Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Almost Two

In seven days, my little monster turns two. Seven days. Two. I am so not ready for that its absurd. For some reason I am having a harder time with him turning two than D turning four the next day. I suppose its probably mostly because of the milestone. They change so much between two and three. So much its indescribable and painful to think about. From baby to kid. Almost more profound somehow than it was from one to two but not quite as much so from birth to one, if that makes sense.

Not that its a bad change. Its just a big one. He is learning so much about his independence and how to make the world his own where before, he took my word for it.

"That giraffe is yellow and brown? Okay Mama, you know best."

Turns to:

"Um, are you sure about that, Mama? I think its green. Yep, its green. Everything is green 'cause its my favorite."

Any attempts to make that green giraffe yellow only ensues in an argument that neither of you is going to win.

  (Turn your speakers down...)

He is soaking up the world around them. He has mastered the walking thing. The running thing is hilarious to watch because mostly, his little shorty legs aren't really moving any faster, just his arms. He asks a million questions and has a million demands. Each one of them infinitely more adorable than the last. He is learning all his new things that little kids know but he is only going to share them with you if he darn well feels like it. He is also open to pretending to forget things he has know for months in favor of learning something new. After all, what are you gonna do?

Thing is, he still finds ways to make my heart smile. The exploring, oh the exploring. He is into everything. Animals, cars, nature, the fridge. Nothing is out of reach for K right now. If he wants something, he goes for it. Not that he always gets it but he is going to try damn it and you can't stop him. That kind of never quit attitude, he gets from his mama. Nothing is out of reach if we want it bad enough. Him and me? We are banditos.

Another part of that though, is you can't make him do something he doesn't want. You can't convince him he needs to do something he doesn't want to do. No amount of coaxing or promising is going to make him enjoy something he so clearly does not care for.

He is all about learning his boundaries. For all his scaredy chicken like tendencies, he will stand up to the biggest kid on the playground if they try to mess with him or his brother. Good but he is constantly learning that sometimes its not necessary to tackle that kid because he shoved your brother. Mama is there and is going to handle it. Speaking of tackling, he may only hit his brother about the shoulders but rest assured, he can pin him to the floor. Its fun to watch and honestly, sometimes D desrves it. Of course K would never hurt him brother but he definitely gets a certain sense of satisfaction from getting one up on his big bro from time to time.

All in all, almost two can be really fun. It can also be really scary. For me that is. He doesn't know whats coming. Still, there is so much awesome surrounding him being this age. I just don't like the thought of my baby growing up. He is getting so big so fast. In all his chunk, he is starting to look like a bigger kid. I love him so stinking much, I just want him (and his brother) to stay little forever. There are times when I miss the snuggly newborn stage that I love so much but then they do something even more awesome and I realize I no longer have to take diapers with me anywhere and all is well.

more days. Seven more days...


  1. oh my gosh I laughed so hard through the entire video of Monster's epic yogurt meltdown. ahahaha. you know I laugh because that is my future. lol Do you remember what started that meltdown? I bet it was something awesome! lol

  2. @Nicole Wrong flavor yogurt... My little hulk baby!


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