Sunday, November 29, 2009

Toddlers and the web

Just thought I would share a few of my toddlers favorite websites. Obviously he isn't old enough to play himself but he does love to play with me. Some of them have areas he can do himself too but they are pretty simple. He is getting a little better with the touchpad on my laptop but still not really good enough to work it and make it do exactly what he wants everytime. Feel free to add your childs favorites to the comments below!

Fisher Price online. This is a group of games designed for three different age levels. D still likes the "infant" games sometimes because they are games he can do himself without my help. Love the "whats different" section of the toddlers games too.

Dinosaur Train
. D LOVES this show so of course he loves the games too. The fishing one his his fav but of course he needs a little help.

Knee Bouncers. This one is another one he can do himself for the most part. He really likes the music section.

Duplo. This one isn't really games but he loves it. There IS a games section to this site but its kind of lame. We play those when he really wants to try using the touchpad.

Jackson Pollock. Super simple. Fun to play with even for me. Move the mouse around, click to change the color. Its that easy.

Starfall This has something for everone! Love this site when we are looking for good entertainment with high educational opportunities!

So, thats the top six. Enjoy and don't forget to leave your favorites for us to try!

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