Friday, November 4, 2011

The Way Back Machine

I finally dragged out the old laptop this past weekend and transferred all of our years of photos off and onto the back up drive. It was mind numbing work but I can't really complain I suppose. I got to go back and relive the boys' past few years of life and remember how very tiny they were. They seemed even more grown up every time I looked up at them from the pictures of them all tiny and freshly delivered. 

Honestly, I figured this would make the perfect Wordless Wednesday type thing. But then its totally not wordless. See? (Oh my God I can't stop myself. Shut up already!)

D at birth:
D at 1 year:
D at 2 years:
D at 3 years:
D at 4 years:

K at birth:
K at 1 year:
K at 2 years:

So, are you seeing a pattern here? The same pattern that I am? You know the one where they are growing up way, way too fast? Its funny to me that K seems to be older looking faster than D was. I blame the baby face D got from his daddy. Tommy is still baby faced. K is chunky too just on different parts of his body. Kid has a butt that would make JLo jealous.

Anyone know how to get them to slow down just a little?

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