Tuesday, November 17, 2009


On the way home from the grocery tonight (at 9:00pm *sigh*), stressed to the max. I started thinking about how much I have to be thankful for. I have two beautiful boys that adore me. I have a husband that, even though he has the WORST luck, really does usually mean well and I know he would move heaven and earth for me if he could. We are all healthy and thriving. I have a good home in a nice area. I have friends that tolerate me. We have transportation and T makes good money.

Its so hard to focus on those things though, isn't it? I really shouldn't let the little things get to me as much as they do sometimes. Exhaustion plays a huge role in my attitude and I know it does. It something that has haunted me since grade school. Unfortunately not much there can change. T works two jobs. He is home to sleep and maybe a few hours in the middle of the day if we are lucky. Not what we bargained for but with the economy in the dumps its too scary to let one go now. So, that leaves me here with the boys. Full time mommy. Not a job I would trade for the whole entire planet but it sure is exhausting!

So here is me. Needing to adjust my focus on life. I need to realign my karma and center my chakra. Here goes nothing!

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