Sunday, November 22, 2009

So not ready

D is spending his second night in his big boy bed tonight. We have been giving him a choice where he slept for the last few nights and tonight he chose the bed instead of the crib. I am so not ready to have a "big boy". I guess maybe it goes back to the denial that he is two. Or maybe I am just not ready for him to be that independent.

Its something you think you want for your child to be until they start asserting themselves and then you want to take it back. I love that he is independent about some things. Like picking out his clothes. Makes my morning easier. Sometimes he needs a little "matching guidence" but for the most part its jeans and a tshirt so not too bad. Wanting to walk across the street and not hold mommy's hand? Not a good independence and not one he will win anytime in the next century or so. Ok, at least few years.

The bed thing though, that really tears at a momma's heartstrings. Its the realization, I guess, that he really isn't a baby anymore. He is a little man! Just another one of those unfair but necessary adjustments that parents go through that little kids don't even realize its a big deal.

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