Monday, June 23, 2014

My Not So Little Monster

My little monster is getting way too big here lately. Yes, he will be 5 in less than 3 months but I never said he was allowed to grow up on me. All of a sudden he has gotten the big boy look. The big feet, the big hands, the definition in his legs. 

He has always had the big boy personality. Well, a big personality in general actually. He's out grown the sass that comes with turning four though. He is much more reasonable and definitely easing on the temper. Still working on the lying though. At least he's bad at it.

He has been a talker since birth (practically) and has no qualms about chatting up strangers. Thats where his huge personality really shines. He can carry on a conversation with anyone. He can also talk just about anything out of other kids and some adults. He's quite pursasive. My mother says he is going to make quite a senator some day. 

He is also losing a little of the clumsy that has kept him quite gravity aware for most of his life. He is getting strong and losing a little of the heft that gained him the nickname "hunky". He loves to wrestle and swim. Baby boy would live in the pool but he's not quite there with the swimming yet so he takes his trusty vest with him.

Of course he still loves to snuggle. He has always been the most physically affectionate little kid I've ever seen. He will hug, kiss, and snuggle anyone he thinks might need it. Even if they arent so sure they did. Especially from a pool wet kid. Still, hes a lover and a big time mamas boy.

My little goof is growing up. I am not ready for this. He is supposed to stay little. Both of them are. 

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