Sunday, November 1, 2009

My man

My husband was born in Denmark (country not city). He came to the US with his mother in 1989 when she married his stepfather. He has lived in and barely left Georgia ever since. T had a hard life as a child. When he was very young, his mother was struggling with raising three boys on her own. When she met and married T's stepfather they moved back to the United States with T and his older brother G. They spoke no English.

 I met T in 2001 when we worked together at a local restaurant. He was actually the one that was there when I picked up my application. He would tell you he knew right then he was going to marry me.  I think he is full of it. Anyway, we worked and flirted together until the fall of that year when he took a job at a different restaurant. We would see each other here and there when he would come in to eat or something like that but when I quit, I figured I would never see him again. However, about a year later he moved into the same apartment complex as my father. I ended up inviting him to go to New Orleans with a couple of friends and me and he accepted. We went on our first date three days after I asked him to go with us and I moved in with him less than a week later. We went to New Orleans the next week and A month after that we were engaged to be married. We had a beautiful outdoor wedding the next September surrounded by about 120 of our closest friends and family.

We decided to wait to start trying to have children for three years when we first got together but it only ended up being a little more than two when we conceived D. He was born three days before our third anniversary. On our fourth anniversary we decided to wait another year to start trying for a second baby. We had always toyed with the ideal that we wanted our babies about three to four years apart. Three months later we found out we were expecting K. He was born four days before our fifth anniversary. September is an eventful month for us.

We have not seriously discussed having another baby even though I am not sure I am done with having babies. I do think that if we have another baby, I wish for two things. First, I would love to have another boy. A girl would be good too but I really do love having boys. Second, I want him/ her to share in the September tradition. So be it two or ten years down the road, if we have another, those are my wishes.

My husband is a saint. He puts up with me, he puts up with my shenanigans, he is patient and loving and kind and everything you could ever wish for and he is an even better daddy. So, even if I rag on him sometimes, just know that I do love him and appreciate him. Any smack talk will be rightly smited.

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