Monday, April 15, 2013

Pollen- Palooza

Its official. Spring has hit Georgia in the most disgusting way it knows how. See, every year, around this time, when it starts to really get nice out, we get hit with the yellow pollen of death. It coats everything and every one with a thick yellow sheen of yellow powder that is impossible to get rid of. You can literally see it wafting in clouds around parking lots and if you dare step out side, you are immediately marked with it. We are talking the normal "high" pollen count is about 120 last week it hit just almost 5800. The record is 6,013.

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Now, granted it only usually lasts about a week out of the year but it can wreak havoc on people with allergies. People like my boys. K definitely has it worse than D but it has been a snotty, cranky mess around my house for the last week even though we have all been hiding in the house to try to avoid it being really bad. It doesn't bother me as much but I still get the headaches that come with the slight allergy.

Image via WSB-TV

Of course then, once it has coated everything, it has to be washed away. All at once. By a torrential downpour. Which we almost never have. So, needless to say we all stay mostly yellow of sorts for sometimes a month. We did have the good fortune of having a good rain last week but it seemed to only make it worse. So, now we have to wait it out to the next random storm to come along and clean us all off.

For now, we are all praying for rain. The kind of rain that will literally wash us clean. Us and our cars and our houses and our sinuses. This could take a while.

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