Sunday, September 15, 2013


My sweet baby D,

What a little man you have turned into! Recently you started Kindergarten and I'm not going to lie, it kind of broke your Mama's heart! Not that you aren't ready, I'm not ready! You stepped into the role of elementary school student like it was no big deal. A little shy but still the one that every one knows. Everyone talks about how sweet and cute you are. The most common comment is "those eyes!".

It doesnt surprise me though. You are a handsome little man. You are looking a little more like me lately too instead of a straight copy of your daddy. You are growing up.

Of course you have the most amazing personality to go along with the looks too. You are sweet. Genuinely sweet. You like for everyone to be happy and you will play with anyone.  You are kind hearted too. You giving and caring and just... sweet. I love that about you. Ive said it before but you are always so wise beyond your years.

Not to say you dont love to play. You love anything that is physical and involves lots of energy. I have you signed up to take hip hop dance classes and you want to be in the school musical that is coming up. I think keeping you busy keeps you sane. You love to be social and being active while being social is even better. Maybe we will try a sport again this spring.

You and your brother are the best of friends though. You two are trouble together but you are such amazing playmates. You are always sure to involve your little brother in whatever game you are playing,  even when he takes over and changes the rules so that he wins.

Tonight, when I told you it was bed time, you asked if I would tuck you in and sing you your song. I told you I would, just like every night, and you said "Even if I'm six?". D, I will sing to you, hold you in my arms, and love you through and through every night, every moment you'll let me, for your whole life. I love you so very much. The moments when you curl up in my lap, arms and legs overflowing, and snuggle into my chest is what keeps me going sometimes. You love big and you love your Mama most. I hope thats always the case because I know no matter what else life throws at us, that will never change.

I love you my big boy.

Love, Mama

Saturday, September 14, 2013


My handsome little monster,

I know I say it every year but I just can not believe you are four years old. You are no longer a toddler but a preschool aged kid now. To say that the last four years have flown by would be the understatement of the century. It seems like last week we were awaiting your arrival and getting nervous that you would make your appearance on your brother's birthday. I was filled with excitement on meeting your little self and nervousness of being a mother of two.

Your little personality was clear right from the start. You are the boss. You came out and we all immediately started dancing to your, sometimes offbeat, tune. Truth be told though, we love it. You keep everyone in their place and make sure we stay on task.

You are also a big lover. You are and in your face kind of love monster that will not be ignored. You will climb up in my lap and get right in my face with your eyes all wide and kiss me right in the mouth before exclaiming your love for me over and over. You're like that with a lot of people really but you are still a mama's boy through and through. Mama is your favorite and you don't care who knows it.

You and your brother have gotten into the sibling rivalry big time this year. Whatever D has or does, you are right there behind him. Its been hard for you for D to have started Kindergarten this year. You miss your idol. You've done really good about being patient and entertaining yourself and me while he was at school though. You are going to be such a class clown.

I'm proud of you baby. I try to say it often but I want you to know and remember just how proud of you I am. Always will be really. You are strong willed and handsome and goofy and lovey and you are my son. How did I ever get so very lucky?

Love, Mama


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