Saturday, February 13, 2010


Thats right ladies and gents, we managed to mark two things of the 2010 list this week! Not exactly by design, but I'll take it! Yesterday morning I got out of bed hearing that snow was coming. Its coming honest said the weatherman. What they couldn't seem to get straight was how much and when it would get here. Somewhere between a dusting and four inches sometime between 10am and 5pm or maybe not at all. I think they should hire me. I can so make that kind of prediction.

Anyway, so about one o'clock I looked up and it was just barely snowing. A few flakes here and there. In half an hour I looked up and it was full on snowing! Big snowflakes, thick white sheets. I got all excited and scooped D up and took him out on the porch to watch.

"Mama! Is SNOWSIN! Wook! SNOWS!"

 That was pretty much the reaction I was hoping for. We stood out on the deck for a few minutes and watched but it was too cold to stay out there in our jammies for long. So we came in and called T who was on his way home. I got D all bundled up and woke K up (little lazy has been sleeping all the time lately) to nurse him. Once T got home we got K all bundled and headed out to play. K was less than impressed with his hat.

Once we got out, D went running off in the snow to play and T started on our snowman. It didn't take him too long to get the body together while D and I found some sticks for arms and some leaves and berries for the face. When we got done, he stood about five feet tall and... well, looked kind of angry BUT he was OURS. That made him special.

 After that we spent some time just messing around in the snow. T took K back inside because he was cold and D and I just walked around. I tried to introduce D to the joys of sledding but he was less than impressed. Probably because he ended up flipping out of the basket and rolling down the rest of the hill. Oh,well. He still had a blast and that is what matters most. I enjoyed just smelling the snow and looking at all the white. It has been way too long since I have seen that much snow. We measured four and a half inches. That is a ton for Georgia. Usually we get an ice storm or nothing. Makes me think about moving a little farther North every year.

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  1. Jammies. One o' clock. You guys totally rule.

    Sweet story and I'm glad you guys got to see some snow.

    Now about that moving a little bit north........


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