Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We had a Halloween extravaganza kind of weekend. And it was awesome. D was mad excited by Sunday, Almost to the point that his frenzied candy- addicted Mama was. Except he didn't know how awesome it was like I did.

Friday night we went to a Halloween themed birthday party. Lots of fun even though D refused to so much as look at his costume the entire party. K was the most adorable little monkey evar for about half an hour before he got hot and cranky and I had to take him upstairs to nurse and nap. We had a great time though, and left late to head home. D, who had not napped all day, crashed so hard in the car, we were able to bring him into the house, change his clothes, and tuck him into bed without him waking. Passed. Out.

The morning we just kind of chilled and played around. I kept telling D that after he took a nap we could go "trick or treating" with his friends and by the time nap rolled around, he was so excited he could hardly lay down much less nap. He did finally drift off for a few though and woke up yelling "I go trick n treat nooooowww!!"

So, we all got dressed up, D as a dragon, K as a monkey, T as me and me as T, then we headed down to the mall to hit up their party and see what was going on.

The company that owns the mall had set up a little area for the kids outside with some games and such for the members of the kids club and we did a little of that and then headed inside for the store to store trick or treating.

Chaos. Absolute chaos is the only way to describe what was going on inside the mall. Its a pretty small mall anyway and add in that many people and kids in costume and hilarity ensued. People were getting pushy and nasty. Stores running out of candy. It was hot and insane in there. So we not so delicately planned and executed our escape. Quickly. We ran into another friend on our way out and stopped to talk for a few. D tried to steal an expensive pair of sunglasses while we talked and then we took off for the exit.

By that time we were all ready to go real trick or treating. Only problem was, we couldn't find any neighborhoods that were doing it that night. No one wants to commit anymore. Crazy.

Anyway, we ended up heading to our house to just hang out with everybody and let the kids run off their candy. On the way there though, we stopped for pizza and the bank had cut off our check cards for no reason. Again (never bank with SunTrust). Embarrassing as hell but we ended up going home and sending the boys back with cash. No harm done. They were happy getting to play Mario Kart so it all worked out.

Sunday, we got up, futzed around again, took an epic kind of nap, and then got up and headed out again for some real trick or treating. This time we knew they were going to be doing it and it was a richy, snooty kind of neighborhood which always equals good candy. Lots of it.

Got all met up with the same group of friends from the night before, got every one dressed, I broke into the snooty clubhouse to pee and then we took off.

D was so. excited. I don't know that he really remembered going last year or the year before but he certainly knew how it was done. Ring the bell, say the words, get the candy. Repeat. He didn't like it when we tried to skip a house though. Try explaining that you can't ring the houses whose lights are off to a three year old.

The first house gave the kids all a pack of gum. They were not impressed.

Second house gave better candy.

Two hours, two full pumpkin vessels, a mile or so and sore feet later, we stopped. We were all exhausted or we would have just kept going. People were still handing out candy like it was nothing but the kids were done. K was asleep before we got out of the neighborhood but D, to my surprise, stayed awake until we got to my mother's for grilled cheeses and chocolate milk.

In the end, we all had a blast, got lots of candy and forgot to take any pictures of them trick or treating. Yeah, smooth like that. I even had the good camera. Oh well, there is always next year. We will probably try to get the boys into their costumes one more time for a few cutesy pictures tonight. We shall see but I am thinking we have enough candy to bribe them to do just about anything.

*Its 2am and Blogger's photo uploader is being a bitch again. If all goes well tomorrow, I will have some Halloween pictures for you then. Sorry for the inconvenience even though it isn't really my fault. 

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