Saturday, October 31, 2009

Who am I?

I guess I should introduce myself. I am Amy. I have two little boys, D who is 2 years old and K who is only 6 weeks old at the moment. I am the wife of T, my soul mate, for the last five years. We live in a little town just north of Atlanta called Woodstock. I have lived in lots of different places around the US but I must say the place I pine for is Texas. Gorgeous sights, nice people, great weather. Someday I will get back there.

My husband was born in Denmark (country not city). He came to the US with his mother in 1989 when she married his stepfather. He has lived in and barely left Georgia ever since. We are definitely two of a kind. I am the outgoing Gemini that knows what she wants and how to get it and he is the peaceful Virgo. My sons are also both Virgos which puts me in the perfect princess position in my house. Fine with me.

D is my wild man. He loves to dance and play. He is a climber and will absolutely scare the crap out of you given a few unattended seconds and anything he can get a hold on. He has always been the entertainer type. He loves for people talk to him and watch him in his silliness. Very much the social butterfly. He is in preschool two days a week and while he enjoys going, he also seems bored with it. Being the oldest can do that I suppose.

K is just a little guy. He is much more serious so far than D wad as an infant. He still smiles a lot but he makes you work harder for it! He loves to observe, mostly from our chests or other snuggly position. He loves to sleep which is FABULOUS. I am looking forward to watching his little personality develop.

We are one an AP family. We are total lactivists (yes WE). Don't ask my opinion on infant formula unless you want and earful. I do realize it has its place unfortunately that is not how it is commonly used. We believe in the power of babywearing. I wear my baby and my toddler; sometimes at the same time. T has back problems that prevent him from wearing for long periods but he does sometimes. We are totally against letting our children "cry it out" or hitting a child in any manner. Thats just he way we run our home. I understand that people have to do things in the ways that work for them but there are somethings I will just never understand. Nobodys perfect I suppose.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Render Me Mama

I am a married mother of two young boys. I spend my days chasing, cooking, feeding, cleaning, changing, kissing, disciplining, budgeting, shopping, giving, taking, compromising, running, debating, listening, talking, driving, playing, protecting, wiping, choosing, coloring, laundering, leading, following, teaching, tucking in, diapering, dressing, encouraging, discouraging, and loving. These are just some of the things that render me mama.

Render (rehn dEr): 1. to cause to be or become; make.


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