Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Apparently I Should Have Kept My Mouth Shut

Yeah. I totally tempted fate with my post on Friday about being worn out and it kicked my ass in return. Thanks again to all that commented over there by the way. Sometimes its nice to know we aren't alone in the craziness of motherhood.

Anywho, I woke up Friday afternoon from a quite wonderful nap and noticed that my right eye felt weird. Just dry weird. So, I called T and told him to bring me some drop on his way home and went on about hanging out with the boys and my mother for the evening.

Woke up Saturday and that eye had swollen up and turned beet red. Now, I know everyone is probably thinking pink eye you idiot and to my defesnse, I did too. I kept thinking it couldn't be pink eye though because it wasn't itchy at all and there was no nasty gooey discharge. It was leaky a little but nothing out of the ordinary. As long as I kept the drops in it, it was fine. So again, we went on about our day. My mother had to go to a few stores so we went with her and then after nap time we went to the parking lot carnival down the street.

That is when things really took a turn for the worse. I rode a few rides with D and we had a great time running around and riding different rides. He screamed like we were beating him while he was on the rides but as soon as they stopped he wanted to do them again. Go figure. After a bit, I started feeling a little woozy and stiff so I passed the riding duty off to Tommy and just hung out with K. I remember think how bad my back hurt over and over but I figured I was just sore from the rides. We grabbed a pizza on our way home and settled in for a late dinner.

Once I sat down at home though, I couldn't move. I was just too exhausted, too sore, too everything. I didn't want to eat, or think, or breathe. I just didn't feel good at all. I got K all nursed and in bed and hit the tub and then bed myself.

About 3am I woke up shaking and I knew. Great. So I kicked T and made him go get me an extra couple of blankets and took my temp. 101. Not that bad. Rolled over and went back to sleep.

Sunday I didn't get out of bed all day. The whole day was honestly a blur. I knew I had a fever, I knew I couldn't stop shaking, I knew that the meds I took made the shaking stop for a few hours at best but then it came right back. I tweeted a little but otherwise didn't much move. I did finally eat some soup late in the day but thats about it. T watched the boys most of the day and my mom came back later when he went to work to watch them.

Monday, when T got up for work, I asked him to get me some Motrin and a drink, which he did and then left. I woke up with D a little while later and actually felt a tad more normal. Still feverish and sore as hell but not nearly as bad as it was the last 24 hours so I figured I was on the mend.

T came home and was messing around the house with the boys after lunch while I rested a little when he discovered K in our bathroom, surrounded by the Motrin that he had pulled down and was happily munching on. Ensue freakout here people. We had no idea how many were in the bottle before, how many he had swallowed if any, etc. We could tell he had at least tasted them because there were at least five that he had sucked the coating off of and then spit out. We called poison control and they told us to rush him to the emergency room since we didn't know how or if he had taken. They called ahead to let them know to expect us.

The drive to the ER was... tense. T realized he had not put the cap back on the Motrin after he had gotten mine before work and I was what we will call "less than pleased" at this late realization. We got there quickly though and they took him right back to check him out. After much deliberation (apparently poison control had gotten confused and told the ER it was baby tylenol that he had gotten into instead of adult Motrin and the ER believed them over us? Problem is we don't even have any baby tylenol. Whatever.) they decided that they were just going to observe him.

By observe him, what they really meant to say was "We are going to hook him up to a cardiac/ pulse ox machine and give him and IV and then leave you poor sorry assholes in here to keep him from pulling that shit off". Yeah. That was fun.

I sent my bestie Meg a message asking her if she could come grab D because he just wasn't doing well locked up in that tiny ER room with the both of us having to keep K from yanking his various wires and tubes out every three seconds. She came and got him (Thanks again girl!) and by the time she got there  I was shaking again. Uncontrollably. Meg had some Motrin in her car and I took that, hoping it would help and I would be okay in a few.

I ended up using the thermometer that they had left in the room with us to check my temperature and sure enough, 102.7. Thats where things started to get ugly again. I was shaking so hard I couldn't think straight. T and I agreed that once we got done with K's check, I was going to walk over to the regular ER and get checked out myself.

When they came in and told us that K looked fine and we were going to be discharged shortly, I was relieved. He didn't show any effects of poisoning and she said he probably hadn't actually ingested any. Lucky Tommy.

As T was getting K dressed, I walked on over to get checked in myself. When the triage nurse checked my temp, it had gone up to 103.5. Now we are getting into dangerous territory. She gave me some Tylenol to try to get it to come down, even though I had already had the Motrin. Didn't sound like a good plan to me but whatever. I'm not a doctor.

The next hour and a half in the ER waiting room was a trip. No really, I was tripping. I guess between all the drugs in my system and the fever that hadn't been touched by all those meds, my brain just couldn't handle it. I tried for a bit to concentrate on my phone but I couldn't focus well enough to make any sense so I gave up. I felt like my face was literally going to burst up in flames. Not fun.

At some point, I started feeling a tad better and T called both of our mothers and we worked out a plan to get him, D and K home and my mother to stay with me. I got called back right about the time they got there.

I ended up having to take a bed in the hallway and they checked out my temp, which had only dropped to 102.5 but thats better than the previous so they mostly declared me cured and left me there in the hall for another 30 minutes. Eventually the doctor came by and looked me over. He said my eye was definitely pink eye (D'oh!) and that he thought my fever was probably viral since pain meds weren't helping. Ran a shit ton of tests and xrays and started an IV. Along with the IV came two more kinds of fever reducers and an anti nausea med to keep me from barfing from all the pain meds.

So, there I sat for the next two hours, in the hallway, my IV bags on a plastic contact hook on the wall, strangers wandering by and looking at me like I was crazy for sitting there. I got the starvings so the brought me what amounted to a pretty hilarious sack lunch to shut me up.

Eventually eventual doctor came back by with the diagnosis: Pink eye, Urinary Tract Infection, viral infection in the blood stream (sepsis) and moderate- severe dehydration. Along with a lecture about taking care of myself, he prescribed about a million (okay three) drugs for the various infections and yuck, told me to finish my IV bag and then I would be released. Which I was.

Last night, my fever came back but it seemed to break about 5am and I actually feel much better right now as I sit here. Prescriptions are being filled. Hopefully this will be the end of the icks around here for awhile.

The moral of the story here, take care of yourselves Mamas. I knew I needed a break. I knew I was wearing thin. I just didn't realize just how thin I had spread myself. Literally almost to the point where I was going to have to be hospitalized.

Hopefully I will get that Mom Break soon and all will be well. For now though, we found out amidst the chaos yesterday, that we got the house we liked. Good news, right? Here is the kicker though, we have to be out of this place on the first or pay a months rent at both places. Fuck. My. Life. People. So, I will be in and out here for the next few days, trying to stave off the sicks and get everything packed and moved. Wish me luck.

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