Monday, November 16, 2009

One of THOSE days

You know the ones, when nothing seemed to go right. Running in circles and getting nothing done. These days make the rest of life hard. The dreading when the next one is coming around. The cleanup and the aftermath of "those" days. The ones that make you want to just pull your hair out and throw a crying tantrum and then hide in the closet. Where you just feel so alone and hopeless in the world.

Yep, today was one of those. It actually started last night when I had to go and rescue my husband from the roughest area within 20 miles of our house because he had run the car out of gas. In the middle of the night. Things just went downhill from there. No sleep. Cranky kids. Tantrums. Errands to run. Migraine. No food. The whole nine.

I'm not really sure what purpose this particular blog serves. Just a vent at the universe I suppose. Its easier to see yourself clearer after the kids are in bed and the night has settled down. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. It needs to be! I have too much to do to have anymore of "those" days anytime soon!

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