Monday, November 9, 2009


I went into the hospital two days before D turned two to have K. I had K the day before D's second birthday. My boys are literally 19 hours short of being exactly two years apart. The result of this besides the obvious is me being in total denial about D being two. I was in the hospital on D's second birthday and while he came and visited me there, it has totally kept me from coming to terms with him being that old.

It sounds silly but I think it has interfered with me being able to let him BE two. He is testing his independence and learning about himself and I am trying to keep him my little toddler forever. Hence the battle of wills we have been in the last month. Once it clicked with me why we have been butting heads, things have gotten amazingly better. I have my little mommy's boy back and he gets to do the things he can handle himself. The give and take has improved, the tantrums have mostly stopped and our lives are getting back to normal.

If only I could understand what on earth happened to the last two years. They have for certain passed WAY too fast.

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