Saturday, November 21, 2009


I have to admit it, I like this show. I like to watch the transformation these kids make. From terror to angel. I also like that Jo tends to use gentle discipline techniques over the more mainstream types of things like spanking. Its good for Americans to see that you don't need to hit or threaten your kid in order for them to listen. I am so tired of being out somewhere and seeing parents getting violent with their kids. I saw a lady smack her kid across the face in a store once and then threaten the kid to stop crying or she was going to do it again. Heck, I cry if you smack me and I probably have a better idea of why you did it than a little kid would. Boils my blood. More times than not they are just aching for your attention and most kids don't care if its negative attention as long as it works.

Not to say that my kids or I are angels either though. We all have those days where we wish that Jo would come in and rescue us I suppose.

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