Friday, December 4, 2009


So, I posted the other day about getting ready for the holidays and wanting to try some new things this year. Then the same friend I mentioned in that post challenged me to post one of them so of course I have to now.

I think my favorite tradition from my childhood was always opening a present on Christmas Eve which was always pajamas. Usually my sister and I got matching jammies so we would look cute in the Christmas morning photos. This is definitely something that I am continuing with my boys but they aren't waiting until the eve. They have been wearing them since Thanksgiving night instead because I wanted them to get some wear out of them. I haven't actually put them on them at the same time yet though. I know for sure they will both wear them Christmas Eve night though.

Our family also follows the Danish tradition of opening our presents to each other on Christmas Eve instead of Christmas Day. T and I started doing this our first Christmas together and have continued since we had kids. I kind of go back and forth on this one but its important to T so we continue to do it. Santa still comes on Christmas day though. That is something I absolutely will not waver on. Mostly because I don't want them to get older and wonder why their Santa comes before everyone else's Santa. Awkward! I would really like to maybe do one gift on the Eve and the rest on the Day though so we might try that out this year.

Another tradition is that we always spend one night driving around town, looking at lights and drinking hot cocoa. Simple but fun. D loves to see all the different lights and I am looking forward to K being old enough to really "see" it too. There is just nothing better than the life and wonder in a child's eyes this time of year and to get to spend that time together and see them so excited is just absolutely priceless. I would definitely recommend it to all parents.

So thats a few of ours. I would love to hear a few of yours if you feel like sharing. Still working on coming up with some new ones to try out this year. I'll keep you updated on how and IF that all works out.

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