Thursday, February 18, 2010

This week

Has been a ride. Valentines was good. Spent the morning hanging out and eating with my mom and the boys. T came home and brought me some beautiful tulips, a card and a memory card for my new camera. Then, we went to dinner. Not the romantic evening out we had planned for but fun nonetheless. We ended up going to our favorite Japanese steak house, Kani House, for dinner, which was soooo good. We had the boys with us though so romantic would be a stretch. D loved watching the guy cook though and every time he banged the utensils on the grill like they do he yelled out "Oops! Sorry!" or "Say you sorry!" to the guy which I think kind of threw off his groove a little. Then the fire came and D was actually scared a little. If you know D, thats BIG. Kid is scared of nothing or no one. Anyway, every so often D would look at me and say "Mama, I ok? Give kisses". That was about the most kissing I got this Valentines. Ok though, still sweet. K just sat in T's lap and cooed. Sweet baby.

Monday I woke up and went in to get D out of bed only to realize that he had completely coated his hair in Desitin clear. Now, if you have never used this stuff, you don't know that it feels like really thick petroleum jelly. Its greasy and nasty and hard to get off your skin, much less hair. Does help with chapped skin though. Anyway, so I put him in the tub and attempt to get the crap out of his hair for about an hour before I start cursing under my breath. My mother was the last one who changed his diaper in his room and she knew better than to leave it in there. D gets into everything. So, I call her, ream her out for leaving it in his room and ask her how to get it out. She recommended Dawn. I remember thinking her voice sounded a little weird but I was distracted. Got everyone packed up and into the car and got the Dawn. Got back to the car and thought "O.M.G. Its my mothers birthday".  I wouldn't be a good daughter if I told how old she turned (plus I have NO idea). Of course then I call her and had to admit that not only did I forget it was her birthday that morning but so sorry for chewing you out on your birthday. Totally not my best moment. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the day sucking up and spoiling her rotten with food and gifts. I think she forgave me.

So, Tuesday started out ok. T had to go to Stone Mountain for a training seminar the night before and I knew he would be gone all day. I got out, ran some errands and waited for T to head home. About five he called to tell me he was on his way home but I was napping so I didn't answer. About an hour later I got another call so I answered and he told me he had a problem. "I'm on the side of 285 and the car is over heating". Great. Flipping great. His plan was to wait for it to cool off and go get some coolant to make it home. About twenty minutes later he called AGAIN and he had killed the car battery looking for a service station on his GPS. Sigh. So I told him I would get the boys up and head that way. He called back in Called my mother and she said she would come watch D so he wouldn't have to go. My little nursling had to go with me. As I got ready to leave, T called back and said that a HERO had stopped to help him but that they told him it was none of the problems we though it was. His serpentine belt was busted. Fabulous. K and me jumped in the van and took off to find him. He was "somewhere on 285 close to spaghetti junction" (Which... is not actually where he was... ) During rush hour. In the dark. Anyway, we finally found him and I took a listen. Yep, serpentine belt is blown. Started calling tow trucks to try and find one that wasn't going to charge us an arm and a leg to tow it the 30 miles to our house and that took an hour. Finally found one to come and get us for less than a gazillion dollars but it was going to take another "half hour" for them to get to us. An hour later, the tow truck pulls up, hooks the car and followed us home.

Wednesday morning, T had to take my new van to work because, obviously, his wasn't going anywhere. He told me he was going to run his first appointment and then come pick us up and we would drive him to his office to pick up a work truck so the boys and I wouldn't be car-less. Two hours later he called to tell me he couldn't find the house he was going to but he thinks he figured it out. About the time he got that out his signal died. He was quite a ways North of us so I figured it out pretty quick and figured he would call back shortly. Two hours after THAT I started to freak out. He had not called back, wasn't answering my calls and had already said that it was snowy where he was. About the time I reached full worry mode he called and his voice sounded off. I asked him what was wrong and he just said "Don't freak out". Now, if anyone has ever said that to you in this kind of situation you know that it only makes any pending freak out worse. So of course I start with the "What happened T".

"I had an accident"


"Everything is ok! The van is fine!"

"What happened T??"

"I came over a hill and hit an ice patch".

Turns out, he had spent the last two hours waiting for a tow truck to come and get him out of the icy ditch where he had literally come within inches of scraping the side of my new van down a rock and mud covered bank. Don't freak out indeed. He finally got home after having to run the rest of his appointments and had to turn around and get ready to go to OG. Took everything in me to not call to make sure he got there safe. Two cars in two days? I think it would have been warranted.

Today was Thursday. T took my van again because.. well, not really sure why but he did. Didn't wreck it though. *knock on wood*. The fun today was here at home. Our cable/ internet stopped working about 11 this morning and when I called, they told me it was due to technical difficulty and it should be fixed soon. Great. Ok, no biggie. Played with D, snuggled K. Couple of hours later, still nothing. Called T who called them and this time they said it was cut off because we didn't pay the bill. Which we DID but we have to take them the receipt. Idiots. During that time, D was pooping on the potty and tried to get up too soon. Big mess, thats all I'll say. Got that all cleaned up and came back to get K out of his jumperoo and he had exploded his diaper and poo running down his leg in his jammies. Wheeee! While I was cleaning him up I heard the toilet in D's bathroom flush and yelled out for him to get out of the bath room. When I heard it flush again I went in to see what he was doing. He pointed in the potty and said "Bye, bye undiewear!". Oh crap. He was naked. Underwear not to be seen. Little monkey had flushed his underwear. SIGH. I put new undies on him and went on about getting his brother dressed. In a minute, D came running in. Naked. Again. I asked him where his undies were. He scratched his chin, said "Dunno" like he does (little fart) and ran out. Heard the toilet flush again. "BYE, BYE UNDIEWEAR!". Needless to say, he spent the rest of the day naked and wasn't allowed in the bathroom except to potty. Guess it could be worse. He could have tried to flush his whole outfit.

We did manage to get out of the house for a bit tonight and that was nice. We let D run like a little maniac at the mall playground for a bit and then went and got some dinner. So, needless to say, I am actually excited about my mom's night out tomorrow. SURELY tomorrow will go a little better.T isn't allowed to drive my car tomorrow so who knows what will happen with that though. Wish us luck!


  1. Good luck and congrats on all the hilarious memories.


  2. I think needs to drive a company vehicle around unless they plan on fixing your two! And maybe someone should think about taking his license away all together! He's got a bad "record"

  3. OMG you poor thing! What a WEEK!! (((HUGS))) to you for surviving!! <3


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