Friday, September 14, 2012


K baby,

Technically my baby no more little monster. This year you have done a whole lot of growing up. You gave up your beloved bippy, you started using the potty and most recently, you moved into a big boy bed of your very own. Of course, you will always be my baby.

You are strong and independent. A little man on the move that (thankfully) knows his boundaries and isn't afraid to back down from a challenge. You are still hilariously uncoordinated though. Not in a way where I am concerned about it, you just got mama's clumsy (Sorry baby). Watching you get under or out from under a blanket is pretty hilarious. You still just can't quite get it right and usually end up just going uncovered. You are also the worlds messiest eater. You love food so much that sometimes you eat like the Tasmanian devil and you just end up a mess.

You also have the most amazing sense of humor. You have a very expressive face and you definitely know how to use it to your advantage. You are a total clown and you love to make people laugh at you.

Your worst enemy right now is the swings. You hate them with a fiery burning passion that is completely hilarious. I'm talking complete freak out no matter how much coaxing and comforting I try to do to get you in them. You have also recently become afraid of the dark and that is less funny and more sad. You are so sweet calling me from your bed with your worries. Of course my favorite thing is to come curl up with you until you drift back off to sleep. Mama will always keep you safe my love. From dangers real and imaginary.

You have always dealt with change with a grace and ease that I admire. This year has been no exception. Lots of things have changed for us this year and you have adapted to each of them seamlessly. Its something that I really admire in you littles and you don't even know your doing it.

You have always, and still do, everything big. You play big, you eat big, you tantrum big but best of all you love big. You are empathetic in a way that is way beyond your years. Don't get me wrong, you like things your way but if you know someone else needs it more, you are more than willing to give up the spotlight. If mama needs a hug, you are right there, melted into my shoulder with your arms wrapped around my neck and stroking my hair with your fat little hands. If your brother is sad, you know how to be a clown and pull him out of it. The other day, a little friend on the playground fell and scraped his knee and you were the first one to comfort him and help him find his mama. My little lover.

You adore your brother still too. You idolize D in a way that is both completely heartwarming and  kind of scary for your mama. The two of you have started teaming up on me and getting into all manner of trouble. Its not the typical sibling divide and conquer tactic though. If one of you is in trouble for doing something you aren't supposed to, odds are good both of you are in trouble.

You have also made a new fast friend in Bob this year. The two of you have completely adopted each other. You stick up for Bob and he loves on you like I have never seen a dog do of someone smaller than them. He will let you do anything to him and you tend to take full advantage of that. He is your pillow, your step stool,  your snuggle buddy, your spare playmate and your dinner disposal. Its too stinking cute to watch.

You are dynamic. That is the best way I can think of to describe you my little man. The nickname you earned before you were even born still holds true. You are my "monster". In the best way possible. You are a force to be reckoned with when you are angry but you are also the snuggliest little fellow on the planet. I also call you "pickles". You can be sweet and sour but either way, I still love you. Your other nickname of course is "littles" because you are and always will be my peanut. Even when you outgrow us all.

I love you my baby. I love you more than words. More than I can ever express to you. Its thorough and complete. Its ever fiber of my being. Every beat of my heart. Mama loves you and I always will.


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