Tuesday, April 16, 2013

On the Boston Tragedy

I have never been to Boston. In fact, the closest I have ever been is probably Connecticut. Still, I can't help but just feel completely devastated by what happened at the marathon yesterday. At what point did the human race decide that killing other humans was the way to prove anything?

People say it was a form of pure evil but I have a hard time accepting that. I guess evil is a hard word in general. Show me a living person that has never done anything evil and I'll be amazed. People are inherently good but they are also inherently selfish.

I think the best way I have seen of putting my reaction was posted on Facebook yesterday:
I am angry. I am angry at the person who did this and determined that it should not do what it was meant to do. Inflict terror. Terror is a state of mind. Its a knee jerk reaction and something that has become such a stigma in our world. Its something that we need to fix but the way to fix it is to show these people that we won't be pushed around anymore.

Like the bravery shown by the teachers at Sandy Hook, that happened in Boston yesterday.  People ran into the smoke to help victims. Civilians were there with first responders tending the wounded as best they could with tourniquets and kind words. They showed that side of us that needs to be more prevalent. They showed that there is hope for us yet. 

So, while you are praying for the victims and their families, don't forget to send one out for the people that put themselves in danger to help. The good Samaritans, the police officers and EMTs, the nurses and the doctors who were confronted with horrors that no one could ever forget. 

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