Wednesday, February 3, 2010


*WARNING~ Rambly, unprocessed thoughts ahead.*

Just been a blah kind of week. Not bad, not good. Just blah. We are STILL trying to get things finalized with a "new" car. Thinking we may have to take our business else where which is far from ideal but this is taking way too long. Thing is, the one we are looking at has more features than we could otherwise afford but its almost to the point where I just can't care anymore. I am not a very good homebody. My neck still hurts too. Not as bad maybe but I am definitely going to have to see another doctor. Hoping to get in to see a chiro tomorrow or the next day. Maybe not tomorrow due to some shenanigans T planned that I can't talk about right now (more later). My knee is still black too but it isn't hurting anymore outside the bruise. It just looks awful. The new car seats came in today though and man are they heavy duty. I am still debating with myself on turning D back rear facing or just continuing with forward facing since he has been that way so long. The new seat RF until 45 pounds and it IS safer to keep them RF as long as possible but I think he may balk plus he did great in the other accident FF.

Today the boys and I walked down to Target while T was working. It was really nice to just get out of the house and the walk really is pretty nice. I used to walk down there and back a lot when D was young and then again when I was pregnant with K. It helped that the weather was so nice though. It has been so rainy and icky around here lately that its been taking a toll on me I think. It was nice to get out and stretch my legs and lungs in the sun for a bit. I think the boys enjoyed it muchly also. They both crashed when we got home though. Naps were overdue.

My D is getting too big too fast.They did his preschool evaluation last week and it made me cry. Ok, more like sob. In a good way. He is smart. Apparently pretty darn smart. He is above and beyond his age group in all of the areas they tested except in being able to kick a ball. He still stops to kick and then runs instead of kicking while running. Clumsy like his mama, I'd rather him do it that way. I was sitting with T last night and we were talking about D and how much he has freaking grown up recently. Like, with in this week he has started saying big words and using big sentences. Like a real kid, not a baby anymore. It makes me sad that he is growing so fast but I do have to admit that its fun having "conversations" with him. He has always had a really good sense of reason and its fun to hear out loud now. He thinks out loud and plays out loud which makes for some serious mommy giggles. The potty thing is going good. He goes pretty much every time at home but I am too much of a chicken to take him out of the house in underwear. The potty here is not far from anywhere in our house but if we go out, I have to not stray too far so he won't piss himself in public. Someday, just not today. He is also learning to work his charm on me again. He went through that unreasonable toddler stage where he refused to say words even though he knew how and every thing was a tantrum but recently he has been a lot calmer. More mature I guess is the term. He is more likely to just say "AWWW man" when he doesn't get something instead of the royal tantrum that would have followed two months ago. Not to say that it doesn't sometimes still happen, but its a lot less often.

Little K monster is getting big too. Its not fair I tell you! I am one of the rare few that actually loves newborns. All the crying and the snuggling and marathon nursing stuff never really bothered me. K has continued to be my needy little guy but its so worth it. D has always been a kid on the move. He did and still will curl up in my lap and snuggle if he is really tired but K will snuggle 24/7 if you let him. Like, quality all up against your neck snuggles. He likes to sleep all curled up in the fetal position between my boobies too which I absolutely ADORE. He is just such a little rolly polly monkey. His favorite thing right now is a glo worm that used to belong to D. He will lay there and talk to it and touch it and talk to it for the longest. Which is saying something because he has officially hit that 4-6 month super short attention span age. He will play with or in something for about ten minutes and then its time for something new and he lets you know in no uncertain terms its TIME for something NEW. He also ended up with my babies first double ear infection last week. Nothing a little garlic oil couldn't fix but it surprised me. He had been fussy but it didn't really register I guess. D has never had an ear infection at all but T had them really bad as a child. He ended up hospitalized to get them fixed but he still has issues with them. K goes back next Friday to get them rechecked.

Last night at dinner we were talking vacations. Scary thought to me but its way overdue. I miss the beach. We haven't been on vacation of any magnitude since D was born. We had planned to go in March of 2009 but I was pregnant with K and just didn't feel like being out of town. I just hate all the details. Finding hotels and things to do and planning meals and gas and all the crap that goes along with being an adult on vacation. I am excited to see what D thinks about the beach though. It could go either way. He isn't real crazy about being dirty. I don't think K is going to care either way though so thats good. Now just to figure out where we are going.

So thats the story. As of right now anyway. It all changes pretty freaking quick sometimes. Not to get ready for shenanigans that I can't talk about yet. Suffice it to say, I may just freak out and die.

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    I'm actually pretty good at it. And ah. I has a beach AND a city and can save you some money on a hotel...


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