Saturday, November 3, 2012

RAK in November: Week One

*If you need a refresher on what on Earth I am talking about, go HERE first...

Ok, to be fair, this week is a particularly short one. We have only had two days to get started. Still, i said I would update weekly and decided that it might b easiest to make it a scheduled type thing and what better day to do that than Saturday?

The first thing that I did was I donated to hurricane Sandy's Relief. I have lots of friends and relatives in the area that was hardest hit and I had one big, long panic attack for about three days straight. Luckily, they are all doing okay after the storm. My sister was without power for a bit but her and her zoo are all faring well. My uncle and his boyfriend are in NYC proper but have been able to hold onto their power and I think have enjoyed their off time.

Still, there are a lot of people that lost everything. People that weren't spared the devesating floods, winds, and firs that Sandy brought along with her. My heart hurts for those people that are having to deal with the aftermath. Of course, I am no money bags and couldn't donate as much as I would have liked but honestly and literally, every little bit helps. Even if you aren't doing the RAK challenge, I urge you to spare your morning coffee money to provide food and shelter for the people and animals displaced.

The second RAK that I did was to hand a lady in Publix a Starbucks gift card. She had 4 kids with her and they were... excited to be out of the house. Yeah, lets just put it that way. I, on the other hand, happened to be having a rare rather nice trip to the store with my boys and just happened to remember that I had that card in my purse. We passed on several of the isles and exchanged the kind of knowing glances that only mothers can give and as I passed her in the produce section at the end of the store, I just handed it to her and said "Happy Friday. I think you need this more than I do this morning.". She smiled weirdly and thanked me as I wandered off.

I hope she got a coffee. I hope I didn't creep her out. I hope it made her day just a little better. Thats the point at least.

Now, its off to a new week of RAK-ing. Have you done somethig kind for a stranger this week? Lets hear it.

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