Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Monogram Online: THE Online Shop for Personalized Gifts!

Looking for a personalized gift for a loved one this season? What about a special birthday gift for later next year? I have always loved giving and receiving personalized gifts because it is something you know they had to put thought into at least. They thought of your name specifically!

When it comes to fine monogrammed and name jewelry, MonogramOnline.com is in the top of its class -- from silver and gold necklaces shaped into first names to cufflinks etched with initials. But that's not all the gift-focused website is about - its huge selection of monogram-ready wares include, but are not limited to, iPhone cases, kitchenware, to sporting goods. There is something for everyone!

I particularly love these name necklaces! You could do a first name, last name, or even Twitter handle to make it the perfect gift. 

Right now, Monogram Online is offering 45% off store wide to my readers and that is definitely a price you can't afford to miss! That makes these beautiful sterling silver necklaces just $42 apiece! To take advantage of this deal, head over to their website by clicking the link below and be sure to enter code BLOG45 at checkout to get your discount! Then come back and let me know what you chose!

Monday, December 8, 2014

BJ's Wholesale is Ready for the Holidays! Are You?

Another holiday season is upon us. Lots of things to buy and cook and decorate. At BJ’s Wholesale, you’ll find great products for decorating, entertaining and, of course, gift-giving. You’ll also see and taste some of their high-quality groceries including delicious appetizers, fresh prepared foods and decadent desserts!

BJ’s Wholesale Club is a one-stop shopping destination for name brand, high- quality food and merchandise at prices that are significantly lower than supermarkets, supercenters, department stores, drug stores and specialty retail stores. They have a little of everything for everyone on your list!

Looking for the new Keurig 2.0 for your Mother in Law? BJ’s has it for 129.99 and it includes a bundle of coffees to get her started!Buying in bulk may seem hard to get used to but BJ’s makes it easy on you and you’re wallet! The Jawbone UP for your active uncle? BJ’s has it for $49.99! EOS lipbalm as a treat for all your hard work? They have a 4 pack for $9.99! Or maybe you're looking to replace your girlfriend's DSLR you got run over in her friends driveway? BJ's has the Canon she wants for $799. Just sayin'.

BJ’s is one of the lowest cost operators in the retail industry which means BJ’s is able to pass the savings onto its Members in the form of lower prices for lots of reasons including:

· BJ’s is extremely efficient in shipping and handling goods
· BJ’s does not have expensive displays, fancy buildings, or high advertising costs
· BJ’s annual membership fee also helps eliminate factoring operating costs into pricing
· With such a large committed base of loyal Members, BJ’s merchandising team is able to negotiate with vendors to bring Members the consistent value
· BJ's carries the most product variety of any other wholesale club with more than 7,500 items, including smaller packaged staples in addition to bulk sizes
· BJ's is the only wholesale club to accept all manufacturers' coupons in addition to in-club coupons and for greater convenience, offers the most payment options including Apple Pay and EBT.
Want to check it out before you buy a membership? No worries! Just click the link below and head over to print your free pass! Just in time for the holidays!

Headquartered in Westborough, Massachusetts, BJ's is a leading operator of warehouse clubs in the eastern U.S., currently with 206 clubs and 119 gas stations in 15 states. Learn more and shop online at www.BJs.com, and for exclusive content visit  www.Facebook.com/bjswholesaleclubwww.Twitter.com/bjswholesale and http://www.pinterest.com/bjswholesale

*I was invited to join BJ's for a special inside peek at their holiday offerings and provided compensation in exchange for this promotion but all opinions are my own!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dollar Store DIY: Winter Globes

'Tis the season! The season where many of us decorate our houses to the T. Making sure every area of our hoes looks like Christmas exploded all over them. Or maybe that’s just us. I have spent the last several years gathering the sparkly Christmas goods at all of the January sales and getting together my crafty sense to make my house look like I have always wanted to but have never been able to afford to. Lucky for me Michael shares my affinity for the Christmassy cheer. In fact, he may even be part Griswold.

The only thing that is a stumbling block for me is that I am crazy cheap. I love to go into the Crate and Barrels and the Pier Ones and ogle all of their brightly colored wreaths and d├ęcor but I also mostly only go there to get ideas.
This is this year’s craft for me brought to you none other than my local dollar store. I had seen this project on Pinterest awhile back but it didn’t exactly suit my style. A little too fancy schmancy not enough country/ lazy charm. So, when the dollar store by my house started getting out the Christmas decorations, I decided to check and see if they had anything more my style. It was the little plaster tree with the Cardinals on it that caught my eye first. Then the little snowman and people.

The next stop was the glass vases. They didn’t have the three different sizes I was looking for, so I went with two of the large vases and a pint beer glass I found with the other glassware. I tried it out in the store and was able to achieve the 3 level look I was going for by using the two candle sticks underneath one of the large vases and the beer glass. You will need to use the magical glue called E6000 to secure the vases to the candle holders. It will make a clear, sturdy base for whatever your decide to put in your vases. If you have never used this glue, be careful. Its very stringy and stick anything to everything.

After the glass pieces had dried, it was as easy as putting the snowflakes into the vases at the levels I wanted and putting in the little plaster figures. I did have to tamp down the snow a few times to make sure they stayed at the right level as it settled too but that is kind of to be expected for plastic snow I guess. The original post had lights in the bottom to make them fancy but I have a thing about glowing snow. If its glowing, I assume there is a source of light making it glow and if its lighting, its heating. Which melts snow. Technicalities aside, it did make it fancy so if that’s your thing, you can get battery powered LED lights at the dollar store too.

Overall, I am excited with how they turned out! They are a cute little addition to the weird mirrored shelf that came with my house at least. This whole project cost me a grand total of$9 which is a win in my book.

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