Friday, December 18, 2009

My son the klepto

D goes to preschool. Two days a week for four hours. He absolutely loves going and loves his teachers. Apparently he also loves the toys seeing as how he snuck out with three of them in his diaper today. I learned this when, at lunch, he was been a pill so I decided to check and see if he had a stinky diaper. When I looked down the back of his diaper here is what I saw...

(Click to enlarge)

Whats that you say? Its a Hot Wheels car. In his butt crack. So we had a good laugh about it and finished our lunch. When we started to leave I started to smell that stinky that i had gone looking for earlier so I send T and D to the bathroom to clean up while I paid the check. About five minutes later they came back to the table and T plopped a plastic banana and a small dollhouse potty down on the table.

"Guess where I found those."

"Um, the bath room?"

"Nope. Under your son's nuts."

Guess I know why is was so cranky now...

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