Friday, November 6, 2009

The television era

Ok, so if you didn't think I was nuts before, listen to this. We just recently got cable television service for the first time since T and I have been together. Yep, six years. People have always looked us like we were nuts when we told them we weren't up to date on the latest drama or comedic family on tv. "What do you DO?" they ask. Well, nothing really I guess. Given a free few hours T and I generally would go to a park or shopping or something out of the house anyway. That or we would read books or play board games so we didn't really miss it. Yep, we are THAT "old fashioned". We actually interacted with each other. :-O

Thats not to say we never watched anything. We had Netflix for awhile until we got bored with trying to watch a movie every night. We have several video game systems that we play occasionally. We tend to get a new game, play it until we either beat it or perfect it and then never look at it again. We really should start renting them. When D hit about a year old we bought him a couple of kids show DVDs that we watched on rainy days and such too.

So, anyway, we got cable recently. I decided if I was going to be stuck here in the house with two kids that I would need something to entertain all of us with. Thing is, we still don't watch it. I feel so dumb paying that bill. I don't know if its habit or disinterest or what. I think part of it for me is just not knowing where to start. I have no idea what shows are the "to watch" shows and there are so many stupid channels that its hard for me to pick one. I feel like such an idiot sometimes sitting here scrolling through the channel guide trying to find something to watch. I usually end up only watching about ten minutes of what ever I settle on and then get distracted by something else. I feel all dejected even just typing this out. Some one tell me I haven't missed out on life somehow??

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