Saturday, November 21, 2009


People told me before I gave birth to K that having two was going to be so different than having one and how difficult it was going to be. In a way I can definitely see that. Getting two ready to leave the house and run a quick errand? Takes twice as long. Seems like it makes sense right? Yeah, it does but its not something you can prepare for! You go from changing one diaper, grabbing the bag and going to having to coordinate two clean diapers at once, two happy kids, two car seat buckles, having a child in each hand/ arm and trying to stay sane. Don't even get me started on getting groceries with a child in the cart and another on your chest or in the bucket.

No one can prepare you for that! All of a sudden you find yourself taking shortcuts and letting things go that you never had to before. Things that you fretted about with your oldest no longer bother you that much. If the oldest is half an hour late to nap because you had to feed the little one? Oh well. Clean house? Suddenly has a whole different meaning. There are some new "rules" too. Like if one is cranky, they both must be. If one wakes up early, the other will sleep until the other gets quite so he can wake up the sleeping one.

In a way though, its a welcome chaos. At least for me. D and I would get bored when it was just me and him alot. We get out pretty much everyday to do something, even still, but now it just seems like our outings are more enjoyable. Our lives are fuller and more joyful. D loves to show his brother things even though K is still too young to understand. I enjoy having both of them to entertain me too. With one constantly needing something, I am always getting snuggles or kisses. Its a weird adjustment I guess but not one I would take back. I am lucky too that my boys sleep well and nap at the same times for the most part. Their schedules are very well timed. There are days when things are more hectic than others but those are getting fewer and further between as K gets older so there is hope yet that maybe we can eliminate them all together.

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