Sunday, November 1, 2009

Two things

I went to lunch with the family today and two things occurred to me:

1. Its November. NOVEMBER?! Where did October go? I remember someone mentioning some pumpkins and candy in passing but otherwise I have no idea what happened to that entire month. My newborn will be 7 weeks old tomorrow. That totally doesn't seem possible. I just had his one month appointment, what, two days ago? Oh, two weeks ago? Shit. Before I know it December will be here and that brings a whole different season! I love fall and I don't ever want it to end but somehow it always passes so quickly. Maybe because our entire month of September is spent celebrating. T, D and K's birthdays are all in September. So is our wedding anniversary. The boys birthdays and our anniversary are within 4 days of each other. Nice planning right? So, anyway, by the time October gets here we "rest" and go to fall festivals every weekend. By the time November gets here, its time to get ready for the holidays and all that insanity. Wow. I am panicked just thinking about it.

2. I went to the salad bar and was standing behind a lady, waiting to get my baked potato, who was very largely pregnant. She was gleefully chatting to the woman next to her about all the things they had just registered for and how excited she was. A bundle of excited energy. I had a flash back to my pregnancies. I liked being pregnant. I was GOOD at it. I deal well with morning sickness. It never bothered me like it does some people. It actually made me happy to have it both times. Made me feel like I was doing it right. I grew big, round bellies and big, healthy babies. The kind of belly you can't mistake for fat. I am tall so it didn't affect me like it does some women. I never really had any bad issues during pregnancy. I just didn't get all physically miserable like most women complain about. I know some people would just say "Oh, you've just forgotten" but I haven't. Its not even been two months (November?). I actually got misty thinking I might never have another baby.

T and I have always said two. Just two. Two felt right somehow. Two hands, two kids. Two parents, two kids. It makes sense. So why all of a sudden the yearn for more? My littlest one is just almost 7 weeks old (NOVEMBER?!). Is it my narcissistic side that wants the attention? Is it the fear of closing a chapter of my life that is so essential to a woman's life? Or is it that maybe I was wrong with the two thinking? Is two complete for my family? I guess only time will tell at this point. Maybe its just hormones. Maybe it was one of those fleeting emotions that I will think about in a few months and say "what was I thinking?". Only time will tell, but I think I know the answer in the long run.

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  1. Take some time and enjoy being a mommy. You'll find those skills at being pregnant are relevant.


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