Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mommy Confessions Birthday Edition

Ok, so we all have them. I have decided its time to stop keeping them to myself in hopes that other mommies will realize that none of us are perfect. Here are my dirty little secrets for the week in hopes it will encourage me to be better. What are yours?

Well, I made it. I didn't cry at all during the boys birthdays. Not at all. Ok, I'm lying. I cried. Like a lot. I can't believe its over now though. Its almost like a weight is lifted in a weird way. I've been avoiding thinking about their birthdays for a long time and now I have a whole year before I have to be in denial again. Sweet relief. 

~ I didn't buy K his birthday presents until his birthday. Like at 9pm. Then wrapped them in the parking lot of Target while the kids were in the car. Its all good though. He was mad excited about his presents. Even if he did open them at bedtime. 

~ I bought D a ZhuZhu pet for his birthday. I have always thought they were pretty lame but I passed them in Walmart at 2am last night and it was just $7. I figured he might play with it that much. Anyway, he unwrapped it with the rest of his gifts and didn't seem interested in it at all but when we got home, we pulled it out of its box to play with it. Guys, I have never seen two little boys, especially not my two little boys, more scared of anything in their little lives! Serious terror. So, what did me and Tommy do?  We spent the next 45 minutes having it chase them around the house and video taping it. Epic, epic hilarity on our part. K eventually warmed up to it. D? Made sure it was on the kitchen counter still when he went to bed. Then we watched the videos over and over. Parents of the year here. (And yes, I will post the videos.)

~ My boys have totally gotten away with anything and everything the last two days. Its going to be a long day today when mommy goes back to saying no. I just hope its not too long. Mommy needs a nap

~ I am 48 hours from their birthday party and have still done very little. We did finally go and buy a few decorations last night but its still not close to enough. I know it will come together but I have this mommy guilt thing going on about it. I used to be so prepared for this stuff. D's first birthday was planned and bought for like two months in advance. His second birthday, like a month in advance. This one? What, two days? I can't even really use the busy excuse. I guess thats what gets me. I spend all of my time sitting around, playing with them (and of course blogging) and so nothing else really gets done.

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