Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to all!

I hope everyone has had a very merry day! We have had a couple. Hence the non posting (sorry!). So here goes what we've been up to... Bear with me.

Christmas eve morning we woke up and I nursed K in our room while T cooked us all a beautiful breakfast of eggs, bacon, hot chocolate and toast and D slept a little more. D woke up right as breakfast was finished so we got him up and changed and ate our breakfast. After we had cleaned up we opened our presents as a family around our tree with the TV fireplace on (shut it, better than nothing and cheaper than a real one). D was so excited about all the presents and had a blast just playing around in the floor in our living room going from toy to toy. We even did some finger painting and watercolor painting with his new art stuff. After awhile we ate a quick lunch and put him and Kai down for their nap a little early so we could make it to the town Christmas eve party.

While the boys napped T and I rushed around and got everything packed and in the car so we were ready to rush out when they got up. I ended up getting about an hours nap and woke up right when the town party was supposed to start. We decided to go ahead and try to make it down there for at least a few minutes even though we were late. We got the boys up and rushed out the door to make it to the celebration only about half an hour late. Not bad for us. It was a pretty neat little party. We ended up running into a girlfriend of mine and her family and got to visit with them for a few. They have a little boy a little bit younger than D and they were so excited to see each other. I had yet another person give me the grand inquisition about my wrap that i was wearing K in. Was able to give her the info to make her own though because she was concerned about the price of a new one. Then, I nursed K on a bench there in the park, listening to the band play Christmas music and it was so peaceful. My snuggley little monster all curled up into me and watching the two big boys play in the "snow" they had there. It was a quiet, peaceful kind of moment.

After we left there, we drove around town for a few minutes and looked at Christmas lights. It was nice but we were getting hungry so we went on ahead to T's parent's house. We had a good time there eating the traditional Danish Christmas feast and talking about various things with his family. We opened our presents and played with the boys. D was so excited about the presents and getting to see his Pawpaw and Grandma. By the time we had to leave, we were all exhausted. Fat and happy but exhausted.

We went to my mom's after that to sleep and wait for Santa. When we got to her house, D went pretty much straight to sleep. He was so tuckered out, the poor little thing. K just snuggled with his Aunti and his Nana while "Santa" set up all of the toys he was leaving for the boys. Santa doesn't wrap gifts around here, he just sets them up and leaves them. Then we wrap the gifts from us. Once that was done, we all attempted to go to sleep. K went right to sleep as usual. My mom, right to sleep. T and I? Went to sleep for about an hour and a half and then woke up on a flat air mattress on the floor. Not particularly ideal but we made it work. I really didn't sleep very much but by eight o'clock I was so excited for the boys that it didn't matter.

D got up about nine and we got K up too. D was so stinkin' excited when he saw all the toys gathered around the tree. First he saw the big dinosaur that was there and I thought he might just have a heart attack. He was SO excited. He ran straight to it and started petting it and turned it on. He played with that for a long time before he moved on to some of the other things. K really liked the puppy toy that Santa got him too. He layed and cooed at it for a while and then he tried out the jumperoo for a bit. He loved looking at the lights and listening to the music.  We just watched to boys play while mom cooked breakfast. After we had eaten we started on the wrapped gifts. D was so funny waiting while everyone opened their gifts. He would stand in from of them and watch but he really liked to be invited to help. He was so excited. I think he said more new words today then he ever has in one day before. He wasted no time either. As soon as one was open, he was on to the next. He was a present unwrapping pro.

We spent the rest of today napping and eating and playing and watching movies. We are home now and it is so wonderful to have spent some quality time with our families but I do have to say it feels good to know that we have no where to go in the morning. We were supposed to go to my dad's for Christmas but he is stuck in the mountains so we have to reschedule. So tomorrow D, K and I will all be hanging around the house, playing with our toys and chillin. Come on by if you are in the neighborhood. I'll have some nice hot chocolate for you.

I hope that everyone gets to experience Christmas through the eyes of a child. It really does make it even more magical. The whole season is more exciting, more joyous with little ones around. Merry Christmas to all of you and yours from all of us!

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