Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mama's Little Secret

Lets face it, we all have them. From hiding in the bathroom to have a little snack without sharing to stretching the truth about Santa. Mama secrets are unfortunately part of the job. I think it something we all try to avoid to the best of our ability but its also something that we turn to to keep our sanity in the day to day.

Case in point: If I want to eat anything ever without sharing, I have to hide.

That's a big one for me. The hiding to eat something. It doesn't have to be a sweet either, I hide to eat most things. K is a little piggy. He would happily eat anything and everything all day long if I let him. Not to say that he is a snacker really, because he can eat more in one sitting than I can and still be hungry but if he sees food, he wants food. D is not really that way. He was when he was little but not so much any more. K also subscribes to the train of thought that if Mama has it, it must be extra good where D is a little more picky. So, I hide. Either in the laundry room or in the bath room. The bathroom hiding bugs the crap out of the rest of my adult family but I just tell myself they would do the same thing in my shoes.

Could I just tell them no? Probably. If I wanted to eat the rest of my snack with one or both of them whining at my feet or trying desperately to climb my legs like some sort of clumsy monkey on crack. Which kind of defeats the moment of peace, don't you think?

I am, however, not one to hide the actual food. I keep it all in the kitchen. Mostly because I am too scatter brained to remember a chocolate bar in my underwear drawer so it is more likely to be eaten by bugs or nosey children. If its in the kitchen, I can at least find it.

Something that I do have to hide though is my nail polish lest I should always have a multicolored child or two. Something about it lures them in like sirens to sailors. Multicolored sailors.

Do you hide anything from your kiddos? Have you ever hidden to sneak a quick snack?

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