them making sense.*

Tommy is my dear husband. I have posted about him before and idiosyncrasies but really, he is pretty awesome. Great father, great husband. First, some background. He was born in Herning, Denmark in 1981 to a single mom of two other boys. A beautiful mistake. For the first eight years of his life, he lived with his mother and brothers there in Denmark. His oldest brother, Henrik, had suffered a tragic accident at three years of age which resulted in brain damage and trauma induced epilepsy. So that was a big part of T's childhood. His second older brother, Glenn, and him were very close.

In 1989, his mother married an American National Guardsman in Denmark and they moved to the United States shortly after. Only Glenn and T came with them. Henrik had to stay in Denmark because of his special needs and medicines. T's new step father had a son also. James is twelve days older than T so needless to say there was lots of competition and rivalry there. Things were fairly tense around the house because of the adjustment and language barrier. T and Glenn spoke no English. Glenn ended up moving home to Denmark three years after they had moved to the U.S.. It was and still is very hard on T. Henrik was able to come and visit just about every year, some times twice a year until he passed away in May of 2009. Henrik had a seizure and hit his head, fracturing his already fragile skull. He was removed from life support shortly after his mother got to Denmark. We tried so hard to get T there too but it was just too sudden. T misses his brothers immensely.

Anyway, T grew up. They moved from on little town in Georgia to another little town where he did most of his growing up. Its great because if you hear him talk now, you would never guess that he is foreign. No accent whatsoever. He does still speak Danish but his reading skills are lacking because he moved so young.

In 2001 we met at a local steakhouse when I went in to get an application. I got hired and he still insists that he is the reason why. He flirted with me then and through my training. Incessant he was. He, however, had a girlfriend at the time. So, for a long time we went around and around where he would ask me to go on a date with him and I'd say "no, you have a girlfriend" and he was all " I won't if you go out with me". That is so not how I roll though. He had to be free and clear. We got along really well and had the same sense of humor. Got to be really good friends but he was too chicken to let go of the other girl I guess. Nice, huh? Time went on and he left to go and work for Olive Garden. I would see him here and there. Go and visit him at work and he would come visit me. I ended up leaving the steakhouse about a year after he did though and I figured I would never see him again.

Fast forward a year to May 2003 and I was helping my father move out of his apartment and into another int he same building (again) so I was spending the night at his place gearing up for the big move the next morning. We were standing around in the courtyard talking with some friends of his when I looked up and guess who was walking out of the building? Yep, T. I was so excited to see him I ran up and literally jumped on him. He caught me and hugged me back. I hadn't really realized how much I missed him I guess. We talked for a bit and turns out he was moving into the same building my father. Actually, turned out he had been listening to my father gripe about the management the whole time he was trying to move in that morning. Talk about first impressions. He told me to stop by some time and say hello and then went off to meet with his friends. I didn't see him for a week or so but I would see his car in the lot every so often.

Now, side story. A friend of mine and I had been working on planning a trip to New Orleans. Just for fun. It was going to be her, her boyfriend (now husband) and me. I had talked about taking some one with me but couldn't really think of anyone I would have wanted to take. The trip was coming up in about a month so I was feeling the push to figure it out.

One morning I was headed in to see my father and T was moving some stuff into his place again. We said hello and hugged and I went on my way. I started thinking about it while I was visiting my father and thought about inviting T to go with us to New Orleans. I figured, heck, why not. So on my way out I stopped upstairs to talk to T again and it just kind of exploded out of me. I couldn't stop the words.

"Hey, you ever been to New Orleans?"


"Go with me and (my friend's name here). We are going in a few weeks and I need a date! Of course we could just go as friends though. "

"Wow, uh, ok. I think that sounds like a date."

So we exchanged phone numbers and I walked away shaking. I couldn't believe it. He called me a few days later and asked if I wanted to go to a movie that Monday. I said something to the effect of " Like a date?" and he said " Well, if we are going out of state together I figured we might better go on a first date together". Oh, yeah. Guess so. (Squee!). So we made plans to meet at his place the next Monday (the 15th). We went to a movie and then dinner and then ended up just driving around for the rest of the night. It was awesome. It was like we had never missed a day. We laughed and had fun. When we got back to his apartment he pretty much just said goodnight and went inside. I hadn't expected that abrupt of an ending but got in my car and went home. We went out two days later again to dinner and sat and talked for three or four hours, he walked me to  my car, hugged me and took off. I was convinced this time that he wasn't interested in being more than friends and I was so disappointed. So, when he called the next day and asked if I wanted to go out the next night I was a little leery but I agreed. That night he picked me up and we went to the karaoke bar that he was training to be a jockey at and when I got there I was surprised to have the pleasure of meeting his mother. Thats right ladies and gentlemen, he brought his mother to our date. Anyway, so we stayed there for awhile and then he took me back to my mom's house. We sat in the driveway and talked for a bit and I made a joke about feeling like I was back in highschool. He laughed and leaned over and kissed me. Finally!

I moved into his apartment three days later. We had been dating for nine days. Moving fast? Maybe but it was perfect. We went to New Orleans two weeks later with my friends and had a blast. Lots of drinking, dancing, doughnuts, drinking, and sight seeing. When we got home we went on about hanging out and dating and such for a bit. On June 26th he asked me to marry him. Ring and all. He met me as I came out of the shower with a rose covered bedroom and candles. He sat me down, played and sang a song he had written for me and got down on one knee. I was totally dumbfounded but ecstatic. Obviously I said yes.

The next year was full of wedding planning and decisions and moving and more planning. We wed on September 18th, 2004 in the early after noon. We were surrounded by 149 of our friends and family. I have to say, I think it was beautiful. White dress, gazebo, tons of flowers, bridesmaids, groomsmen and two cakes. A lot of trouble and money spent but so worth it. Definitely memorable. We had a blast dancing and visiting with everyone and then made the textbook exit in a limousine to start our honey moon.

We spent our first night in a hotel downtown, had a great dinner and T slept in my under wear because he had forgotten to pack his. The next morning we got up, drove home to get T's underwear and then left for our honeymoon. We spent a week in Orlando lounging at the pool and hanging around at Universal Studios. We did a casino cruise too that was tons of fun event though we lost at everything. Heading home from that trip was not fun. I wanted to stay there forever. When we got home we went back to the same old grind though. We worked and played. Vacationed and worked some more. We had always said we wanted to wait at least three years to start trying for kids but in the summer of 2006 we decided to go ahead and start trying figuring it would take awhile. Five months later, on New years eve, we found out we were expecting.

SO EXCITED. That was us. We could hardly contain ourselves. We managed to keep it to just our parents and my closest friends until after my eight week doctors appointment. Then I think we literally shouted it from the rooftops. Everyone knew within hours of us seeing that little flashing heartbeat on the ultrasound machine. T was so supportive through my whole pregnancy. He went to every appointment and held my hand while I labored, delivered and snuggled our new baby boy. Some times I think he may have done more research on babies than I did. He has always been a huge part of D's life. He is an awesome father.

We spent the next year snuggling and being in total awe of our little man. He was just so amazing and we spent every extra second playing and devoting our full attention to him. No matter what our days were like, he could make it better. We couldn't imagine loving any other baby near as much as we loved him.

Then, in January 2009, when D was 15 months old, our hearts grew again when I realized I was pregnant again. Totally a surprise but totally not a bad one. We were both in shock but still could feel it. Our lives were changing again and it was awesome. I think T had a harder time with the news than I did though. He had just lost his job and started back at Olive Garden and he was feeling a little off center anyway. Over the next nine months we just got more and more excited. We learned we were expecting another little man and I cried. I was so excited. T had been convinced he was a girl but he was excited too. When K was born, T was right there. In his place, holding my hand while I labored. He was my rock and my comfort. When K was born we both cried. He was the piece we never knew was missing. T was right there with me through the things that followed with K too. The NICU stay was torture to both of us but it was because of him that I was able to cope. He sat with me and held me while I cried and worried. He stayed with K when I had to go and pump. Even still, he is totally in love. Man loves his babies.

So thats us pretty much up to date. If you have stuck with me this long, you deserve a treat. I don't have one, but you deserve one. I think I covered the important bits. Hopefully at least. Otherwise I will hear about it from T I'm sure.


So at some point this weekend I realized that it might be time to do some introductions so you guys can get to know my family a little better. I think the best way to do that is a post per person but I am so not going to commit to a date or time frame. If I do, I'll screw it up. So, watch out for the intro posts coming your way soon. Welcome to my nutty world!

Monday, February 22, 2010

"not me" Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I would never finally publish a blog about my son and his potty learning process only to almost immediately want to take it back for fear of jinxing something. Nope, not me. Even if he had his first accident in almost a week about an hour after I posted it. I would never think about going back and trying to burn that post alive for spreading its bad juju. Thats just silly.

I would also never totally and completely to participate in this blog carnival. Like last week. I so didn't forget. I just.. uhhh... got busy. Yeah, busy. When I join a carnival, I commit to it 100%.

Think I am one of those procrastinators that would put off doing something? Yeah, SO not me. I do everything in a timely manner. Like, say, putting tags on items for a consignment sale. The drop off is tomorrow after all. I would never put it off until the day before drop off. Thats just insane. 

One last thing that I would never do. Literally kiss my son's butt after he fell over on a toy and came crying, saying "Mama, kiss it better". I most certainly would tell him thats not polite and send him on his way even if he got up on all fours on the couch and put his injured booty in my face until I caved. Nope, not me. I am no butt kisser.

Potty Learning

I avoided this for a long time. I would pass the underwear in the store and shudder. I had heard so many horror stories about trying to potty train boys. About how much harder they were than girls and how boys buck at the process and so on. I avoided it, dreaded it, even cried about it once. I have a little baby too, how on earth was D ever going to get it? He is still a baby to me too!

I have to say though, we went for it one day out of the blue. He has always followed me to the bathroom but this time he pointed and said "I turn" when I got up. So, I let him. He sat there for a few minutes and we just talked and sang a couple of finger songs he knew. After that, everytime I went, he "went". Then one day, he WENT. He got excited, I screamed and cried. It was a happy occasion. The kind we make a call to daddy for. He tried so hard for a few days after to repeat the performance but just couldn't figure it out. Then, he did it again. We partied. Next time, he did it again. We partied. We went and bought underwear and partied. Ever since that he has been so awesome at going pee on the potty. He has learned to hold it pretty well and has very few accidents. He is even doing great with the poo process. He knows he needs to go and runs in but sometimes he doesn't quite make it. He stays in underwear most of the time except for nap and bedtime.

My problem now though is that I am scared to take him out of the house in underwear. Call me crazy. Go ahead. I am though. He does good out of the house staying dry but if I take him to a public restroom, its like he freezes up. Get scared maybe but he won't go. So he holds it and holds it until he goes in what he has on. I bought some pull ups today that hopefully will help both of us be more comfortable. I think he is partly feeding off my scaredy cat-ness. I just don't want to be out, him need to go and not make it to the bathroom in time. Plus, I am a total germaphobe.

So, thats how it turns out. It has been so much easier than I had feared so far. Here's hoping it continues!

*I hope I am not jinxing anything by posting this. Its actually been on draft for almost a month (since 1/29) because I have been worried about it. Still not out of pullups in public but the poo factor has gotten better (save the undiewear flushing) and he is having less and less accidents! Keep fingers crossed it keeps up!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Snow to whoa

So, last weekend, we completed #3. Lots of snow fun and cold, cold, cold. This weekend? Close to 70 and gorgeous. A nice trade but I wish it would stay cold for just a bit longer. Otherwise summer is going to be a bitch this year.

Anyway, after my much needed MNO on Friday, we spent the weekend at the park and out of the house. After the week we had, we deserved a little R&R. Spent Saturday doing some shopping (my fav) and went to the park for a few hours. By a few hours, I mean like five. We had a picnic in the van which D was skeptical about at first but ended up really enjoying and then went back to play for awhile. My bestie and her daughter came by before we left and the kids had a blast playing around. K had a blast napping on daddy. What ever floats his boat I guess.

Today, T got up with the boys and let me sleep in a little. When me and mini lazy (K) got up we went down and got my eye exam done. Got contacts for the first time. Weird but I CAN SEE! Spent a little time looking at frames (I CAN SEE!) but didn't find anything. Came home, and discovered T had lost his keys. AGAIN. Thats right ladies and gents, he has now lost four sets of keys in less than four years. Impressive, no? Needless to say, our planned date tonight didn't go over so well. Spent the first third looking for his keys. Second third yelling and bitching. Third... third we actually had a nice dinner and managed to laugh and enjoy ourselves a little. I did however tell him there is no way he is leaving with my keys tomorrow. Which means no car. So his brother is picking him up for work. Should be interesting.

So, my mission this week is to have things go well for a change. Would be nice. Weather is supposed to be nice so maybe we will get some serious play time in.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

This week

Has been a ride. Valentines was good. Spent the morning hanging out and eating with my mom and the boys. T came home and brought me some beautiful tulips, a card and a memory card for my new camera. Then, we went to dinner. Not the romantic evening out we had planned for but fun nonetheless. We ended up going to our favorite Japanese steak house, Kani House, for dinner, which was soooo good. We had the boys with us though so romantic would be a stretch. D loved watching the guy cook though and every time he banged the utensils on the grill like they do he yelled out "Oops! Sorry!" or "Say you sorry!" to the guy which I think kind of threw off his groove a little. Then the fire came and D was actually scared a little. If you know D, thats BIG. Kid is scared of nothing or no one. Anyway, every so often D would look at me and say "Mama, I ok? Give kisses". That was about the most kissing I got this Valentines. Ok though, still sweet. K just sat in T's lap and cooed. Sweet baby.

Monday I woke up and went in to get D out of bed only to realize that he had completely coated his hair in Desitin clear. Now, if you have never used this stuff, you don't know that it feels like really thick petroleum jelly. Its greasy and nasty and hard to get off your skin, much less hair. Does help with chapped skin though. Anyway, so I put him in the tub and attempt to get the crap out of his hair for about an hour before I start cursing under my breath. My mother was the last one who changed his diaper in his room and she knew better than to leave it in there. D gets into everything. So, I call her, ream her out for leaving it in his room and ask her how to get it out. She recommended Dawn. I remember thinking her voice sounded a little weird but I was distracted. Got everyone packed up and into the car and got the Dawn. Got back to the car and thought "O.M.G. Its my mothers birthday".  I wouldn't be a good daughter if I told how old she turned (plus I have NO idea). Of course then I call her and had to admit that not only did I forget it was her birthday that morning but so sorry for chewing you out on your birthday. Totally not my best moment. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the day sucking up and spoiling her rotten with food and gifts. I think she forgave me.

So, Tuesday started out ok. T had to go to Stone Mountain for a training seminar the night before and I knew he would be gone all day. I got out, ran some errands and waited for T to head home. About five he called to tell me he was on his way home but I was napping so I didn't answer. About an hour later I got another call so I answered and he told me he had a problem. "I'm on the side of 285 and the car is over heating". Great. Flipping great. His plan was to wait for it to cool off and go get some coolant to make it home. About twenty minutes later he called AGAIN and he had killed the car battery looking for a service station on his GPS. Sigh. So I told him I would get the boys up and head that way. He called back in Called my mother and she said she would come watch D so he wouldn't have to go. My little nursling had to go with me. As I got ready to leave, T called back and said that a HERO had stopped to help him but that they told him it was none of the problems we though it was. His serpentine belt was busted. Fabulous. K and me jumped in the van and took off to find him. He was "somewhere on 285 close to spaghetti junction" (Which... is not actually where he was... ) During rush hour. In the dark. Anyway, we finally found him and I took a listen. Yep, serpentine belt is blown. Started calling tow trucks to try and find one that wasn't going to charge us an arm and a leg to tow it the 30 miles to our house and that took an hour. Finally found one to come and get us for less than a gazillion dollars but it was going to take another "half hour" for them to get to us. An hour later, the tow truck pulls up, hooks the car and followed us home.

Wednesday morning, T had to take my new van to work because, obviously, his wasn't going anywhere. He told me he was going to run his first appointment and then come pick us up and we would drive him to his office to pick up a work truck so the boys and I wouldn't be car-less. Two hours later he called to tell me he couldn't find the house he was going to but he thinks he figured it out. About the time he got that out his signal died. He was quite a ways North of us so I figured it out pretty quick and figured he would call back shortly. Two hours after THAT I started to freak out. He had not called back, wasn't answering my calls and had already said that it was snowy where he was. About the time I reached full worry mode he called and his voice sounded off. I asked him what was wrong and he just said "Don't freak out". Now, if anyone has ever said that to you in this kind of situation you know that it only makes any pending freak out worse. So of course I start with the "What happened T".

"I had an accident"


"Everything is ok! The van is fine!"

"What happened T??"

"I came over a hill and hit an ice patch".

Turns out, he had spent the last two hours waiting for a tow truck to come and get him out of the icy ditch where he had literally come within inches of scraping the side of my new van down a rock and mud covered bank. Don't freak out indeed. He finally got home after having to run the rest of his appointments and had to turn around and get ready to go to OG. Took everything in me to not call to make sure he got there safe. Two cars in two days? I think it would have been warranted.

Today was Thursday. T took my van again because.. well, not really sure why but he did. Didn't wreck it though. *knock on wood*. The fun today was here at home. Our cable/ internet stopped working about 11 this morning and when I called, they told me it was due to technical difficulty and it should be fixed soon. Great. Ok, no biggie. Played with D, snuggled K. Couple of hours later, still nothing. Called T who called them and this time they said it was cut off because we didn't pay the bill. Which we DID but we have to take them the receipt. Idiots. During that time, D was pooping on the potty and tried to get up too soon. Big mess, thats all I'll say. Got that all cleaned up and came back to get K out of his jumperoo and he had exploded his diaper and poo running down his leg in his jammies. Wheeee! While I was cleaning him up I heard the toilet in D's bathroom flush and yelled out for him to get out of the bath room. When I heard it flush again I went in to see what he was doing. He pointed in the potty and said "Bye, bye undiewear!". Oh crap. He was naked. Underwear not to be seen. Little monkey had flushed his underwear. SIGH. I put new undies on him and went on about getting his brother dressed. In a minute, D came running in. Naked. Again. I asked him where his undies were. He scratched his chin, said "Dunno" like he does (little fart) and ran out. Heard the toilet flush again. "BYE, BYE UNDIEWEAR!". Needless to say, he spent the rest of the day naked and wasn't allowed in the bathroom except to potty. Guess it could be worse. He could have tried to flush his whole outfit.

We did manage to get out of the house for a bit tonight and that was nice. We let D run like a little maniac at the mall playground for a bit and then went and got some dinner. So, needless to say, I am actually excited about my mom's night out tomorrow. SURELY tomorrow will go a little better.T isn't allowed to drive my car tomorrow so who knows what will happen with that though. Wish us luck!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Thats right ladies and gents, we managed to mark two things of the 2010 list this week! Not exactly by design, but I'll take it! Yesterday morning I got out of bed hearing that snow was coming. Its coming honest said the weatherman. What they couldn't seem to get straight was how much and when it would get here. Somewhere between a dusting and four inches sometime between 10am and 5pm or maybe not at all. I think they should hire me. I can so make that kind of prediction.

Anyway, so about one o'clock I looked up and it was just barely snowing. A few flakes here and there. In half an hour I looked up and it was full on snowing! Big snowflakes, thick white sheets. I got all excited and scooped D up and took him out on the porch to watch.

"Mama! Is SNOWSIN! Wook! SNOWS!"

 That was pretty much the reaction I was hoping for. We stood out on the deck for a few minutes and watched but it was too cold to stay out there in our jammies for long. So we came in and called T who was on his way home. I got D all bundled up and woke K up (little lazy has been sleeping all the time lately) to nurse him. Once T got home we got K all bundled and headed out to play. K was less than impressed with his hat.

Once we got out, D went running off in the snow to play and T started on our snowman. It didn't take him too long to get the body together while D and I found some sticks for arms and some leaves and berries for the face. When we got done, he stood about five feet tall and... well, looked kind of angry BUT he was OURS. That made him special.

 After that we spent some time just messing around in the snow. T took K back inside because he was cold and D and I just walked around. I tried to introduce D to the joys of sledding but he was less than impressed. Probably because he ended up flipping out of the basket and rolling down the rest of the hill. Oh,well. He still had a blast and that is what matters most. I enjoyed just smelling the snow and looking at all the white. It has been way too long since I have seen that much snow. We measured four and a half inches. That is a ton for Georgia. Usually we get an ice storm or nothing. Makes me think about moving a little farther North every year.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Too relaxed?

I have always been a fairly laid back kind of person. Unflappable if you will. Some people call it jaded. Whatever you want to call it, that is me. I blame my erratic childhood. We grew up all over the country, with all kinds of people, and saw all kinds of crazy stuff.  It could, however, be more just typical personality but considering my father is a schizophrenic sociopath (diagnosed when we were older) and my mother is kind of a drama queen. There was a lot of tension and drama in our house too.

I had never really thought about it and other than the fact that I am pretty good in a crisis its never really been an "issue". I can keep a fairly level head, even when other people are freaking out, and get things done. I fall apart later if at all.  Nothing much gets under my skin. I don't buy into gossip and I don't care what people think of me. No really, I don't. I do hate when people don't have the balls to say things to my face but otherwise everyone has their own take.

Even with the boys I am laid back. They are little kids. Boys. They are going to get hurt. I will protect them to the best of my ability but if they fall and bonk their head I am not likely to freak and rush them immediately to the ER unless something is OBVIOUSLY wrong. One, because I know my kids. I know every little sound they make and what they mean. The sad cries, the hurt cries, the embarrassed cries. Two, because I have been at this kid watching thing a LONG time. Not necessarily with my own kids (obviously) but nonetheless for fifteen years I have been caring for children under three years old. Day cares, preschools, being a nanny and now a mommy. Stuff just doesn't bother me.

A certain some one recently chastised me though for being too laid back with the boys. D had gotten a little choked up on a piece of pineapple, not really choked just coughing choked, and this person freaked the hell out. Me? I didn't move. Kids do that. D does it a lot. He double fist shoves food into his mouth and gets too much in there. He has never actually choked on anything other than his own slobber (yes, he really did) and in my opinion he needs to learn to not do that anymore. What better way to learn by your own mistakes right? So, anyway, she is freaking the hell out and I am just sitting with my hand under his mouth and saying "spit it out" which he does after a second. All was well. That is when the lecture started. About how I am "too relaxed and he could have DIED" and " this isn't the first time I've noticed you being this way" and "you really need to look out for them more". Blahblahblah. Now, if he had really been choking, do you think I would have just sat there? Absolutely not. I do know the difference. I have done the Heimlich on a children (including the little slobber inhaler). So it felt like she wasn't only questioning my experience but also my parenting skills.

So here is my question for you readers. What would you have done? AM I too relaxed? Should I have freaked out and smacked him on the back (which by the way is the WORST thing you can do to someone who is choking)? Ugh. I guess it goes back to wondering why the way I parent is anyone else's business.

"not me" Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

(Disclaimer: This is not my proudest "not me" Monday. Been a long week. Thank goodness we have a car now. Thats all I can say.)

Ever have one of those days where the weight of the word crashes down on you and you find yourself in the foulest mood. Where you are just tired and all you want to do is go to bed but what you do instead is eat everything you can reach, set the kids in front of the TV and hide in the bathroom? Yeah, me neither.

Have you ever not worn a coat in 30 degree weather because it was more trouble to find one for the two seconds you would be out of the car than it was worth? Even though your kids have three layers of clothes and a heavy coat on? I would never risk my health that way!

Has your son ever been so sick of being stuck in the house with you that he told you he needed some time out, went into his room and shut the door to play by himself. Not my kid. He loves to spend lots of time at home... Doing nothing but stare at each other... No really...


Today we marked #8 off of the 2010 list! The boys and I got up late this morning and decided to go for it. T actually suggested the zoo but it was too cold. So we pried our sleepy, lazy selves out of bed and got the boys up and dressed. It took D longer to eat breakfast than it took the other three of us to get ready but then we were out the door. We had to stop at the gas station right out side our neighborhood to get T and I something to eat since we had forgotten. Soda, a beef taquito and candy bars. Breakfast of champions. I did discover though that the cell phone holder in the new van may not hold my cell phone but it will hold two gas station taquitos like that is what its made for. Maybe it was....

Anyway, so we got down there pretty easy since it was a Sunday and the parking garage was actually not bad too. Got D all strapped to me and K all strapped to his daddy and walked into the aquarium.

Once we got in we looked around the main area for a few minutes. Its really a pretty place inside for looking so bland outside. Then we checked out the different areas. Its split up into 5 big exhibits and they don't connect to each other so we decided the best idea was to just pick a wall and follow it all the way through. We decided to head left and just stick to the wall.

The first place we stopped was the touchy feely with the sting rays and shark tank. They felt about like I figured they would. Slimy and firm. Kind of like a wet suit. They also had a feely tank with sea anemones and shrimp. D was not going to put his hand in any tank no matter what we coaxed him with. It was pretty funny actually. K thought they were pretty fun to watch but he likes to watch the back of his eyelids more than anything. Needless to say, he was asleep pretty soon after that. They had a huge indoor play area too including a tunnel you could climb into and crawl around above one of the random tanks of fish and eels. D wasn't interested so we kept moving.

The next exhibit we went through was kind of anticlimactic. It was supposed to be the exhibit with the Beluga Whales  but they were painting it so the whales had to be moved to a tank out of view. Stupid thing is we KNEW they were doing it. One of T's best friends from high school is in charge of the project. Oops. There was however a faux skeleton of some sort of huge whale that D got all excited about. He didn't know anything was missing. Plus there were some pretty fish so not a total loss.

After that was the BIG tank. The one everyone comes to Atlanta to see. Its called the Ocean Voyager exihibit and is complete with a six-million gallon tank containing four Whale Sharks and the only two manta rays in an aquarium in the U.S.. Impressive, no? It really was pretty spectacular. The only problem with a tank that large is that it makes it damn near impossible to get a good picture. We spent the most time in this area though. They really did have some pretty awesome fish. The giant groupers were almost as big as T's Hyndai. The whale sharks are still relative babies and they are expected to grow to over 30 feet long. Which to me.. is nuts. They also have a myriad of sharks including sand tigers and hammerheads in there and I was half expecting to see some kind of feeding frenzy but it didn't happen. Oh, well. Maybe next time.

After that is the tropical reef exhibit. Its the "pretty" one. With all the super bright fish and nice colored coral backgrounds. They have one tank, that I guess is the big one for that area, that curves up over your head and it looks like a reef. D though that was pretty cool. He stood and looked at it for awhile but he was getting too tired and cranky to stay long. We did get to see the clown fish which had him immediately exclaiming "NEMO! MAMA! NEMO!!". I'm almost sure that is the only reason these places have those little guys anymore. They are a hit with the kids.

After that exhibit came the gift shop. After touching and naming (or repeating the name) of every fish or crustacean shaped object in said gift shop, D finally attached himself to a stuffed alligator with magnets in his feet. He insists its a dinosaur but whatever. I am always a little sad leaving places like this. One, because they are so cool and I always leave with such great memories. Also because I rarely do those type things. We really should do better about getting out with the boys and doing things like this more often. Which is part of the idea behind the 2010 list I guess. An objective to get us out more. I will definitely keep this on the to do again list though. It was fun for all of us. 

(I obviously didn't include all of the pictures. If you want to see the rest click HERE!)

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I just don't get it. Why do some mothers feel like they need to compete? About the stupidest things even. I think we all know THAT mom. The one that always has a better story or a better object or their kids bigger better faster more. Does any one really believe a word they say? Because you shouldn't. There are so many different kinds of them that they catch you off guard.

Like the "my kid is so smart" moms. I can't even count on all my fingers and toes how many times another mother has approached me with a "My kid" proposal. Its inevitably one of those things like, "Oh, my kid never picks his nose. Thats just gross." which leads me to the "Oh, is that so? Well, my kid would never wipe poo on the walls like your kid is doing. right. now.". Ever heard anything about not casting stones and glass houses lady?

Then there are the "gotta keep up" moms. You know the ones. Where one playdate you are casually chatting about how your kid wears a 3T shirt and their kid wears 24m sized stuff and then MAGICALLY by the next day their little sweetie has had an amazing growth spurt and is in the same size as your kid now. Or your little one is doing great with potty training and hers isn't but by golly the next week she is all undies balls (and usually pee) to the wall. Lord knows all kids progress at the same rate? Oh wait, no they don't.

Don't forget the "it was good enough for mine" moms too. As a matter of fact, my mother is one of these. This may not seem like a competitive thing, but it so is. "My kid turned forward facing as soon as she turned a year old and she is fine". Ok, thats nice lady but its my choice to keep my babies rear facing longer. Is it really annoying you so much you have to comment?  Or "My kid always rode in a stroller and she is very independent". Ok, well, I choose to wear my babies into toddlerhood and are quite independent. So, whats your point? And either of those could be reversed. Just because your choice is different these moms feel the need to try and convince you the way they did it was right and you are doing it wrong.

I understand that sometimes you have to be able to bounce things off other parents. Sometimes other people have something you may not have thought of. Its the feeling that you are not allowed to do it your way, the way these moms approach things that really rubs me the wrong way. I am not a big bragger I guess. I am not the person that alerts the whole world every time one of my kids does some thing new and a big part of that is the competition it tends to attract. Its not that I don't care that your little Ernest sprouted like a weed overnight, I just think its insane that you feel the need for him to be as good or better than my kid at growing! Crazy I tell you!

Ok, vent over.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


*WARNING~ Rambly, unprocessed thoughts ahead.*

Just been a blah kind of week. Not bad, not good. Just blah. We are STILL trying to get things finalized with a "new" car. Thinking we may have to take our business else where which is far from ideal but this is taking way too long. Thing is, the one we are looking at has more features than we could otherwise afford but its almost to the point where I just can't care anymore. I am not a very good homebody. My neck still hurts too. Not as bad maybe but I am definitely going to have to see another doctor. Hoping to get in to see a chiro tomorrow or the next day. Maybe not tomorrow due to some shenanigans T planned that I can't talk about right now (more later). My knee is still black too but it isn't hurting anymore outside the bruise. It just looks awful. The new car seats came in today though and man are they heavy duty. I am still debating with myself on turning D back rear facing or just continuing with forward facing since he has been that way so long. The new seat RF until 45 pounds and it IS safer to keep them RF as long as possible but I think he may balk plus he did great in the other accident FF.

Today the boys and I walked down to Target while T was working. It was really nice to just get out of the house and the walk really is pretty nice. I used to walk down there and back a lot when D was young and then again when I was pregnant with K. It helped that the weather was so nice though. It has been so rainy and icky around here lately that its been taking a toll on me I think. It was nice to get out and stretch my legs and lungs in the sun for a bit. I think the boys enjoyed it muchly also. They both crashed when we got home though. Naps were overdue.

My D is getting too big too fast.They did his preschool evaluation last week and it made me cry. Ok, more like sob. In a good way. He is smart. Apparently pretty darn smart. He is above and beyond his age group in all of the areas they tested except in being able to kick a ball. He still stops to kick and then runs instead of kicking while running. Clumsy like his mama, I'd rather him do it that way. I was sitting with T last night and we were talking about D and how much he has freaking grown up recently. Like, with in this week he has started saying big words and using big sentences. Like a real kid, not a baby anymore. It makes me sad that he is growing so fast but I do have to admit that its fun having "conversations" with him. He has always had a really good sense of reason and its fun to hear out loud now. He thinks out loud and plays out loud which makes for some serious mommy giggles. The potty thing is going good. He goes pretty much every time at home but I am too much of a chicken to take him out of the house in underwear. The potty here is not far from anywhere in our house but if we go out, I have to not stray too far so he won't piss himself in public. Someday, just not today. He is also learning to work his charm on me again. He went through that unreasonable toddler stage where he refused to say words even though he knew how and every thing was a tantrum but recently he has been a lot calmer. More mature I guess is the term. He is more likely to just say "AWWW man" when he doesn't get something instead of the royal tantrum that would have followed two months ago. Not to say that it doesn't sometimes still happen, but its a lot less often.

Little K monster is getting big too. Its not fair I tell you! I am one of the rare few that actually loves newborns. All the crying and the snuggling and marathon nursing stuff never really bothered me. K has continued to be my needy little guy but its so worth it. D has always been a kid on the move. He did and still will curl up in my lap and snuggle if he is really tired but K will snuggle 24/7 if you let him. Like, quality all up against your neck snuggles. He likes to sleep all curled up in the fetal position between my boobies too which I absolutely ADORE. He is just such a little rolly polly monkey. His favorite thing right now is a glo worm that used to belong to D. He will lay there and talk to it and touch it and talk to it for the longest. Which is saying something because he has officially hit that 4-6 month super short attention span age. He will play with or in something for about ten minutes and then its time for something new and he lets you know in no uncertain terms its TIME for something NEW. He also ended up with my babies first double ear infection last week. Nothing a little garlic oil couldn't fix but it surprised me. He had been fussy but it didn't really register I guess. D has never had an ear infection at all but T had them really bad as a child. He ended up hospitalized to get them fixed but he still has issues with them. K goes back next Friday to get them rechecked.

Last night at dinner we were talking vacations. Scary thought to me but its way overdue. I miss the beach. We haven't been on vacation of any magnitude since D was born. We had planned to go in March of 2009 but I was pregnant with K and just didn't feel like being out of town. I just hate all the details. Finding hotels and things to do and planning meals and gas and all the crap that goes along with being an adult on vacation. I am excited to see what D thinks about the beach though. It could go either way. He isn't real crazy about being dirty. I don't think K is going to care either way though so thats good. Now just to figure out where we are going.

So thats the story. As of right now anyway. It all changes pretty freaking quick sometimes. Not to get ready for shenanigans that I can't talk about yet. Suffice it to say, I may just freak out and die.

Monday, February 1, 2010

"not me" Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

The other day, my phone battery died. Or maybe I just accidentally turned it off. Is it coincidence that it was on the day that my father was supposed to call so we could get together? Absolutely. Otherwise it would look like I was avoiding him.

Have you ever gotten up, gotten your kids ready to leave the house, packed them up in the car and realized you were still in pajama pants? Not me. I would certainly never just go ahead and hop in the car anyway and run my errands in my PJs. That would just be sad in a way only a mommy could understand. Nothing says exhausted and braid dead like jammies in the grocery store with two screaming kids.

I would also not let myself get secretly excited about going to the doctor by my self even though it would mean at least an hour of quiet time...


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