Monday, February 22, 2010

Potty Learning

I avoided this for a long time. I would pass the underwear in the store and shudder. I had heard so many horror stories about trying to potty train boys. About how much harder they were than girls and how boys buck at the process and so on. I avoided it, dreaded it, even cried about it once. I have a little baby too, how on earth was D ever going to get it? He is still a baby to me too!

I have to say though, we went for it one day out of the blue. He has always followed me to the bathroom but this time he pointed and said "I turn" when I got up. So, I let him. He sat there for a few minutes and we just talked and sang a couple of finger songs he knew. After that, everytime I went, he "went". Then one day, he WENT. He got excited, I screamed and cried. It was a happy occasion. The kind we make a call to daddy for. He tried so hard for a few days after to repeat the performance but just couldn't figure it out. Then, he did it again. We partied. Next time, he did it again. We partied. We went and bought underwear and partied. Ever since that he has been so awesome at going pee on the potty. He has learned to hold it pretty well and has very few accidents. He is even doing great with the poo process. He knows he needs to go and runs in but sometimes he doesn't quite make it. He stays in underwear most of the time except for nap and bedtime.

My problem now though is that I am scared to take him out of the house in underwear. Call me crazy. Go ahead. I am though. He does good out of the house staying dry but if I take him to a public restroom, its like he freezes up. Get scared maybe but he won't go. So he holds it and holds it until he goes in what he has on. I bought some pull ups today that hopefully will help both of us be more comfortable. I think he is partly feeding off my scaredy cat-ness. I just don't want to be out, him need to go and not make it to the bathroom in time. Plus, I am a total germaphobe.

So, thats how it turns out. It has been so much easier than I had feared so far. Here's hoping it continues!

*I hope I am not jinxing anything by posting this. Its actually been on draft for almost a month (since 1/29) because I have been worried about it. Still not out of pullups in public but the poo factor has gotten better (save the undiewear flushing) and he is having less and less accidents! Keep fingers crossed it keeps up!

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  1. Yeah go D!!!! JaMonkey goes in the morning. I don't think they are asking her at school :( But yesterday we were getting ready to leave and she disappeared, I found her trying so hard to get her diaper off and sit on the potty. I tried to help but she went before I got her diaper off! Poor girl! She's trying though


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