Saturday, November 10, 2012

RAK in November: Week two

*If you need a refresher on what on Earth I am talking about, go HERE first...

This week was our first full week of acts of kindness. I'll admit, I almost forgot a couple of times. I also did a couple of them the same day. Still, 30 things in 30 days is the goal.

This week:
  • I brought my mother a coffee and doughnut after I dropped the boys off at school. Is it cheating to do a RAK for a family member? I don't think so. She was glad to see me and glad for the breakfast.
  • The boys and I took the leftover Halloween candy down to the Ronald McDonald house down by the hospital where they were born. They were excited to get all dressed up in their costumes and hand out candy to the staff and family members that were there. We left the rest of the bag for the families coming home from the hospital.
  • I tucked a few dollar bills into the toy bins at the Dollar store here in town. The hope is that a child will find the dollar and get to buy themselves something special. I didn't have time to stick around and find out what happened exactly though.
  • We gathered up some cans of veggies and fruit that we had in the house and took them to a local food bank. We don't have much to spare but I do realize that there are people out there way worse off than us.
  • I let a woman with a cart full of groceries go in front of me and the boys at the store. Even though we only had a few items, her newborn was crying and I have so been there.
  • I went through mine and the boys' clothes and donated a bunch to a local battered womens shelter. Some of these women leave with nothing but their children and the clothes on their backs. God bless them.
  • I sent some homemade pumpkin butter to the boys' teachers. Just because they take such great care of them and the boys love them so much.

So, not a bad week, right? I guess some days were better than others but the idea is just to get into the habit of doing kind things for other people, just because. Have you been doing the challenge? Hows it going?

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