Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12th

September 11th will always have a place in every heart that watched those towers fall. That sat glued to the television or made frantic calls to loved ones. We walked away from that day ten years ago with a myriad of feelings from regrets to loss. Our eyes opened to the reality of a hatred  towards us as a people and a struggle to understand what went wrong. Those images, both horrific and inspiring, are burned in to our minds in a way that we will never be able to turn a blind eye. Its our job to pass down the lessons to our children and to our children's children. Its our job to never forget and never let those feeling and lessons go. To do everything in our power to remind ourselves and the world that we are not invincible. Both as a nation and individually. We stand united but nothing is ever perfect.

Ten years ago today, America woke up a new nation. After the carnage and disassembled reality we had face the previous morning, we had literally changed in a day. We woke up still stunned but more determined. Determined to fight back and grow stronger. To understand what happened and rebuild what we had lost. Both in community and is physical space. We lost our naivety that we were untouchable. Our safe haven had become the war zone. Almost over night, America grew up.
This year, I challenge you to start anew on September 12th. Just like we did ten years ago. There are so many things to be thankful for. Look for those things. Cherish them. Love them. Make it your duty to shine that love and appreciation to the world. Look for them over the past ten years. Over the last year. The last ten minutes.  They are there and they are begging for your attention. Those things that we are thankful for, that have made us stronger in a time of disarray, are what we need to focus on now.

The love we felt in the weeks following the 9/11 attacks for family, neighbors and public servants still needs us to acknowledge it to stay strong. To keep us moving forward as a nation and not fall back into the complacency and stride that was used against us. So there again lies a challenge. Love other people with your whole heart

All people. That guy that cut you off? The kids that are driving you crazy? The police officer that wrote you the ticket you didn't think you deserved? They are all people that deserve your love and your respect. You don't always know the whole story and you don't always need to. Our perspective needs to be one of patience, forgiveness and tolerance of other beliefs. Its the foundation for what makes us so great. 

Some of the things that I am thankful for include my children, my husband and having a family that undoubtedly loves me. Being able to see past the tantrums my kids throw in the store to the little soul inside that is struggling to assert itself and being able to love it even more fiercely than before.  Being #FuriouslHappy. Taking cupcakes to the local fire department last year just because. That is something the world should be jealous of. Something that is worth the world's attention instead of the dark secrets that seem to be the big news of the day. We need to shift the focus of the world in order to grow stronger.

Its time to take a stand. A stand against hatred and misunderstanding. What better time to start than now? What are some things that you want the world to see? Things that make you happy, that make you love, that make you want to sing the praises of out loud?

*If you are looking for my 9/11 story, you can find it here.

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