Sunday, December 13, 2009

The pictures that make me misty (so far)

I think everyone has those pictures, those moments frozen in time that they have special attachments to. The memories connected with those pictures can stir an array of emotions. Love, sadness, happiness or even just nostalgia. They are usually connected with life events or people that they are dear to them. Sometimes both. 

Like this one. This is shortly after I gave birth to my first son, D. Maybe an hour later. Our first family picture if you will. There are so many emotions tied to this picture. Disbelief, love, comfort, fear. I remember him fussing and them bringing him over to me all swaddled up after his newborn exam. As soon as they layed him down on me and he heard my voice he got quiet and just looked at me. So quiet, so alert.

Or this one,  about 8 months later. Nursing on Mother's day. D had the habit of reaching up and patting my cheek when he was nursing. It was always so sweet. One of my very favorite things about nursing him.
 Then there is this one. This it T and K. K spent some time in the NICU when he was born from a complication of being born so quickly and this is one of the pictures I took once we got transferred to the level II unit from the level III where we were allowed to actually take pictures. The emotion in this one is pretty clear. T has always been pretty emotional but in this moment he was overcome. Its a scary thing to think back on but I just can't look away from this picture. Its too raw still I suppose.

These are far from the only ones that hold an emotion. Just a selection because I am pretty sure the general internets aren't as invested as I am. I know there will be so many more as the boys grow and we grow as a family. Maybe even some that will replace these. Its all about preserving the journey so we can remember how we got there.

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