Friday, November 13, 2009

Things from my childhood

~Speak n Spell. Remember that mechanical voice that sounded slightly like a scary movie? I can still hear it...

~Strawberry Shortcake. The real one. She smelled so good. I wish they still made the dolls smell the same. Or made a candle that smell...

~Fraggle Rock. I remember having a nightmare about this show and I freaked out everytime it came on for about a month. Got over it though. It was too cool to not watch.

~Shining Time Station. I so wish this show still came on. D would LOVE it. Its the birthplace of Thomas the Train too which was lame then and still lame now.

~Fun dip. The stick is STILL the best part.

~Ferris Bueller. I think everyone that has ever been to high school has wished they could be that slick.

~ Snorks. Like the Smurfs. Only more F'ed up.

~ColecoVision. This game system was the predecessor to the Nintendo. Complete with humongous remote contraption and crazy simple games. You bet those games were hard at the time though. The Cabbage Patch Kids game rocked my little kid world.

~Highlights magazine. Mostly only saw this one in the school library and doctors office but I LOVED the Timbertoes cartoons. I still can't resist picking up the copies at my kids pediatrician and reading through it.

~Labyrinth. If you have never seen this movie, I highly suggest it. David Bowie and muppets? Can't beat it. My sister and I can both recite this movie by heart even still. Must have watched it 8 gagillion times by now.

~Hypercolor Tshirts. Only the coolest kids had these. They would change colors with heat. The only downfall was that biologically, there are certain places that generate heat naturally so, your arm pitts and back were generally always a different color than the rest of your shirt. That, and the fact that everyone wanted to "test" your shirt by blowing or rubbing on you... Not the best idea ever but certainly one of the neatest.

Leave your memories in the comment section!! Especially if there is one that you think I should have in the list!


  1. You left out Lassie. And Elvis. AND OMGWTFBBQ!!!11! You left out My Little Pony!?!

  2. Oh WOW... I *HATED* that show but you INSISTED we watched it. Stupid gnomes. Stupid woodland creatures.

    Here's a story for children, animals get HURT and there's no one to help them but GNOMES. (Who are real, we promise...)


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