Friday, September 17, 2010

The great ZhuZhu standoff

Ok, so I am a busy, busy mama today! Getting everything ready and going for the party tomorrow! Ack! Anyway, I promised I would share the video of the night of the terrifying motorized hamster so here you go.

Ok, so. A few things here. First, stop looking at my messy floor. We are getting ready to move. Second, yes, my oldest son's underwear is on backwards and inside out. For some reason, that is how he prefers to wear it. My favorite part is when T tells him he has got it and its safe to come back, only for D to turn the corner for the furry little bastard to be eeking across the floor still. We are such great parents.

This one half breaks my heart, half cracks me right the F up. The way he looks at that hamster the first time is priceless.

"Thing. That was NOT nice."

Then his brother eggs him on to do what he is hiding on the other side of the room to keep from having to do. Of course he does and the way he looks at his daddy... Epic (pause it at second 28 for the full effect). If that doesn't just break your heart nothing will. You can hear how heartbroken I am by my laughter.

So that is what we did for entertainment on Wednesday night. I am happy to announce that both boys have made peace with the weird little motorized hamster from hell. Now if I can just keep T from setting it loose on the kitchen floor to run by my feet and scare the living crap out of me. What? Furry little bastard is lifelike!

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