Tuesday, September 27, 2011


For the last week, I have been in bed laying around, drifting in and out of sleep in a weird kind of haze. I slept the entirety of Thursday with the exception of a failed attempt at eating something. My mother and T took turns taking care of the boys. Now, while this sounds like most mom's paradise and while normally, I would have welcomed this kind of rest and ease for a few days, this was not as much fun. The reason I have been laid up? Kidney stones. Whee.

I knew a while back that I was having some kidney issues that were not related to infection. I was having a lot of pain and soreness in the general kidney area and was doing my very best at ignoring it. It would go away for a few days and then come back. I would drink extra water and I would be golden for a few more days. Then last week, all of a sudden, I got to where I could not move with out crying. My lower back hurt so bad, I had to call T and tell him he needed to take me to the hospital. Something I never do.

A few hours in the ER, a couple of tests, and IV with scary drugs and a useless doctor later, I went home with the answer of "It could be muscle pain or it could be kidney stones. Call your doctor in a week if you are still hurting. Here is a handful of happy pills*". I stumbled my heavily drugged, numb self out of the ER (thats right, ladies and gents, they made me walk out of the ER after having pumped me so full of drugs I kept falling asleep while talking.), to the car and home to bed. Once I hit the bed, I don't think I moved for two days. No drinking equals no peeing so I was golden.

Every once in a while, someone would wander through to make sure I was breathing and roll me to the other side. Every 3.45 hours I would wake up moaning in pain. Every four hours, I took my pills. Repeat. For someone that hates taking any kind of pills, it was not a fun experience for me. That kind of out of whack, can't feel your face feeling is not fun to me. Plus that kind of sleep is not real sleep so I am as exhausted now as I would have been if I had just not slept at all for a week.

The good news is, I woke up yesterday feeling astoundingly better. Almost eeirly better. I was still sore but not in excruciating pain like I was the night before. Then this morning, I can barely feel anything out of place.  Now, considering how fast the pain went away and considering some of the other symptoms I think the whole muscle pain theory is shot. I was so drugged, I figure those kidney stones must have made their exit during one of my midnight potty breaks but I can't be sure and I am slightly scared out of my mind that pain will be back. I have heard people say that kidney stones were worse than childbirth and I had always just assumed that they were exaggerating. They aren't. It was like having one huge, painful back labor contraction that never. lets. up.

For now though, I am playing with my boys. Enjoying being able to bend over again and taking a much needed shower. Pleading with the powers that be to keep that kind of pain from ever reappearing in my life.

Has anyone else ever had kidney stones? Did they come back? Please tell me no...

Thursday, September 15, 2011


My D,

What a little man you are becoming, baby! I am just astounded at how grown up you have seemed to me lately. You have grown from that snuggly little chunk of energy to a much larger chunk of energy!  You wake up a man on the move and you do not slow down for one second until your head hits the pillow at night. You are sometimes exhaustively rambunctious but you are all love and you are all awesome. Four year old awesome!

I love you so much little man. Sometimes I wish there was a bigger word than love to express how I feel about you. I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. You came into the world the wrong way up and have shown the same determination to do things your way ever since. I think about how little you seemed that first night. All snuggled up on my arms, sleeping like a little angel. From the very first day of your life, you have had this amazing presence. You really did fill a place in my heart that I didn't know was empty. You filled it right up and made me a whole person. You completed everything that I didn't know was missing and you just keep doing it.

You have always been a very physical little guy. You have always hit your milestones months (years even!) before you were supposed to. You love to run and jump and scare your mama with your unabashed enthusiasm for life! You love to dance and can memorize a dance routine off of the television after only watching it one time. If there is music and no dance, you are perfectly willing to make up your own. I will never cease to be amazed at your grace when you dance either. You have perfect balance and timing. You have amazing rhythm and we always say you are going to make a great musician one day like your daddy.

You have an enigmatic personality to go with your physical side as well. You are so smart and your mind goes as fast as you do. Always working, thinking, figuring things out! You have such a silly side too. You love to laugh and make people laugh. You love to see how things work and are excellent at taking things apart and putting them back together. You love puzzles and things that require a process. You love to memorize things, books mostly, and repeat them back. You have a mind like a steel trap, kid. It doesn't take but once for you to learn something and then you never forget it.

You have a little trouble with words sometimes. They elude you and your little mind is happening as such lightening fast speed you can't be bothered to form them all into one coherent type sentence. We are working on it and you are making improvements on slowing down every day. Conversations with you are generally short and quick but full of an amazing process going on behind those eyes. You say what needs to be said and then you are off again on another whirlwind adventure!

Baby, I will never be able to tell you how much it warms my heart to see the way you light up when your little brother comes around. You love him with all of your little heart and soul. Sometimes I am even just a little jealous of you two. You are your brother's comforter, play mate and protector. You guys follow each other around, playing games and reading books together all day long and when it comes to bed time, you help me change him into his pajamas and read him books before giving him a kiss and telling him goodnight. You are so patient with him too. He is your little brother, his job is to annoy you but you always handle it with the grace and understanding of a much older child. I hope the two of you stay this way forever. Best buddies.

I just can't even describe the pride and love I feel when you come bounding in every morning asking how I slept and is it time for bruba to get up yet. Or how it warms my heart all the way through every time you say you love me or look me in the eyes and say whats on your mind. Even if sometimes, you have a hard time expressing those thoughts out loud. Watching you grow up has been hard on this mama but I wouldn't trade a single second of it for any thing else in the world. 

I can't wait to see what the next year holds for you D. For us. If its anything like that last year, things are about to get way more awesome. 

I love you my little man. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Perfect Monster

K baby,

Today you turn two years old. Two. That still just doesn't seem possible to me. It was the day before your brother's second birthday and I couldn't help but freak out just a little about how all of our lives was about to change. I guess now I know that sometimes change can be pretty freaking awesome. Of course all I have to do is listen to you talk or hear you say "I wub you mama" to know that time is passing way too quickly. When we first met, I was in a slight state of shock. Shocked at your birth, shocked at your hair quantity, shocked at just how perfect and beautiful you were.

In fact, I've pretty much stayed there.There has not been a day go by where I wasn't just amazed at something you have done or said. Something you noticed that no one else did. The way you never forget a face or a story or a song. Shocked at your unwavering opinion of life and how it should most definitely revolve around you. Your personality has really come out to play in the last year. I always describe you as a big personality in a small package. You don't "kind of" do anything. Everything is big and loud and flashy and dangerous! You are a dynamo kid. You have an opinion and people are going to listen.  If you want banana yogurt and I dare try to give you blueberry, the world might as well just end right there. Ever the hulk baby you can turn on that hulk rage quicker than any one else can figure out whats wrong.

For all your drama, you show the same intensity when you love. Baby, I have never met a more loving, kind, genuinely sweet little person. You love with you your whole body. With your arms stretched out to who ever looks like they will hug you first. Your kisses are just as intense but come with more rules. You must kiss people on the mouth and will maneuver their faces to make it so. You must also make eye contact even if means crossing your eyes to do so. Oh and they are going to kiss you. Right on the lips and my eyes are right here if you please. Even if you don't. No choice really.

PhotobucketYou are a man on the move. Always chasing some thing or some one. Always in on the action even if you are too scared to participate. You know your limits and you won't be made to push them. I am sad to say though, that this past summer you had the families first set of stitches. I always thought that D would be the first one but you some how managed to hit your face just right. Its funny too because you always hit right on the same spot on your head. I swear that is the only place you have ever had a bruise. Right above your left eye.

Sometimes, you love to snuggle up close and just be. I love that. Those evenings where we just sit on the couch and read books or when we are at the park and you come running with your arms up and melt into my shoulder. Your brother does that rarely but you do it daily. Much more chill than him in some ways but much more intense in others.

Speaking of your brother, he is still your idol. Probably even more so than he ever has been. You two really are the best of friends. First thing in the morning, when I pick you up out of bed, you wiggle down and run to your big brother arms stretched out yelling "Bruba! Mornin Bruba! You sleep good?". You two wrap your arms around each other and kiss like you haven't seen each other in months. Then you two run off and start your day's adventure together. Some days you play the leader and D plays your games and some days its reversed and you try to play his games. He is so patient with you and always makes sure to include you. I hope that never changes.

Your favorite food right now is what ever you are given. You can eat more than any little kid I have ever seen. Its almost comical. You have a big mouth and have absolutely no qualms about stuffing your whole dinner in there and then stealing your brothers plate when he isn't looking. Hilarity usually ensues but you always have to try it.

You love to read books, all books, even the ones you don't have any clue what they are about. Your favorite though is either the book Guess How Much I Love You or the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Those are the ones you always look for in your mound of books. If you can't find someone to read them to you, you can always just find a quiet place on the couch or the floor and spend awhile reading them to yourself. Your favorite though is when your brother reads to you. I have to admit, it makes me so happy to watch too.

Last night, when I went to tuck you into bed, I couldn't help but get all emotional. I was reading you your books and thinking about how big you have gotten and thinking about the past two years. I got all teary eyed and my voice cracked while I was reading one of the pages. You immediately rolled around to face me in my lap, took my face in your hands and said "What wrong Mama? I wub you." Kissed me on the lips and sank down into my shoulder. Of course that didn't help my tears dry up any but it did help in a way that only a parent can describe. You love me. You love me unconditionally and that is some serious stuff. 

As you drifted off to sleep in my lap, for the first time since you were teeny, I couldn't help but be struck by how big you seemed. Your limbs are getting longer and your features are more proportionate to your big ol head.. You are shaped more like a person than you were even a few months ago.

I love you so much my monster. I am so proud of the little fellow you are becoming. You amaze me every day and every day I love you more. Even when I think its just not possible, you always have a way of making my heart smile in a new way. Dynamo, yo.

I love you to the moon and back,


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Zaycon Moves South!

Thats right Georgia! Zaycon Foods, the company that recently brought me 40lbs of fresh, all natural chicken breasts is coming! Between September 28th and October 5th you will be able to purchase a case of fresh, boneless, skinless chicken breasts for (get this!) only $1.69/ lb! Sweetsauce!

Now in case you have forgotten, this is premium chicken we are talking here. Zaycon Foods' chicken is 100% natural with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients. Plus it is always from the highest quality farms and is never frozen so it tastes like heaven!

I mentioned in the last post that Zaycon has events in multiple cities but this is the first time they will be doing a public event in Georgia, so you need to be sure to register to get all the details and be ready to reserve your case when the time comes.

 I am super excited to announce as well that Zaycon Foods has offered a $65 account credit to one of my readers! If you are a reader here and you aren't lucky enough to live in an area that Zaycon Foods has started events, you can enter too and they will mail you a check for $30 just for checking them out!

Here is how to enter:

1. Go to the Zaycon Foods website HERE and register. That way you can find out more about the events coming and even sign up to get email notifications on when new items are coming your way! This is MANDATORY to enter.

2. Tell me what your favorite chicken recipie is! You can link to a recipie or a blog post or just tell me what it is! (2 entries)

3. Follow Render Me Mama on Twitter and send out this tweet: "I entered to win $65 to @ZayconFoods on @RenderMeMama and you should too! http://bit.ly/qATZm1 #Giveaway". Leave a comment with the direct link to your tweet. (2 entries)

4. Follow Render Me Mama by RSS or Google Friend Connect. Leave a comment saying which you chose. (4 entries)

5. Sign up for Render Me Mama to get delivered to your email and be sure to confirm the subscription! (4 entries)

Be sure to leave a comment for each entry and make sure your email is either in your profile or you leave it in the comment box so I can reach you if you win! All entries will be verified and the winner will be chosen on September 23rd. You will have 12 hours to respond to my email or another will be chosen. Good luck!

*This giveaway is sponsored by Zaycon Foods but all opinions are my own.

Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12th

September 11th will always have a place in every heart that watched those towers fall. That sat glued to the television or made frantic calls to loved ones. We walked away from that day ten years ago with a myriad of feelings from regrets to loss. Our eyes opened to the reality of a hatred  towards us as a people and a struggle to understand what went wrong. Those images, both horrific and inspiring, are burned in to our minds in a way that we will never be able to turn a blind eye. Its our job to pass down the lessons to our children and to our children's children. Its our job to never forget and never let those feeling and lessons go. To do everything in our power to remind ourselves and the world that we are not invincible. Both as a nation and individually. We stand united but nothing is ever perfect.

Ten years ago today, America woke up a new nation. After the carnage and disassembled reality we had face the previous morning, we had literally changed in a day. We woke up still stunned but more determined. Determined to fight back and grow stronger. To understand what happened and rebuild what we had lost. Both in community and is physical space. We lost our naivety that we were untouchable. Our safe haven had become the war zone. Almost over night, America grew up.
This year, I challenge you to start anew on September 12th. Just like we did ten years ago. There are so many things to be thankful for. Look for those things. Cherish them. Love them. Make it your duty to shine that love and appreciation to the world. Look for them over the past ten years. Over the last year. The last ten minutes.  They are there and they are begging for your attention. Those things that we are thankful for, that have made us stronger in a time of disarray, are what we need to focus on now.

The love we felt in the weeks following the 9/11 attacks for family, neighbors and public servants still needs us to acknowledge it to stay strong. To keep us moving forward as a nation and not fall back into the complacency and stride that was used against us. So there again lies a challenge. Love other people with your whole heart

All people. That guy that cut you off? The kids that are driving you crazy? The police officer that wrote you the ticket you didn't think you deserved? They are all people that deserve your love and your respect. You don't always know the whole story and you don't always need to. Our perspective needs to be one of patience, forgiveness and tolerance of other beliefs. Its the foundation for what makes us so great. 

Some of the things that I am thankful for include my children, my husband and having a family that undoubtedly loves me. Being able to see past the tantrums my kids throw in the store to the little soul inside that is struggling to assert itself and being able to love it even more fiercely than before.  Being #FuriouslHappy. Taking cupcakes to the local fire department last year just because. That is something the world should be jealous of. Something that is worth the world's attention instead of the dark secrets that seem to be the big news of the day. We need to shift the focus of the world in order to grow stronger.

Its time to take a stand. A stand against hatred and misunderstanding. What better time to start than now? What are some things that you want the world to see? Things that make you happy, that make you love, that make you want to sing the praises of out loud?

*If you are looking for my 9/11 story, you can find it here.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Almost Two

In seven days, my little monster turns two. Seven days. Two. I am so not ready for that its absurd. For some reason I am having a harder time with him turning two than D turning four the next day. I suppose its probably mostly because of the milestone. They change so much between two and three. So much its indescribable and painful to think about. From baby to kid. Almost more profound somehow than it was from one to two but not quite as much so from birth to one, if that makes sense.

Not that its a bad change. Its just a big one. He is learning so much about his independence and how to make the world his own where before, he took my word for it.

"That giraffe is yellow and brown? Okay Mama, you know best."

Turns to:

"Um, are you sure about that, Mama? I think its green. Yep, its green. Everything is green 'cause its my favorite."

Any attempts to make that green giraffe yellow only ensues in an argument that neither of you is going to win.

  (Turn your speakers down...)

He is soaking up the world around them. He has mastered the walking thing. The running thing is hilarious to watch because mostly, his little shorty legs aren't really moving any faster, just his arms. He asks a million questions and has a million demands. Each one of them infinitely more adorable than the last. He is learning all his new things that little kids know but he is only going to share them with you if he darn well feels like it. He is also open to pretending to forget things he has know for months in favor of learning something new. After all, what are you gonna do?

Thing is, he still finds ways to make my heart smile. The exploring, oh the exploring. He is into everything. Animals, cars, nature, the fridge. Nothing is out of reach for K right now. If he wants something, he goes for it. Not that he always gets it but he is going to try damn it and you can't stop him. That kind of never quit attitude, he gets from his mama. Nothing is out of reach if we want it bad enough. Him and me? We are banditos.

Another part of that though, is you can't make him do something he doesn't want. You can't convince him he needs to do something he doesn't want to do. No amount of coaxing or promising is going to make him enjoy something he so clearly does not care for.

He is all about learning his boundaries. For all his scaredy chicken like tendencies, he will stand up to the biggest kid on the playground if they try to mess with him or his brother. Good but he is constantly learning that sometimes its not necessary to tackle that kid because he shoved your brother. Mama is there and is going to handle it. Speaking of tackling, he may only hit his brother about the shoulders but rest assured, he can pin him to the floor. Its fun to watch and honestly, sometimes D desrves it. Of course K would never hurt him brother but he definitely gets a certain sense of satisfaction from getting one up on his big bro from time to time.

All in all, almost two can be really fun. It can also be really scary. For me that is. He doesn't know whats coming. Still, there is so much awesome surrounding him being this age. I just don't like the thought of my baby growing up. He is getting so big so fast. In all his chunk, he is starting to look like a bigger kid. I love him so stinking much, I just want him (and his brother) to stay little forever. There are times when I miss the snuggly newborn stage that I love so much but then they do something even more awesome and I realize I no longer have to take diapers with me anywhere and all is well.

more days. Seven more days...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Girls Getaway, Gone with the Wind Style

So, here is a little known fact about me: I adore the book Gone With the Wind. Of course, if you follow me on Twitter you probably already know that from some of the (super cool) tweet- ups I went to this summer. It doesn't hurt that Margaret Mitchell was such an amazing woman. Besides just her work with the Red Cross and Emory university, she was a fireball of a woman that is still inspiring to me.  

Anyway, Gone With the Wind was a phenomenal success and received rave reviews. After breaking publishing records with one million copies sold within six months at the steep price of $3 a copy, the novel was awarded the Pulitzer Prize, and has since been translated into over forty languages, and remains one of the best-selling novels of all time.

Well, now, you can have your own little Gone With the Wind adventure here in Georgia and get a little relaxation along with it! Clayton County Convention & Visitors Bureau's just introduced the newest girlfriend getaway package: "Gone With The Girls.".

Located just 15 miles south of Atlanta, Clayton County invites girlfriends to relax and rejuvenate over a day of luxurious southern belle style pampering including a tour of Gone With The Wind themed sites, visit to the Road To Tara Museum and indulgent treatment at Scarlett's Retreat Day Spa. "Gone With The Girls" will begin with a mini-bus tour showcasing historic Jonesboro, Georgia’s Gone With The Wind sites including a visit to the internationally known Road To Tara Museum.

Following a visit to the museum, girlfriends can travel 15 miles south to the quaint town of McDonough, Georgia to bask in an afternoon of luxurious pampering at Scarlett's Retreat Day Spa. A choice between five different innovative spa treatment packages will be available for each lady and will leave the group glowing and invigorated. Treatment packages include a mini facial, eye zone wrap and make-up application; mini facial, eye zone wrap and spa pedicure; mini facial and mint julep pedicure; mini facial and mini massage; or mini massage and mint julep pedicure.

The best part to me is that the  "Gone With The Girls" getaway begins at only $85 per person and is typically a starting value of $105. Umm. Thats an awesome deal guys. I mean, something like that in Atlanta would easily be double that. Plus, day trip! Even if you don't live in the Atlanta area and are coming for a vacation or a stop through on a long flight. Definitely worth looking into. The Road to Tara museum alone is an amazing experience!

So, if you are in Atlanta or headed to Atlanta or a fan of Gone With the Wind like I am, check it out. You get an awesome history lesson, a guided tour of an amazing and beautiful city plus a visit to a spa for less than you would spend on a massage at one of those fancy places downtown. You can't beat it.

*Tours and spa packages are based on groups of 2-10 and advanced reservations are required to ensure availability. Contact the Clayton County Convention & Visitors Bureau at 800.662.7829 to book your girlfriend getaway.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Eversave Atlanta - $15 Giveaway!

We are a family on a budget. A tight budget. When we made the decision for me to stay home with our boys, it came with a few sacrifices. Definitely well worth it but still. One of the biggies we gave up was the extras budget. Things like massages and nice nights out. Things that are a treat to us in one way or another for the treat of having our boys.

One way I have found to still be able to use that budget and be able to do the things we want while still staying within our budget is to start using the daily deals sites more. We all know there are a million of them and goodness knows I have tried them all. Some have been so, so and others have burned me pretty bad and ended up costing me more money than the deal was worth in the first place. I had mostly given up on the whole deal site thing until I stumbled across Eversave.

Eversave Atlanta has become the one place I check in with regularly. They have the most family relevant deals of all the sites I have come across. From spas and restaurants to lift tickets and yoga classes, they have it all. I have purchased several deals from them just this summer. A deal for the kids and a deal for just the adults. They also have had deals for our surrounding area, including discounted tickets to ride the Riverboat in Chattanooga! You almost never see discounts for that!

In addition to their daily local deals, they also offer spectacular Saves from online merchants which allows their customers nationwide to get in on the fun! Things like their travel deals are impossible to beat. Today, the save is for an all inclusive resort in Puerto Vallarta at 59% off. At only $299 for 3 days/ 4 nights for a family of four, its time to book that vacation to Mexico you have been dreaming about!

If staying local is more your thing, check out today's save for 80% off Karate classes (including the uniform!) at Power Up Martial Arts for only $26! Then check in tomorrow for yet another great, local opportunity!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Eversave to start receiving daily e-mails with details of the Saves happening in your neighborhood. Eversave will even give you $2 to use towards your next purchase just for creating an account!

And don’t forget to spread the word. Eversave makes it easy and rewarding to share Saves with your family and friends. Tell them about a deal you love via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter, when someone you’ve referred to the site makes his or her first purchase, they’ll add $10 in Save Rewards to your account that you can use on any of your future purchases!

So, now that you know all about Eversave, how would you like to win $15 in Save Rewards to get you started? Sound good? Here is how to enter:

First, and you must do this, go to Eversave HERE and set up your account. Leave a comment here telling me you did so.

Then you can do any of these as an extra entry to better your chances!

  • Like Eversave on Facebook.
  • Follow Eversave on Twitter.
  • Follow RMM on Twitter.
  • Like RMM on Facebook.
  • Subscribe to RMM via email. (Don't forget to confirm your subscription by following the link in your email!)

Don't forget to leave a separate comment telling me each entry you used and also don't forget to either leave your email address or make sure it is visible in your profile so I can reach you if you win! I will draw the winner at 6pm on Monday (9/5/11) and email them, if they don't email me back within 2 hours, I will draw another name until someone does! Good luck!

*This giveaway is sponsored by Eversave. All opinion are my own.


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