Friday, April 19, 2013

I'm in Organization Hades

Well, one of the things I set out to accomplish this year is kicking my rear. Getting organized is usually my thing. I like things to have a place. The problem is that since T left, our lives have been such a whirlwind of crazy that everything got all jumbled up and out of control. I mean, we moved twice within three months last year among all the other craziness. If that doesn't set your world askew, nothing will.

I have been trying to slowly chip away at the clutter and the mess though and get everything all sorted and into its place. Last week I tackled the garage and got it to where I can at least access everything. I may still have to search for it for awhile but I can at lest see where things are and what box they are in. Of course with that mess came the clearing out of the junk that was in the garage too. I took two full carloads to Goodwill and have a van packed full of items for a garage sale. Now I have to make time for the garage sale to actually happen.

Then, over the weekend, I tackled the papers. Oh, the papers. It seems like I have kept every paper, bill, or statement I have been given for the entirety of my life. I also found manuals for things I haven't had in years. I still had the owners manual for the Volvo I drove in high school! I haven't owned that car in twelve years.

Needless to say, there was quite a bit of paper trash that went into the shredder this week as well. I was careful to look up exactly what I needed to keep and what needed to get trashed so I wouldn't run into any problems in the future but good lord there was a lot that was totally unnecessary.

Next up is the mounds of clothes that seem to have accumulated over the years. I got rid of some stuff last year but there is still bags upon bags of tiny boy clothes that need to go somewhere. Especially since D and K are now wearing the same size clothes (?!?). Add to that the fact that a lot of my clothes don't fit because of my weight loss and we might could clothe an entire orphan family. So, time to clear out and organize what we have so we aren't searching through them anymore.

After that I will have to tackle the photos I have. I would love to be able to get some of the best ones printed and into an album by year but that may take a little longer than I would like. Digital pictures are great but sometimes its nice to just be able to sit and browse through the pictures and tell the stories associated with them. A lost art.

So, needless to say, I am still knee deep in organization issues. This doesn't even include the smaller projects like drawers and cabinet space. Those are slowly getting done though. Little by little I am spending more time trying to get it all in its place. Hopefully by the time we move again it will all be settled. Of course, I refuse to move again. Ever. No matter what my landlord says. Ok, maybe not ever but not for as long as I can manage.

Do you have any tips on getting organized? Posts you love with tips? Help!

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