Friday, April 12, 2013

Two T Ball Boys

Last fall, D started playing tball. He loved it. It was the thing he looked forward to every week and every weekend. He took his time as an "Athletic" very seriously and got the "most improved" and "best team player" award at the end of the season. So, of course, it was natural that he play again this spring. What I wasn't expecting was to sign K up too.

I had originally signed K up to play soccer instead because it just seemed to be more his thing. More fast paced, more running, more falling over. The thing is though, after I signed him up, I got an email that he was going to be the youngest in the league by almost a full year. Thats a lot of age difference
when you are 3 (and hopelessly clumsy).

So, I decided to change him to tball too. He was actually more excited about the idea than I thought he would be and D was not so surprisingly gracious about accepting his little brother into "his" game. They play one the same team and the two are always little partners in crime on the field.

Its been so much fun to watch them play together. D is definitely the more athletic of the two. My slugger. K mostly likes to run and play in the dirt but some day he is going to make an awesome baseman. Other kids bounce off that little boy like a brick wall. He's solid.

This fall though, D will play coach pitch, while K stays in tball another year. I am making the most of it and enjoying every game and practice until then. My little duo.

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