Tuesday, September 27, 2011


For the last week, I have been in bed laying around, drifting in and out of sleep in a weird kind of haze. I slept the entirety of Thursday with the exception of a failed attempt at eating something. My mother and T took turns taking care of the boys. Now, while this sounds like most mom's paradise and while normally, I would have welcomed this kind of rest and ease for a few days, this was not as much fun. The reason I have been laid up? Kidney stones. Whee.

I knew a while back that I was having some kidney issues that were not related to infection. I was having a lot of pain and soreness in the general kidney area and was doing my very best at ignoring it. It would go away for a few days and then come back. I would drink extra water and I would be golden for a few more days. Then last week, all of a sudden, I got to where I could not move with out crying. My lower back hurt so bad, I had to call T and tell him he needed to take me to the hospital. Something I never do.

A few hours in the ER, a couple of tests, and IV with scary drugs and a useless doctor later, I went home with the answer of "It could be muscle pain or it could be kidney stones. Call your doctor in a week if you are still hurting. Here is a handful of happy pills*". I stumbled my heavily drugged, numb self out of the ER (thats right, ladies and gents, they made me walk out of the ER after having pumped me so full of drugs I kept falling asleep while talking.), to the car and home to bed. Once I hit the bed, I don't think I moved for two days. No drinking equals no peeing so I was golden.

Every once in a while, someone would wander through to make sure I was breathing and roll me to the other side. Every 3.45 hours I would wake up moaning in pain. Every four hours, I took my pills. Repeat. For someone that hates taking any kind of pills, it was not a fun experience for me. That kind of out of whack, can't feel your face feeling is not fun to me. Plus that kind of sleep is not real sleep so I am as exhausted now as I would have been if I had just not slept at all for a week.

The good news is, I woke up yesterday feeling astoundingly better. Almost eeirly better. I was still sore but not in excruciating pain like I was the night before. Then this morning, I can barely feel anything out of place.  Now, considering how fast the pain went away and considering some of the other symptoms I think the whole muscle pain theory is shot. I was so drugged, I figure those kidney stones must have made their exit during one of my midnight potty breaks but I can't be sure and I am slightly scared out of my mind that pain will be back. I have heard people say that kidney stones were worse than childbirth and I had always just assumed that they were exaggerating. They aren't. It was like having one huge, painful back labor contraction that never. lets. up.

For now though, I am playing with my boys. Enjoying being able to bend over again and taking a much needed shower. Pleading with the powers that be to keep that kind of pain from ever reappearing in my life.

Has anyone else ever had kidney stones? Did they come back? Please tell me no...

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