Saturday, November 7, 2009

The big secret?

Ok, so I have mentioned before my belief in baby wearing and its benefits. It just amazes me sometimes when I am out how many people comment on it. Its always been positive for the most part. There was one woman when I was 8 months pregnant with K and wearing D on my back that told me I shouldn't be doing that or I'd hurt my back. I asked her how it would be different if I carried him on my hip and she had no answer. Other than her, people are always saying how "oh, that looks so comfortable" and "oh, he looks so happy in there" and "oh, my ______ had one of those Bjorn carriers and she hated it but that looks so much more comfy".

So, is it really that big of a secret? Do people really think the only things out there are the Infantino or Bjorns? It kind of makes me sad considering how bad those types of carriers are for babies physical development . I don't think that babywearing may be for every person (every newborn is a different story) but it just amazes me that people are so in the dark.

So I thought I would share my favorites. For the newborn stage I really love my Moby or Wraps are so very comfortable and used correctly can be great for babies with reflux and gas problems. They are also great for babies that love to be on momma's chest. For the young baby stage I love my MeiTai. This one is very versatile. You can wear baby on your front, back, or hip. You hear a lot about the Ergo which is technically a soft structured carrier (SSC) or buckle tei but I have never owned one. They are pricey and their business ethics have raised some eyebrows but some people swear by them. Maybe some day I will try to add it to my collection. Anyway, I also use a Maya wrap which is technically a ring sling. This one is great for quick trips into the store or mall but it gets uncomfortable after a bit because all of the babys weight is on only one shoulder instead of both. With the weight on both shoulders it evens you out a bit.

So, those are MY favs. They may change but considering how many carriers I went through with D I kind of doubt it. Can't beat the tried and true! I would like to try out an Ergo and a Beco just to see which I like better to possible invest in but there again. $$$ and not particularly that much better than my old trusties. Maybe I am just old fashioned. People who are deep in the babywearing world tend to defend their favorites like a dog and a steak so if you are looking for a carrier, ask around. Never know what you may find.


  1. I love love love the Maya Wrap. We also use the Moby but mostly for times when he will be in there a while, it doesn't seem like an easy in and out to me. I have a fancy-fabric pouch-sling that we don't use as often. I've heard good things about the Ergo and Beco but our guy is still little and I'm freaked out a bit by the price.

    yeah, babywearing!

  2. OMG, I sooooooooo love my Moby wrap and my Ergo. TOTALLY woth the price, even if you buy it and don't like it they hold their value when selling used.


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