Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A day in the life

7:00am~ T gets up to go to work. His alarm wakes me up every morning but doesn't seem to phase him. I roll over and go back to sleep after elbowing him until he gets up.

7:45am~ T wakes me up and kisses me good bye. I attempt to go back to sleep. Sometimes it works, others not so much.

8:30am~ Alright, alright world. I'm UP. I either get up and start some coffee or take a shower or just lay in bed and catch up on Facebook and such on my phone.

9:30am~ The boys wake up. Usually K first so I change and nurse him and he either falls asleep in our bed or I put him back in his bassinet. Then I get D out of his room if he is awake but sometimes he wakes up a little later or wants to play in his room for a bit. I change his diaper and usually his clothes unless I know we are just hanging around the house.

10:15ish am~ Breakfast time for D and I. I usually eat something hot like oatmeal or eggs but he prefers cereal or yogurt. After breakfast we usually just play around the house or get out and run errands. Errands are.. and adventure to say the least. The boys are both well behaved but just the simple act of getting both of them clean, dressed and in their car seats at once is quite the feat.

10:45am~ I start a load of laundry. Thats right. Everyday, I start at least one load at the same time. Don't knock it till you've tried it. 

12:30pm~ K wakes up. I change his diaper and  he nurses. He usually likes to snuggle for a bit after this feeding. FINE with me. I also usually change D's diaper just for good measure.

1:00pm~ Lunch time! We eat out more than we should but a lot of the time its because we are meeting T so the boys actually get to SEE him that day. Otherwise he is home during nap and they are in bed by the time he gets home.

2:15pm~ D's naptime starts on a good day. Otherwise its closer to 3:00. Change the diaper, read books, snuggle, g'night.

2:30pm~ I put the load from the washer to the dryer if I haven't already and start another load. This one is built in too unless we are out and about. Then it gets moved to after K goes down for a nap.

3:00pm~ K nurses again, gets his diaper changed, then gets swaddled up and goes down for his big nap of the nap. I usually try to catch up on reading my blog roll or chat with friends or take a nap while they are both asleep. Who am I kidding, I almost always nap.

6:00pm~ D wakes up, we change his diaper. Sometimes its a little earlier but its rare. We usually spend awhile snuggling and watching a little TV. Maybe a snack.

6:30pm~ Laundry again. Move load, start load.

7:00pm~ K wakes up, we change HIS diaper. He nurses and then he plays and kicks and does all the cute baby things that... well, babys do. Sometimes we get out and run some errands or visit with family. Its too dark this time of year to go to the park this late.

8:15pm~ Dinner time! If T is home we try to eat at the dinner table. Doesn't always work out that way because we are a pretty lazy/ relaxed kind of family. Usually K likes to nurse while we eat too. Not sure whats up with that. He doesn't actually like to EAT. Just nurse. Like he thinks he is participating somehow...

9:00pm~ D's tub time. He LOVES his tubby. Obviously his diaper is changed.

9:15pm~ D's bedtime. We read him books and snuggle and then its lights out. We just recently moved him to his big boy bed in his new room and I think he sleeps better in there than he did in his crib. Which is saying something because he has always slept amazingly well. After he is tucked in I move the last load of laundry to the dryer and get the washer empty for the next morning.

9:30pm~ K nurses again but this time he actually gets excited about it. He is hungry this time.

9:45pm~ K's tubby time. He tubs with either T or I for now. He is too little to sit in the water by himself or with his brother so its tons easier to tub with him. Plus, naked bonding time is good for babies. If its me tubbing him, he usually tries to nurse again, probably out of proximity.

10:00pm~ K nurses and is swaddled. Snuggles and kisses and then he is out for the night. (I know, I'm SO lucky.)

11:00pm~ If T worked his second job, he comes home about now. He is usually exhausted and hungry. He is my trooper. <3 We catch up on our days and make plans for the next. I catch up on blogging or boards or whatever and he doses in the recliner.

12:30ish am~ We head to bed ourselves. I think we say everynight we should head that way earlier but in all truth, its our down time together. We usually try to pick up a little and start the dishwasher and finish any laundry stuff that didn't get moved.

1:00am~ We actually make it to bed and go to sleep. 

Of course this doesn't even mention the 14 times* a day my phone rings. It doesn't mention playdates and such either but for the most part this is what we do. Every day. Rain or shine.

*- Average. Yes, I averaged it. Its insane how much my phone rings in the basic 12 hours of our "day". Whats even crazier is, none of them are business or collection calls. 

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