Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Perfect Monster

K baby,

Today you turn two years old. Two. That still just doesn't seem possible to me. It was the day before your brother's second birthday and I couldn't help but freak out just a little about how all of our lives was about to change. I guess now I know that sometimes change can be pretty freaking awesome. Of course all I have to do is listen to you talk or hear you say "I wub you mama" to know that time is passing way too quickly. When we first met, I was in a slight state of shock. Shocked at your birth, shocked at your hair quantity, shocked at just how perfect and beautiful you were.

In fact, I've pretty much stayed there.There has not been a day go by where I wasn't just amazed at something you have done or said. Something you noticed that no one else did. The way you never forget a face or a story or a song. Shocked at your unwavering opinion of life and how it should most definitely revolve around you. Your personality has really come out to play in the last year. I always describe you as a big personality in a small package. You don't "kind of" do anything. Everything is big and loud and flashy and dangerous! You are a dynamo kid. You have an opinion and people are going to listen.  If you want banana yogurt and I dare try to give you blueberry, the world might as well just end right there. Ever the hulk baby you can turn on that hulk rage quicker than any one else can figure out whats wrong.

For all your drama, you show the same intensity when you love. Baby, I have never met a more loving, kind, genuinely sweet little person. You love with you your whole body. With your arms stretched out to who ever looks like they will hug you first. Your kisses are just as intense but come with more rules. You must kiss people on the mouth and will maneuver their faces to make it so. You must also make eye contact even if means crossing your eyes to do so. Oh and they are going to kiss you. Right on the lips and my eyes are right here if you please. Even if you don't. No choice really.

PhotobucketYou are a man on the move. Always chasing some thing or some one. Always in on the action even if you are too scared to participate. You know your limits and you won't be made to push them. I am sad to say though, that this past summer you had the families first set of stitches. I always thought that D would be the first one but you some how managed to hit your face just right. Its funny too because you always hit right on the same spot on your head. I swear that is the only place you have ever had a bruise. Right above your left eye.

Sometimes, you love to snuggle up close and just be. I love that. Those evenings where we just sit on the couch and read books or when we are at the park and you come running with your arms up and melt into my shoulder. Your brother does that rarely but you do it daily. Much more chill than him in some ways but much more intense in others.

Speaking of your brother, he is still your idol. Probably even more so than he ever has been. You two really are the best of friends. First thing in the morning, when I pick you up out of bed, you wiggle down and run to your big brother arms stretched out yelling "Bruba! Mornin Bruba! You sleep good?". You two wrap your arms around each other and kiss like you haven't seen each other in months. Then you two run off and start your day's adventure together. Some days you play the leader and D plays your games and some days its reversed and you try to play his games. He is so patient with you and always makes sure to include you. I hope that never changes.

Your favorite food right now is what ever you are given. You can eat more than any little kid I have ever seen. Its almost comical. You have a big mouth and have absolutely no qualms about stuffing your whole dinner in there and then stealing your brothers plate when he isn't looking. Hilarity usually ensues but you always have to try it.

You love to read books, all books, even the ones you don't have any clue what they are about. Your favorite though is either the book Guess How Much I Love You or the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Those are the ones you always look for in your mound of books. If you can't find someone to read them to you, you can always just find a quiet place on the couch or the floor and spend awhile reading them to yourself. Your favorite though is when your brother reads to you. I have to admit, it makes me so happy to watch too.

Last night, when I went to tuck you into bed, I couldn't help but get all emotional. I was reading you your books and thinking about how big you have gotten and thinking about the past two years. I got all teary eyed and my voice cracked while I was reading one of the pages. You immediately rolled around to face me in my lap, took my face in your hands and said "What wrong Mama? I wub you." Kissed me on the lips and sank down into my shoulder. Of course that didn't help my tears dry up any but it did help in a way that only a parent can describe. You love me. You love me unconditionally and that is some serious stuff. 

As you drifted off to sleep in my lap, for the first time since you were teeny, I couldn't help but be struck by how big you seemed. Your limbs are getting longer and your features are more proportionate to your big ol head.. You are shaped more like a person than you were even a few months ago.

I love you so much my monster. I am so proud of the little fellow you are becoming. You amaze me every day and every day I love you more. Even when I think its just not possible, you always have a way of making my heart smile in a new way. Dynamo, yo.

I love you to the moon and back,


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