Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Year RMM!

Yep, its been a year since Render Me Mama came to life. I have been a blogger for many years but I decided to start up RMM as a place for my random thoughts and as an outlet for many things. It has become, so far, my favorite blog project so far. I have made lots of bloggy friends along the way and enjoyed getting feedback from a different perspective.

So, thank you all for those that have stuck around! I love you, I llooove you, I LOOOOVE YOUUUU!!

So, I decided to celebrate by sharing a few of my favorite posts from the last year. Feel free to go back and read around on your own too and celebrate with me. Share your favorites if they aren't here. Etcetera.

First post Ever: Render Me Mama

The one where I thought this year couldn't be crazier: 2009 in review.

Still some of my favorite pictures of all time: Moustacherie

The one where I almost DIED. Ok, maybe not, but still.. : Long Day

The very first Music Monday: "Everyday"

The very first Mommy Confessions.

The one that made me Giggle/ Complain: Do I WHAT?

Where we were mean to the kids.. and it was awesome: The Great ZhuZhu Standoff

Then I almost DIED. Again: Apparently I Should Have Kept My Mouth Shut

That is all that spring to mind for me so far. Its been a weird year more or less but I am not realy holding out hope that this year will be any different. Stick around and find out, won't you?

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